Best Green-Gray Paint Colors

A study in 2022 found that our world is becoming more and more gray. 

Color is disappearing from our homes as more people choose to stick with neutral palettes with lots of white, gray, and black.

Best Green-Gray Paint Colors

There’s a good reason for this as neutral colors make it easier (and cheaper) to redecorate your home as styles change, plus vibrant and bold colors are not to everyone’s tastes. 

However, a recent trend has seen more homes combining gray paint with a touch of color in all shades. This means that the room still feels neutral without being completely colorless – so it’s a great middle ground! 

If you want to learn more about green-gray paint for your home decor, check out the article below! 

What Is Green-Gray And What Does It Do?

Green-gray is precisely what it says on the tin – it’s a color that blends between shades of green and gray. This makes it a much more muted version of green, toning down the brightness and intensity so it doesn’t give you a headache. 

Green-gray paint has become more popular for use all over the home. People are adding it to living areas, kitchens, and even outdoors on their home exteriors. 

The reason behind the sudden increase in green-gray in home decor is probably due to its practicality and calming effect.

Over the last few years, there’s been this huge trend of taking our decor and lifestyle back to basics by getting closer to nature and opting for more traditional styles of decor.

More homes have introduced indoor plants and this love of green has even extended to furniture, flooring, and walls. 

Adding green to your home decor is said to help create strong associations with nature. This can have a soothing effect on our mood and encourages feelings of calmness and relaxation.

So, green is a great color to add to your home if you want a more refreshing atmosphere. 

However, classic shades of green are very bright and vibrant. They can be difficult to pair with other colors – and this is a big problem when trying to decorate your home.

As a result, green-gray has become popular as it’s a neutral color that is not completely colorless! 

Best Green-Gray Paint Colors

Here are some of the best green-gray paint colors out there (see also “Very Best Blue Paint Colors To Use In A Bedroom“). We’ve collected our list from some of the biggest names in paint suppliers including Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

So, if you want some inspiration for your green-gray walls, check out the various shades below! 

Healing Aloe

This green-gray paint from Benjamin Moore is very light and pale, making it a great choice for anyone wanting to create an airy, clean atmosphere for their home.

Its pale tone makes it ideal for small rooms that want to feel roomier and it carries just that little touch of pale green to help it feel more alive than a plain white wall.

October Mist

Another entry from Benjamin Moore, this green-gray paint takes inspiration from the stems of flowers. It’s an uplifting shade of green-gray with notes of sage to help sell that nature theme.

So, if you want a shade of green-gray paint that is more green than gray, this is a great option. 

Coastal Plain

Coastal Plain is a color that is more green than gray but is muted enough to work as a neutral color.

It looks amazing when paired with true grays, silvers, whites, and pale golds so it works well for modern, glamorous rooms that want to bring a touch of sophistication and elegance through color. 

So, if you are looking for a green-gray paint color with a little more energy, Coastal Plain from Sherwin Williams is one for you to check out. 

Smokey Sage

This green-gray paint takes inspiration from the classic saturated glass bottle shade of green but adds a vine-green undertone to make it more neutral.

This also adds a touch of gray to the shade, making it an ideal choice for living spaces to add some color without drowning you in it. 

It’s natural, calm, and looks amazing against starting white and creams. So, why not use it to create a very elegant living space? 

Green Smoke 

Green Smoke from Farrow & Ball is an ideal color for anyone looking for a green-gray paint that is neatly balanced between deep gray and dark green.

Although it’s not as dark as some other shades on this list, it leans more into its greener elements for a slightly brighter intensity. This makes it more uplifting while still keeping things calm.

Pewter Green

If you are looking for a darker-toned green-gray paint, then check out Pewter Green from Sherwin Williams. 

This color is dark yet oddly calming, leaning more heavily on its dark gray elements with just a touch of deep green to help associate with the darker elements of nature.

At a glance, this color may evoke images of pure earthly metals and strong tree trunks. So, it’s a great option if you are looking to create a down-to-earth atmosphere in your home. 

What Colors Go Great With Green-Gray?

As a neutral color, green-gray goes well with a lot of other shades. This is partly why this color has become so popular in home decor as it can be added to lots of different colors to create colorful but comforting atmospheres. 

Here are some great colors to pair with green-gray! Take a look at the options below and think carefully about what kind of vibe you want your home to have. 

Decorator’s White

Of course, a neutral color like green-gray will match with other neutral colors like white and gray. If you want to lighten a room for a more invigorating atmosphere, then adding a startling white to the walls can help achieve that vibe exactly. 

This shade of white paint is a great choice to join with green-gray, especially if you have opted for a much darker shade. The contrast will help create a modern style that is great for bathrooms or kitchens. 

Pink Ground

Pale pinks are all the rage with younger generations at the moment and so, this paint from Farrow & Ball is a great color to pick for a feature wall.

Although it’s muted, this shade of pink pops against neutral tones of green-gray to help brighten a room and make it feel even more cozy and comforting. If you are going for a modern-style living area, then this is a great color to add. 

If you don’t want a feature wall with Pink Ground paint, then try finding a similar shade for any soft fabric accessories in your space. This includes blankets, rugs, and couch pillows. 

Friendly Yellow

Finally, we have Friendly Yellow. 

Yellows match well with shades of green as they work together to evoke this natural atmosphere with imagery of earth, soil, and plants.

If you are aiming for this nature imagery for your home, then a muted yellow-like Friendly Yellow will pair wonderfully with a green-gray palette. 

Final Thoughts

So, those were the best green-gray paint colors for you to use in your home! Check out the recommendations above and order some samples so you can start with your home decor! Good luck!

John Whitford
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