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alex drawer alternative

Finding the perfect alex drawer alternative can be daunting, especially when you want to maximize storage and organization in your home. With so many options available, it’s essential to find a solution that meets your needs and fits within your budget. This blog post’ll compare and contrast the ALEX drawers with alternatives such as Winsome Wood Halifax Storage Cabinet, DEVAISE 5-Drawer Chest, and Simple Tidy’s modular mobile chests.

From discussing the drawbacks of the ALEX drawer system such as price concerns and limited accessibility, to presenting top alternatives like Winsome Wood Halifax Storage Cabinet and DEVAISE 5-Drawer Chest; we have got you covered. We will delve into modular mobile chests by Simple Tidy which offer customization features and compare their storage capacity with ALEX drawers.

Furthermore, discover Linon Cary Wide Roll Carts & Merax Storage Cabinets for mobility and versatility in your craft room or home office setup. Lastly, learn about another great option from IKEA itself – MICKE Drawer Series – as an alternative choice for creating a customized workspace alongside tips on customizing these storage solutions through painting techniques.

IKEA ALEX Drawer System Drawbacks

While the IKEA ALEX drawer system is a popular and versatile storage solution, some drawbacks might make potential buyers consider alternatives. One major concern is the price tag; at $100 per set of drawers (not including any additional costs like shipping), it may not be affordable for everyone’s budget or worth it considering other options available on the market today. Additionally, shopping at IKEA might not always be convenient due to distance from their stores.

Price concerns with the ALEX drawer system

  • An individual unit costs around $100, which can quickly add up if you need multiple sets for your home office or craft room.
  • Shipping fees and taxes can increase the overall expense even further.
  • Considering the cost of each unit, shipping fees, and taxes, this option may not be competitively priced compared to other products.

Limited accessibility to IKEA stores

  • If you don’t live near an IKEA store, purchasing these drawers could prove inconvenient as they’re primarily sold in-store rather than online.
  • This lack of easy access makes it difficult for those who want to see and test out these dual drawers before committing financially.

In light of these concerns, many homeowners and apartment renters are exploring alternative solutions that offer comparable functionality without breaking their budgets or requiring long trips to an IKEA location. In our search for suitable substitutes, we’ve discovered several great options such as the Winsome rolling cabinet and modular mobile chests by Simple Tidy – all designed with solid wood construction while providing ample storage space for craft supplies, important documents, and more. These alternatives are a great option for those looking for easy access and affordability.

The ALEX drawer system may not be the most cost-effective option, and accessibility to IKEA stores can also be a concern. However, numerous other choices exist that provide a wider range of storage possibilities with more convenience.

Top Alternatives to ALEX Drawers

Fortunately, several alternative options provide similar functionality without breaking the bank or requiring long trips to an IKEA store. These alternatives cater more specifically towards individual preferences and budgets without sacrificing quality or style.

Winsome Wood Halifax Storage Cabinet

The Winsome Wood Halifax Storage Cabinet is a great option for those seeking a solid wood storage solution with easy access to craft supplies and important documents. This cabinet features five large drawers on smooth-gliding casters, making it perfect for use in your home office or craft room.

DEVAISE 5-Drawer Chest

If you’re looking for a larger drawer system, consider the DEVAISE 5-Drawer Chest. This unit offers ample storage space with its dual drawers and adjustable shelf, allowing you to customize the layout based on your needs.

Naomi Home 5 Drawer Cabinet

The Naomi Home 5 Drawer Cabinet is another excellent choice if you need a versatile storage system suitable for various uses. With its combination of open shelves and enclosed compartments, this piece can easily accommodate everything from tabletop items to bulkier objects like sewing machines or printers. Check out their website at

VICLLAX Office Filing Storage

  • Durable construction: Built from high-quality materials designed to withstand daily use, the VICLLAX Office Filing Storage system is a reliable option for storing your important documents and supplies.
  • Easy organization: With multiple drawers in various sizes, you can easily keep all of your items organized and accessible at all times.
  • Versatile design: This storage solution can be used as a standalone piece or combined with other VICLLAX products to create a cohesive workspace that meets your unique needs.

In addition to these options, many other alternatives are available on the market today. Examine a variety of brands and designs to identify the ideal solution for your living space.

The ALEX drawer has been a popular choice for storage, but many alternatives can provide more customization and better value. Modular mobile chests by Simple Tidy offer an even greater level of personalization with features such as adjustable shelves and dividers to create custom compartments.

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Looking for an alternative to the popular ALEX drawers? Check out these options that cater to individual preferences and budgets without sacrificing quality or style, such as Winsome Wood Halifax Storage Cabinet, DEVAISE 5-Drawer Chest, Naomi Home 5 Drawer Cabinet, and VICLLAX Office Filing Storage. With durable construction, easy organization features and versatile designs you can easily find the perfect fit for your home.

Modular Mobile Chests by Simple Tidy

If you’re looking for a more customizable alternative to the IKEA ALEX drawers, consider modular mobile chests by Simple Tidy. These storage solutions offer flexibility in terms of design preferences and organization needs while still providing adequate storage capacity comparable to ALEX drawers. Let’s explore some key features that make these modular mobile chests attractive.

Customization Features of Simple Tidy Mobile Chests

  • Dual Drawers: Many models come with dual drawers, allowing you to store important documents or craft supplies separately for easy access.
  • Solid Wood Construction: Unlike IKEA’s particleboard construction, these chests are made from solid wood, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Variety of Sizes: With various sizes available, you can choose the perfect chest size based on your specific storage requirements and space constraints.
  • Add-on Accessories: Customize your chest further with add-on accessories like adjustable shelves or table tops for additional workspace options.

Comparing Storage Capacity with ALEX Drawers

Simple Tidy mobile chests offer the storage capacity similar to that of IKEA ALEX drawers. For instance, their large drawer model provides ample space for storing office supplies or crafting materials just as efficiently as an ALEX unit would. Additionally, since they are designed specifically for home offices and craft rooms alike – much like the popular Swedish brand – it makes them a great option when seeking alternatives without sacrificing functionality or style.

In addition to customization capabilities and comparable storage capacities between both brands, Simple Tidy chests also come in a variety of finishes to match your home decor. This makes them an excellent choice for those who want the flexibility and functionality offered by ALEX drawers but with added personalization options.

The modular mobile chests by Simple Tidy offer a customizable storage solution that can easily fit into any home. Moving on, Linon Cary wide roll carts and Merax Storage Cabinets provide an even more versatile option for those looking to maximize their storage space.

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Looking for an alternative to IKEA’s ALEX drawers? Consider Simple Tidy’s modular mobile chests, which offer customization features like dual drawers and solid wood construction. With comparable storage capacity and a variety of finishes available, these chests are a great option for those seeking functionality without sacrificing style.

Linon Cary Wide Roll Carts & Merax Storage Cabinets

If you’re looking for storage solutions that offer mobility and versatility, consider the Linon Cary wide roll carts and Merax Storage Cabinets. These alternatives to IKEA ALEX drawers provide a range of features that cater to various organizational needs while potentially costing less than purchasing original ALEX systems from IKEA stores directly.

Mobility and Convenience of Linon Cary Wide Roll Carts

The Linon Cary wide roll cart is an excellent option for easy access to stored items. This mobile storage unit comes with six equally sized drawers on wheels, allowing you to move it around your home office or craft room as needed. The solid wood construction ensures durability, while the tabletop surface provides additional workspace when required. With its sleek design and neutral color options, this rolling cabinet can easily blend into any interior decor style.

Versatility in Merax Storage Cabinets

For those seeking a more comprehensive storage solution, the Merax Storage Cabinet offers a combination of cabinets, shelves, and drawers designed to accommodate various organizational requirements. This versatile piece includes both large drawer compartments for storing important documents or bulky craft supplies alongside dual smaller drawers perfect for keeping everyday essentials within reach. The Merax Storage Cabinet offers a customizable shelf for adapting to various storage needs, making it an ideal choice for office use and other rooms like living spaces or bedrooms that need additional organization.

Incorporating either the Linon Cary wide roll cart or Merax Storage Cabinet into your home can provide you with the convenience and versatility needed to keep your space organized without breaking the bank. Explore these alternative options today and find the perfect storage solution that meets all of your requirements.

Linon Cary Wide Roll Carts and Merax Storage Cabinets offer great mobility and convenience, making them an ideal choice for those who need to access their items quickly. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the IKEA MICKE Drawer Series as an alternative option.

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Consider the Linon Cary wide roll carts and Merax Storage Cabinets as alternatives to IKEA ALEX drawers for mobility, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. The Linon Cary cart offers easy access with six drawers on wheels while the Merax cabinet provides a comprehensive storage solution with cabinets, shelves, and adjustable compartments. Incorporating these options can keep your space organized without breaking the bank.

IKEA MICKE Drawer Series Alternative

For those who are still interested in IKEA products but want something different from the ALEX drawer system, the MICKE drawer series is another option worth considering. Similar to ALEX drawers, these units can be used as standalone pieces or combined with other components within their respective collection, creating an attractive yet functional workspace solution.

Comparing MICKE Drawers with ALEX Systems

The main difference between the two lies in their design and dimensions. While both offer ample storage space for craft supplies, important documents, and more, MICKE drawers come in various sizes compared to the standard large and dual drawers found in ALEX systems. Additionally, some models feature adjustable shelves for added versatility.

  • ALEX: Large single or dual-drawer options; ideal for home office use.
  • MICKE: Various size options available; suitable for both home offices and craft rooms alike.

Combining MICKE Units for a Customized Workspace

If you want to create a cohesive look throughout your home office or craft room while maximizing storage capabilities, consider combining multiple MICKE units. For example:

  1. Select one larger unit (such as a desk) that will serve as your primary work surface.
  2. Add smaller modular units like drawer cabinets on either side of your table top.
  3. Incorporate additional shelving above or beside each cabinet if needed.

This option allows you to tailor your workspace with a consistent design, customizing it for your requirements.

Overall, the MICKE drawer series is a great option for those seeking an alternative to ALEX drawers without sacrificing storage capacity or style. Its various size options and adjustable shelves offer easy access to all of your essential items while keeping them organized and within reach.

The IKEA MICKE Drawer Series is a great alternative to the ALEX system and offers plenty of customization options. For an even more personalized look, painting your storage solutions can be a fun way to make them stand out from the crowd.

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The MICKE drawer series is a viable alternative to the ALEX drawer system, offering various size options and adjustable shelves for versatile storage solutions. Combining multiple MICKE units can create a customized workspace while maintaining a consistent design aesthetic. Overall, the MICKE drawers provide ample storage space without sacrificing style or functionality.

Customizing Your Storage Solutions through Painting

If you’re looking to personalize your alternative storage solutions further, consider painting them to match your style preferences and home decor. This process allows you to express your creativity and ensures optimal adhesion while providing protection against wear and tear over time.

Preparing Surfaces for Painting

Before diving into the painting process, it’s essential to prepare the surface of your large drawer, dual drawers, or any other storage unit by sanding it down properly. This step helps create a smooth base for primer application, ensuring better paint adherence later on. Begin by using coarse-grit sandpaper (80 grit) and work your way up to medium-grit (120 grit), finishing off with fine-grit (220 grit) for a smooth surface.

Choosing Suitable Paint Colors

  • Solid Wood: If you have chosen a solid wood storage solution like Winsome rolling cabinet or another great option made from natural materials, opt for oil-based paints that provide long-lasting durability and rich color depth.
  • Laminated Surfaces: For laminated furniture pieces such as IKEA Alex drawers alternatives or those used in craft rooms and home offices, water-based acrylic paints are recommended due to their quick drying time and easy clean-up properties.
  • Metal Units: In case of metal storage options like filing cabinets designed specifically to store important documents securely, choose rust-resistant enamel paints that offer excellent coverage along with resistance against chipping or peeling over time.

In addition to selecting appropriate paint types based on material, applying a high-quality primer before painting is crucial. A primer creates an even base for the paint, ensuring better adhesion and longevity of your chosen color(s). Allow the primer to dry completely before moving on to applying your desired paint.

By customizing your storage solutions through painting, you can create a cohesive look in any space – be it a craft room, home office, or simply adding some flair to an adjustable shelf system in your living area. Endless hues await you, ensuring the perfect one to fit your taste and existing interior.

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Customizing your storage solutions through painting is a great way to express your creativity and match your style preferences. Before painting, it’s important to prepare the surface by sanding it down properly and choosing suitable paint colors based on the material of the storage unit. Applying a high-quality primer before painting ensures better adhesion and longevity of your chosen color(s).

FAQs in Relation to Alex Drawer Alternative

What is the Best Substitute for Alex Drawers?

The best substitute for Alex drawers depends on your needs and preferences. Some popular alternatives include Winsome Wood Halifax Storage Cabinet, DEVAISE 5-Drawer Chest, Naomi Made If, VICLLAX Office Filing Storage, Simple Tidy Modular Mobile Chests, Linon Cary Wide Roll Carts & Merax Storage Cabinets, and IKEA MICKE Drawer Series.

Why Does Everyone Use Alex Drawers?

Alex drawers are popular because they offer a sleek design with ample storage space at an affordable price. They are versatile and can be used in various settings such as home offices or makeup stations. The wide range of sizes available makes them suitable for different purposes.

Are Ikea Alex Drawers Discontinued?

As of now, IKEA has not officially announced any discontinuation of the ALEX drawer series. However, it’s always possible that specific models or colors may be phased out over time. It’s recommended to check IKEA’s website or local store for current availability.

How Much Weight Can an Alex Drawer Hold?

Each individual drawer in the ALEX system can typically hold up to 15 lbs (7 kg) of weight without compromising its functionality or stability. This capacity allows users to store a variety of items securely within their workspace setup.


When it comes to finding an alternative to the popular IKEA ALEX drawer system, there are many great options available. From Winsome Wood Halifax Storage Cabinets to Linon Cary Wide Roll Carts and Merax Storage Cabinets, each offers unique features and benefits that make them a suitable choice for homeowners and apartment renters alike.

One great option is the Winsome Rolling Cabinet. This solid wood cabinet features dual drawers that are perfect for storing craft supplies or important documents. The table top provides ample space for working, and the adjustable shelf allows for easy access to your items.

For those looking for customizable solutions, Simple Tidy’s Modular Mobile Chests or combining multiple units of IKEA MICKE drawers can be a great option. And if you’re looking to add some personal flair to your storage solutions, painting is always an excellent way to go.

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