28 Of The Very Best Blue Paint Colors To Use In A Bedroom

Bedrooms are areas of the house that we head to to get some rest and relaxation, as well as to recharge after a long and busy day.

28 Of The Very Best Blue Paint Colors To Use In A Bedroom

Of course, towards this end, creating the perfect relaxing vibe is essential to creating the perfect bedroom.

But aside from the furniture, like the bed, the cabinets, and the lighting, what else can you really do to help create the perfect vibe for your bedroom space? The right color of wall paint of course! 

Choosing the right color for your walls is perfect for not only creating the right energy but also for expressing your sense of style and personality.

You’re probably here because you want to paint your walls a perfect shade of blue, but you just can’t pick which shade to go for, right? 

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are dedicating ourselves to exploring 28 of the very best blue paint colors that you can choose from to decorate your bedroom! Join us down below to get started now!

1. Iceberg

We figured we’d start off with a shade of blue that is incredibly light and airy, which can help to give a room a much greater sense of space, allowing it to feel much more open and welcoming.

Iceberg is a great color to go for if you are hesitant about the idea of painting your walls an intense blue color, as it retains a certain neutrality, making it perfect for matching with other colors. 

2. Upward

Upward blue is a shade of blue created by Sherwin Williams, and it features a little more intensity compared to the iceberg variation of blue. 

This variation of blue is slightly darker and more intense, which gives it incredible depth and richness. This makes it great for creating a cool and relaxing space, especially if you live somewhere with a particularly warm climate!

3. Manor Blue

If you want to create a slightly moodier bedroom space, then manor blue could be the shade for you. Manor blue almost has the look of overcast skies, which can create a really relaxing and soothing atmosphere to soak in. 

We love the way this color looks on the walls, and it can easily be paired with some darker blue accented elements like furniture and bedspreads, as the manor blue allows the more intense blue colors to pop!

4. Naval 

Naval was a blue paint color that really took the world by storm around 2020, and looking at it, it’s not at all difficult to see why (see also “The Very Best Cream Paint Colors To Use Around The House Today“). 

The rich depth of this color really pulls you in, and holds you in a soothing grip. We love the way that the color looks wholly reminiscent of the night sky, which further makes it perfect for coloring a bedroom because it can help to soothe you into a deep slumber. 

The color is great for painting the majority of your bedroom space, or just for coloring small accents of the room, such as furniture!

5. Midnight Blue

Could you really think of a better name for a shade of blue to deck the walls of the room you fall asleep in? 

This rich and intense color is incredibly reminiscent of midnight skies, creating an incredibly rich sense of space that feels immensely open and wide.

At the same time, the richness of its color also helps to give it a very relaxing and soothing vibe, perfect for getting a good night’s rest!

6. Dark Night

This immense color by Sherwin Williams was an instant favorite of ours the second we laid our eyes upon it. 

This amazing color has a rich blue look but also has some slight green tones to it, which gives it a very earthly tone that can make a room feel more rich and lived-in.

This is a great color to pair with other dark blue colors, as well as some small plants, to further draw out those earthly tones.

7. Salty Dog

Salty dog is another awesome blue color made famous by Sherwing Williams, who put the color to great use in bedrooms to create the perfect bedroom space. 

This particular rich and dark shade of blue pairs so incredibly well with white, so you can make it look even greater by including some elements like white bedsheets and white doors.

This is a perfect color reminiscent of ocean waters!

8. Deep Royal

Deep royal is a color from Benjamin Moore that has an incredibly gray look to it, which can make it a great neutral color to add all across your walls to then pair with all kinds of elements.

This is another blue color that is great for pairing with white, so you can add white elements in the form of furniture and decorations.

We love the rich full-bodied look of this paint. 

9. Stormy Sky

This amazing blue paint from Benjamin Moore actually quite closely straddles the line between gray and blue making it another perfect option for anyone looking to try out a blue color on their wall without having to commit to anything too intense and rich.

Regardless, stormy sky is a perfect blue to go for, because its moody look can be great for creating a slightly moody space, and the stormy look is perfect for lulling the mind into a relaxing space. 

10. Newburg Green

This is another excellent color made famous by Benjamin Moore, and it is full of extra green undertones that help to make it absolutely pop.

The green undertones help to give this paint a very natural look that is rather earthly, and almost has the look of a shining jewel.

We like this particular color because it is rather muted and subtle, which helps to make it easy to pair with all kinds of different colors like white and gray.

11. Van Deusen Blue

This color is a little closer to navy blue, and Benjamin Moore has managed to create a color that looks oh-so natural when used to color a room.

We love the sheer depth of this color and the way that it seemed to draw the eye. Its darkness really helped to make all of the lighter elements of the room pop that much more.

Try accenting this color with some white elements like white curtains, as the contrast between light and dark is simply stunning.

12. Club Navy 

Ralph Lauren obviously needs no introduction, and its iconic club navy color is found across much of its branding. 

If you ever find yourself totally drawn by this rich and iconic blue color, then you will get a lot out of painting your walls with it. 

We love the way that this rich and intense color seemed to bring out the best of every other color that accompanied it! The white of some bed sheets or the vibrant color of some flowers were made all the better!

13. Evening Sky

If you really want some earthly tones to brighten up your bedroom, then this can be a great color for you to opt for.

Evening sky by Benjamin Moore is perfect because it is a slightly muted variation on a traditional navy blue, and this can make it perfect for creating a subtle and almost relaxing vibe in a room. 

This is a darker blue that is never too dark, making it perfect for creating a space that is just right! 

14. Mysterious

The name of this fabulous color from Benjamin Moore could not be more apt. We love the air of mystery it can help to add to any space that is colored with it.

It features some subtle gray tones that aren’t too deep or dark, and this allows it to really make the space feel complete.

This is another blue color that pairs excellently with white. White can add a bit of extra light that then helps to make the space feel more open and airy. 

15. Charcoal Blue

We love charcoal blue because it has this great natural look to it that is totally irresistible. The charcoal of its name helps to give it a deep and soulful look of intensity. 

We love the way that the intense charcoal look helped to make a bedroom look more earthen and intense. 

This is a great color to pair with smaller elements of light, as it is quite a dark shade of blue that can prove very intense. 

16. Hale Navy 

Hale navy is a blue color that is a little closer to a more standard navy blue color, but it has just a little bit of gray mixed in to give it a slightly more ashen and rich intensity. 

We really love the way it seems to give a room a sense of sophistication and maturity, and the way that it makes a space seem a little older and more historic.

If you want to create a great bedroom that is also a great space for showcasing things such as books, then this can be a great way to do just that (see also “How To Create A Minimalist Boho Bedroom“)!

17. Old Navy

Old navy is another blue color that is great to use for creating a sense of age and history to a given space, making it seem more historic than it is.

The reason for this is that the old navy is simply a very popular blue color that has been used for numerous generations.

This is a great shade of blue that has an intensity that is reminiscent of the night sky, with stars shining from up above. 

18. Hague Blue

Green undertones are what help to naked Hague Blue, by Farrow & Ball, so immense.

This awesome blue shade is perhaps the one most reminiscent of deep ocean waters, as the blue and green combination helps to give it that immense natural look.

You can almost imagine the various vibrant aquatic life swimming beneath the surface of this rich blue color. 

This is a great tone of blue to pair with wooden elements, as the wood can add an immense warmth.

19. Gentle Gray

Benjamin Moore really has become a master of blue colors, and his genius seems to know no bounds. We’ve spoken a lot today about rich and intense navy blue colors, but we also want to shed some light on one of our favorite blue paints.

Gentle gray is beautiful if you want a color that can help to make your bedroom feel more airy and open. If you live somewhere particularly warm, then gentle gray can help to make your bedroom feel instantly cool!

20. Windy Sky

The aquatic tones from this Benjamin Moore color help to make any space it is added to suddenly be filled with life. 

As well as this, the aquatic tones are also rather sky blue, which can help to create a bedroom space that is airy and reminiscent of a sunny summer day. 

21. Brittany Blue

This icey blue shade is perfect not only for creating the perfect cooling bedroom space, but is also perfect for creating a rather regal look. 

Because this shade of blue is so bright and sunny, it can pair really beautifully with some white tones that almost create the look of clouds floating against the backdrop that is the blue walls. 

22. Lake Placid

The name of this particular color is incredibly perfect, because you really can picture placid waters when you see your walls decked with this shade.

We love the way that the vibe of the room seems to change entirely upon being painted with this shade of blue. The second you even step into the room you feel incredibly serene!

23. Whispering Spring 

This is one of the lightest and iciest blues on this list, and it appears so icey that it almost glows. 

This is the perfect paint to use if you want to make the most of sunlight pouring in from the bedroom window.

The light tones of this color make it very reflective of light, which means that it is able to shine with sunlight.

24. North Star

This is a great blue color, from Sherwin Williams, that you can use if you want to pair it alongside some other muted blue colors. 

This neutral gray blue is great for pairing with other blues, and of course, naturally looks great with white and cream notes in order to create a space that is simultaneously open, airy, and also very cozy and quaint.

25. Windy Blue

This is a great color to opt for if you want a paint that is obviously blue without being too obvious or being overly vibrant. 

The light color of the blue is very neutral, making it great for pairing with lighter colors, but it has enough of a blue pigment to it to make it easy to pair with other blue colors of differing shades.

We totally adored this paint color, because it made for both open-feeling and very cozy spaces at the same time. Almost like magic.

26. Newburyport Blue

Both gray and purple combine under the basic naval color to create a blue color that has totally blown our socks off.

This muted blue color is great because it is rather ashy, which helps to give it this natural intensity that is totally irresistible. 

This particular blue color looks great when paired with some warm-bulbed lamps, to create a richly warm space.

27. Gentleman’s Gray

Want to create a bedroom space that simply oozes sophistication and charm? Then gentleman’s gray is the color you have been looking for.

This rich blue color is great because it has a look of maturity to it.

28. Icy

This is our absolute favorite cooling blue color on this list. 

The natural gray tones here help to lend this color a very cooling look that you will love in your bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Shade Of Blue Is Warm?

One shade of blue that is noted for being warm is ‘Ultramarine’.

How Do I Choose A Warm Blue Paint?

If you want to choose a blue paint that is warm, then you will want to go for one that has plenty of yellow undertones.

Is Blue A Good Color For A Living Room?

Yes. Blue can be great for making a space seem larger, and can make a room seem more cool and airy.

To Wrap Up

There we have it! There are a surprising number of blue shades to choose from when painting a bedroom, but we are confident that these are amongst the very best you can find.

Why not try one of these today?

John Whitford
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