Creative Teen Room Decor Ideas

Going through your teenage years is hard enough with the effort of deciding which decor ideas will make your room look cool.

In the 90’s it was all about the posters covering every inch of wall space, in the 2000’s it was inflatable furniture, and today there is a mix of everything. 

We want to help you find your own unique style without having to change your room a million times in one summer. No matter what you are into now, we want you have to have a bedroom you will love forever. 

Below are 40 cool room decor ideas for any teenager. Whether you enjoy open spaces with clean neutrals or something a little more dark and mysterious, we have got you covered!

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great, simple way to add some character and definition to a bedroom.

Whether you select wooden shelves or cool cube shelves, you can display your favorite items such as trophies, books, or plants without using floor space. 

Picture Boards 

As a teenager, capturing every moment with a camera is crucial. How else will you remember? But you don’t always want them leaving marks or holes in your walls.

Picture boards are a great way to display your favorite moments without causing damage to the wall itself. Plus you can get super creative with your photographs. 


No matter your style, having a workspace is essential for working on assignments and getting your work done.

Allow your workspace to make you feel comfortable and reflect your own style for something truly unique!


If your bedroom seems small and you are not working with a lot of floor space, a double bed can be overwhelming.

Daybeds are perfect! Enjoy your daybed as a couch for reading, watching TV, or scrolling the internet, and turn it into a double bed at night. Great for having friends over and saving space!

Loft Bed

As you grow into your teens, a bunk bed can seem childish. But take away the bottom bunk, and replace it with storage and a desk and you have a compact yet awesome room.

This is a great way to save space while having everything you need in one space. 

Artwork Wall 

Do you have artwork of your own you want to display? Grab some frames and get to hang them up!

Add some photos of your favorite memories and a few prints that really show off your style for a cool way to decorate your room! 

Floral Ceiling 

Every teenage girl has to go through a floral wallpaper stage. It is a right of passage. But now you can do it in a cool, aesthetic way.

Take your awesome floral wallpaper and use it to decorate your ceiling, making the room appear bigger and totally cool. 

Geometric Ceiling Lighting 

Forget lamps. Give your bedroom some flare with this Geometric Ceiling Lighting design. Perfect if you hate bright lighting.

Hanging Bed 

Who said your bed has to remain on the floor? This Hanigng Bed idea allows you to have more floor space while having a unique bedframe. Perfect alternative to bunk beds too!

Go Neutral 

When you want your room to be a place you find comfort and peace, neutrals are the way to go. Plus you can add a pop of color to show off your personality!

Plant Decor 

Plants are a great way to add some life and color to a room without touching a lick of paint. We love this plant wall idea for small spaces. They will keep your air clean and bring you peace.

 Plant Lighting 

Adding light to any room is necessary. And these hanging Plant Lights are magical. Using a soft light bulb brings a comforting hue to any room.

Alcove Bed 

Do you enjoy being in your own space? The this Alcove Bed idea is exactly what you need. Feel safe and comfortable in your own bed next to a large window or simply away from other people.

Modern Geometry 

Working with clean lines like geometry patterns is a great way to add detail to your bedroom without it becoming overwhelming. Select a color palette and get to drawing!

Bookcase Shelves 

Whether you are a true bookworm of barely do the reading for class, using a bookcase as shelving is genius. Display your favorite items, add some lighting, and you have a cool shelving unit!

String Lights 

String lights are a great alternative to lamps and even ceiling lights that can give off a harsh light.

String lights can be placed around the room to give off a soft hue for the perfect cottage core effect. 

Clear Display Case 

When it comes to keeping trainers clean, a Clear Display Case is necessary. Show off your most prized possessions such as your entire Nike Air Force collection. Everyone will be jealous when they see your incredible collection.

Record Wall 

If shoes are not your thing, then building some shelves for your most precious records is a cost-effective way to show them off. What good are they stored in a box under your bed?

Vanity Mirror 

Floor girls, bathroom girls, and desk girls unite! Everyone can get ready in luxury with a simple vanity.

Grab a cheap desk with a few drawers, a cheap mirror, and start feeling like a movie star. 

Mirror Walls 

Make your room feel even bigger with a stylish mirror wall. While it may look expensive and intricate it is highly affordable and simple.

Paint a large square on your wall a color of your choice and stick a bunch of mirrors on top leaving a small gap to act as a frame. 

Serving Cart 

While serving carts are often used to store all of the items needed for cocktails, they also have a secondary use. Bedroom decor!

Place a few candles, add a framed photo, and some fake vines, and you have a cool way to show off your favorite items. Perfect substitute for a bedside table!

Drum Nightstand 

Keep things cool and creative by using an old drum as a nightstand! Add a lamp and some knick-knacks for a unique touch to your bedroom.

Cube Storage Trunk

Keep your valuables safe and from prying eyes with this Cube Storage Trunk. Perfect at the end of the bed or as a cool nightstand. Keep your secrets in plain sight.

Crate Nightstand 

When on a tighter budget, this DIY Crate Nightstand in perfect. All you need are a few multi-colored crates, and glue! And it makes for extra storage.

LED Wardrobe

Having all of your clothes on show is a great way to know what clothes you have! Add some LED lights and you have a cool way to make your clothes a standout feature. Ideal if you enjoy the futuristic vibe of early 2020.

Clothing Rail 

Much like the idea above, your clothes are a feature of your room. Giving color, life, and character to the space.

However, a smaller rail allows you to only show off your favorite pieces. Keeping the rest in storage until you fall in love again. 

Palette Bed 

A popular trend in Australia is the Palette Bed. Grab a few old wooden palettes, nail then together and you have a cheap but sturdy bedframe. Leave the wood exposed for a more masculine look or grab some spray paint and get creative!

Dark Wood Dresser 

When it comes to making a statement, nothing does the job quite like black. This Dark Wood Dresser has an industrial theme and it’s black color makes it powerful and impossible to ignore.

Hollow Out Star Curtains 

These double-layered curtains are a great way to keep the sun out while adding some life to any bedroom. Switch up the underlayer to any color while keeping the daylight out and the mystical vibes in.

Beaded Curtain 

Giving your room some added flare doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This DIY Beaded Curtain gives you more privacy while showing off your skills. Perfect if you share a room with your sibling and need some space.

Go All Black

 Black is often a color avoided in bedrooms but if it suits your style then why not use it! This all-black room looks clean and fresh with a few pops of colors using shoes and other items. Simple yet effective.

Hanging Chair

Need a chair without taking up too much floor space? A Hanging Chair is perfect! Decorate with a cozy blanket and a comfy pillow before snuggling in and completing your favorite activity.

Beanbag Chair 

No matter how old you are, a Beanbag Chair is always a great addition to your bedroom. They fit in any space and make your room look effortlessly cool. Ideal if you often have friends over and need some more seating areas.

Egg Chair 

For when your parents tell you that the Hanging Chair is not a good idea, you have the Egg Chair! Same cozy feel without putting screws into the ceiling. Add a few cushions, a foot pouf and you are golden.

Chalk Wall 

Do you love waking up to an inspirational quote in the morning or enjoy drawing to your heart’s content?

A Chalk Wall is a great way to let your imagination soar and give your room a cool, unique feature.

Cloud Lights 

Cloud Lights look awesome. There is no other way about it. And it is extremely cheap to make! All you need is a strip of LED lights, a large ball of cotton or stuffing, and some glue.

These look awesome throughout the night whether they are floating in the middle of the room or stuck to a wall. 

Moon Light Pendant 

This Moon Light Pendant is a great way to bring light to your bedroom. Fitting with the tapestry bedroom vibe, the straw-like texture will give some edge to an otherwise soft vibe.

Hang right in the middle of your room for a focus feature or keep it in a corner ti give off a soft glow without drawing too much attention. 

LED Bed Frame

No one wants to lounge in their room with an overhead light on ruining the vibe. This LED Bed Frame idea gives a cool look to your room while providing soft light to ensure you can see everything.

Plus it can be done by yourself without breaking the bank. 

Sunset Lamp 

Sunset Lamps are a great alternative to a regular lamp. Projecting a stunning hue of yellows and oranges makes your room feel comfortable and relaxing. And you can always get that perfect golden hour selfie.

Sunset Lamps also work great if you find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

Floating Flowers 

Whether you prefer fake flowers or fresh ones, this Floating Flower idea is great for adding a pop of color to your bedroom.

Hang your Floating Flowers over your reading chair or in front of your window for a whimsical effect. 

Wrapping Up 

As a teenager, finding your own style can be difficult. With so many options, you may want to jumble everything together for a maximalist look or keep your things simple with a minimalist design. 

Whatever you decide, we have 40 creative ideas to keep your room looking cool and inviting.

From floating shelves to drum nightstands, there is something for everyone to enjoy. All you have to do is make sure your parents agree. Find your own style and make your bedroom unique to you!

John Whitford
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