Stylish Apartment Balcony Design Ideas Perfect For Any Size Home

Balconies are a luxury of apartment living, a chance to experience the outdoors from the comfort of your home. When you first discovered you had a balcony, you were probably bursting with ideas for how you’d use it, imagining spending every sunny day stretched out in the space.

Stylish Apartment Balcony Design Ideas Perfect For Any Size Home

But now you have the balcony, you might be lost for what to do with it. Balconies can be quite small and unusually shaped, meaning your favorite pieces of furniture just don’t fit. In a non-standard space, it can be hard to make your mark.

In this guide, we’ve explored some of the best ways to use a balcony, no matter the size or shape! Read on to find our favorite apartment balcony design ideas (see also “Gorgeous Pot Painting Ideas & Designs“)!

Apartment Balcony Design Ideas For Small And Large Balconies

Design Ideas For Small Balconies

A small balcony doesn’t have to limit your design options. Instead, this is a chance to get creative. Transform your small balcony into a cozy space that you’re excited to spend time in.

Small doesn’t have to mean boring, and your balcony should feel like a natural extension of your house. Let your design personality shine through! With the balcony overlooking the big wide world, you don’t have to worry about shrinking the space, so use bold colors, bright patterns, and decor that shows off your favorite styles.

It can be tough to move around in a small space, so you want to keep furniture simple to avoid knocks and bumps. Tuck a chair into one corner and a table into the other to make the balcony comfortable without using all the space.

Streamlined designs will help narrow the profile of your chosen furniture items, leaving you room to stretch out and relax.

For a really small balcony, it might be impossible to use furniture. Pack the place with plants instead, and make your balcony into a mini garden. The time spent caring for the plants will provide much-recommended green therapy, and give you a chance to enjoy the balcony.

Cafe tables and chairs tend to be small, slim, and easy to maneuver. They’re ideal for balconies because the simple profiles are useful without overwhelming a space. A table and two chairs are all you need to transform your balcony into a delightful place to stop and watch the world go by.

Hang plant tubs from the railings to finish the look, and don’t forget blankets and cushions for a cool day.

Use bookshelves to add height to your decorating, so you can fit more in without taking up too much room. On your small balcony, bookshelves can hold plants, drinks, tableware, magazines — whatever you might want to have to hand.

The best bookshelves for a small balcony have plenty of height but lack depth, so they won’t protrude into your relaxing space.

The small balcony can be a little sanctuary, the place in your home that you turn to when you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, or just need some “me time”. Make the balcony cozy by abandoning the furniture, and instead piling cushions and blankets to create a warm nook.

Hang string lights to complete the picture, so you have a place to curl up with a warm drink (or a glass of wine) as the sun sets.

Do not overlook the importance of the walls when you’re decorating your small balcony. Use hangers to make the most of the vertical space, by dangling baskets and storage bags.

These can be packed with all the things you need, but they also add a decorative touch to the balcony. And with all your storage on the wall, you can save room on the floor!

If you have a small balcony in your apartment building, then you’re probably surrounded by a lot of other balconies. You might also be able to see people passing by on the street. And while we love a bit of people-watching, sometimes you want some solitude.

Lightweight curtains and wicker screens are both good ways to add privacy. Alternatively, try using tall and thin plants to create a natural screen.

On a small balcony, you need your furniture to do more! So, try and look for pieces that can be multifunctional. For example, an ottoman provides a stylish place to sit, but it also doubles up as a big storage box. Footrests can be a place to stretch out, and a separate seat when you have guests.

One of the best uses of a small balcony is to turn it into a coffee nook. You can grab breakfast while watching the world, or simply retreat to a peaceful place when you want a moment of quiet. Choose a slim table and comfortable chairs to create a practical and welcoming space. Planters can be used to create a stylish privacy screen.

Design Ideas For Large Balconies

If you’re lucky enough to have a large balcony in your home, you can let your imagination run wild. This is an opportunity to create an irresistible space, the perfect setting for dinner parties, dates, catch-ups, and relaxation.

If your large balcony catches the sun during the day, then one of the best ways to use the space is to add a lounger. Loungers are often too small to fit in small or narrow balconies, but you can use one to make the most of your large balcony. Make sure to keep sunscreen to hand, and then enjoy lounging back in your sun trap.

Large balconies can sometimes feel like quite a clinical space. There’s room to stretch out, but overlooking the outdoors, it becomes impersonal.

Busy patterns and colorful prints can be added to make the balcony cozy and welcoming, by drawing the eye and making the space seem smaller. Neutral tones and natural materials can also bring a warming effect to an open area.

If you have the space to play with, why not try creating different areas on your balcony? Use different sets of tables and chairs to separate places for eating, chatting, relaxing, and so on! Rugs help to define a seating area by adding a clear boundary. They also bring personality, which can help further define your areas.

Why not turn your big balcony into a place of true luxury by adding a fire pit? The fire pit is not only gorgeous, but it’s also practical. If you find your balcony tends to sit unused during the winter, a fire pit will warm the place up. And they’re easier to install than you might imagine, especially if you choose a tabletop fire pit.

You don’t need to be on the ground floor to be able to create a garden for your apartment home! A big balcony is a perfect place for a garden, you just have to get clever with your use of plant pots!

For a fun use of the space, add a rockery patch. You can even install some of your favorite succulents, or create a Mediterranean-style garden.

Not sure what to do with your spacious balcony? Don’t be afraid to leave room to move! Simplicity in decoration isn’t essential when you have space to play with, but it does allow you to adapt the room to different needs. Lightweight furniture that isn’t fighting for space can be moved and adjusted, depending on the occasion. 

Apartment Balcony Design Ideas For Long And Square Balconies

Design Ideas For Narrow Balconies

Long and narrow balconies can be tricky to deal with. A lot of furniture won’t fit, so you have limited options when designing the space. But with just a few stylish pieces, you can create a space to fall in love with.

Looking for an easy solution to your long and narrow balcony? Transform a shelf into a table for a quick and space-saving addition to your outdoor room. A shelf attached to the railings of your balcony acts like a breakfast bar, giving you a place to rest your things without overwhelming your space.

Narrow spaces can quickly become too busy, so you want to keep everything streamlined when you’re decorating. This is true for colors, as well as furniture. A neutral shade or a crisp white can help open up the narrow area, crafting an illusion of space.

These neutral shades will soften the edges of your balcony, making the view part of the room.

Just because you don’t have a huge amount of space doesn’t mean you can’t add luxury to what you have. Loungers, futons, and other padded beds might take up the whole of the balcony, but they will also transform it into a cozy and comfortable hang-out point. You can build your own bed using pallets and blankets.

When you don’t have much room, you have to think carefully about every design choice you make. Go for one statement piece to bring life to your balcony while maintaining practicality. A hanging chair is an excellent choice, as it leaves floor space and looks super on-trend.

Yes, a hammock can be the right choice for a small and narrow space. One of the real benefits of hammocks is that they take up minimal space when not in use. Even a hanging hammock is a slim addition to a narrow balcony!

Balconies are outdoor spaces, so use your balcony to get in touch with nature. This can be hard on a long and narrow balcony, but the trellis is the perfect solution. Not only is a wooden trellis the perfect place to trail plants and flowers, but it can also be used to install hooks and storage. And a simple trellis is excellent for privacy.

This isn’t an achievable option for everyone, but if you can, removing a wall is an amazing way to open up your balcony. On warm days, the balcony helps to bring the outdoors in.

When it’s raining, a sliding door stops the interior from getting wet while maintaining the view. And on a cold day, you can shut the door behind you, and snuggle up on your balcony.

Design Ideas For Square Balconies

Square balconies are a little unusual, but a wonderful blank canvas for any budding designer.

A square balcony can be a bit of a strange area. Generally spacious, the square balcony doesn’t have the same movement paths as a narrow balcony. Navigate this by combining moving furniture with static furniture. Big pieces build the space, while smaller items make it practical.

Enjoy inviting people over to sit on the balcony? A picnic an easy seating area that fits perfectly into a square balcony. The old-fashioned design helps to bring a relaxed vibe to the room, and the spacious top allows you to pack your dinner parties with all kinds of delicious dishes.

As the square balcony is a little non-traditional, but it generally has lots of room, this is a fantastic opportunity to play with colors and designs. Don’t hold yourself back, as the square balcony has the perfect backdrop for your unusual design choices: the entire world.

When you’re decorating a small room, it can feel like the whole thing is made of corners. Luckily, corner furniture is an elegant solution. For your balcony, L-shaped furniture and corner furniture is comfy and cozy, without dominating the space. Tuck your furniture into the corner, and allow the balcony to open up before you.

Mixing and matching your furniture can help you exploit the size and shape of your square balcony. One long sofa combined with plenty of smaller seats ensures everyone has a place to relax, no matter how they plan on relaxing.

One of the disadvantages of square-shaped balconies can be a lack of storage space. Without the long back wall, you’re blocking your view every time you try to place a cabinet. Instead, make your furniture do more by incorporating storage into your chairs and tables.

Apartment Balcony Ideas For Glass Or Closed Balconies

Glass or closed balconies are balconies that aren’t open to the world. Either completely enclosed in glass, or using large windows to create the balcony effect, these are great for people living in places that experience lots of wind and rain.

The most important thing to remember when designing your closed balcony is not to distract from the view. Glass balconies tend to have excellent panoramic views, and you want to be able to take in every inch of the scene. Avoid packing the room with furniture.

The glass balcony rarely leaves anywhere to hide, so use curtains or blinds for privacy. Keep the fabrics light and moveable. You still want to be able to enjoy your glass balcony, and heavy curtains might prevent you from soaking up the scene.

The breakfast bar is a low-key item of furniture that you’d almost assume was invented for the closed balcony if it weren’t so useful in so many places. Install a breakfast bar running along the edge of your glass balcony, for the perfect place to enjoy your coffee in the morning.

Closed balconies allow you to enjoy the view year-round, even when it’s cold and wet. When it’s gray outside, there’s nothing like curling up in the warmth and listening to the rain. Bring this warmth to the interior of your closed balcony with deep earth tones, natural fabrics, and plenty of cushions.

Working from home? Make it so you look forward to your alarm by transforming a closed balcony into your office. A simple desk setup will make the space practical, while the large windows will provide the natural light you need for motivated working.

The star of the closed balcony really is the view, so you want the furniture to work with this, rather than against it. Keep the decor simple and streamlined with clean lines, block colors, and minimal designs.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this introduction to some of the best apartment balcony design ideas has inspired you. No matter what size or shape your balcony is, you can transform the space into something special with some careful design choices!

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