Bohemian Interior Design Decor And Room Ideas

Are you looking for ways to infuse your home with a unique and vibrant flair? Bohemian interior design is the perfect way to do just that! Full of bright colors, interesting patterns, and eclectic pieces, this style can transform any room into a visually stunning oasis.

Bohemian Interior Design Decor And Room Ideas

From maximizing natural light to incorporating vintage furniture, there are plenty of ways to get creative with Bohemian interior design.

The Ultimate Boho Goals

The first step to creating a bohemian-style space is to maximize natural light. Incorporate large windows, skylights, or even light fixtures that bring in plenty of natural illumination. This will create an inviting atmosphere and add depth to your color palette.

Additionally, use sheer curtains or light colors on your walls to let in lots of sunlight during the day and create an airy feel. Next, incorporate vintage pieces and one-of-a-kind finds to create an eclectic look. Bohemian interiors are all about mixing and matching different items to create an interesting visual aesthetic.

Look for furniture, rugs, curtains, and other decor items in thrift stores or antique shops that can be used as statement pieces in your space. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, colors, and textures. A combination of different elements is key to pulling off a Bohemian interior design look.

What Exactly Is The Boho Interior Design Style?

The Bohemian interior design style is a fun and vibrant way to decorate your home. It’s inspired by nomadic living, full of unstructured yet cohesive pieces of furniture, color accents, and textures.

Bohemian designs draw inspiration from the bohemians who adopted them in the 19th century, travelers on an unfettered journey looking to explore what life has to offer with an open mind and carefree attitude.

The origin of “Bohemian” comes from the French phrase “La Boheme” which means “gypsy” – as gypsies have traditionally been associated with a life of exploration in the search for something unique and special.

Bohemian designs take time to capture your preference for spirituality and artistic expression, whilst offering coziness and comfort in their eclectic mix. 

What Exactly Is Bohemian Design?

Bohemian interior design (see also “Ultimate Guide To Modern Interior Design Style Ideas“) is a unique and creative decorating style that originated in Paris during the 19th century .  Bohemians believed that creativity was more valuable than money, so they embraced an entirely different approach to life that was inspired by nomads.

This new way of life rejected societal conventions and reflected their own personal culture and beliefs.

Patterns, textures, and colors are mixed together, however, the individual likes to create a unique expression of beauty that goes against conventional standards. There are almost no limits when it comes to Bohemian interior design, as anything goes!

So if you’re looking to create a space with a bold yet classically cool vibe, this decorating style is definitely one to consider.

Boho Room Decor Ideas

Creating a bohemian-style room will involve layering fabrics, colors, and patterns. To create the desired atmosphere, you will need to start with a neutral background.

Choosing A Neutral Background

Warm earth tones are ideal to achieve the traditional boho feel and act as an anchor for the more daring prints and textures used throughout. By choosing a color that will blend well with other decorations, you can avoid a chaotic look and make your job easier.

These earth tones allow for flexibility when it comes to introducing different colors or going for bright accents. Wood furniture pieces also bring warmth to the mix, unifying all components of the decor in harmony without overwhelming the senses.

Boho Furniture

The enchanting and whimsical Bohemian furniture style adds a touch of magical charm to any home. Although it can be difficult to find in stores, special pieces can often be found at second-hand stores, antique shops, and even flea markets.

Each piece of furniture should have a unique story and tell its own tale, creating an effortless Bohemian aesthetic that’s far from mundane. You don’t have to invest in entire sets of bohemian-style furniture, either; you can mix the various pieces together in creative ways to craft the perfect home decor.

Mixing Bold Colors

When it comes to creating a Bohemian-style interior, you can rely on colorful and bold hues. Pink, purple, orange, and green are all popular shades used in this decorating style.

There is also no need to follow any established rules for combining colors; as long as the shades coordinate with each other and work well together, they can be executed in this type of decor. Metallic colors, jewel tones, and warm earth tones are potent choices to pursue when trying to achieve the desired ambiance.

Brown and yellow have been known to contribute handsomely, while electric blues and fire oranges blend beautifully with purples.Patterns and textures can also be desirable elements that help express Bohemian-style interior design visions.

Embracing Maximalism

Bohemian style decorating is a maximalist style of interior design that encourages you to be daring and express your personality through the eclectic mix of items in your home.

Open up to explore the many possibilities such as traditional furnishings, exotic patterns, earth tones and vibrant colors, handmade textiles, quirky sculptures, and artworks—the list is truly endless!

Don’t shy away from adding an ‘excess’ of trinkets and items, as these are brought together effortlessly that instantly catch attention. 

Utilizing Mirrors And Metals

Metallic surfaces and mirrors have long been a part of Bohemian interior design, adding an artistic flair and a touch of glamour to the room. Mirrors are not just aesthetically pleasing; they also reflect light, making the rooms appear larger.

Furthermore, placing decorative metallic pieces around the room can act as eye-catching focal points. Metallic shades create reflective surfaces that help add texture, dimension, and depth to the space, creating a bright and cheerful effect.

Installing metallic accents such as tables and lamps, as well as wall art made from or enhanced with metal, are other ways to bring unique allure to any room. Mirrors can also be used as a backdrop for artwork or as a feature on their own. They are versatile enough to suit all styles; from contemporary chic to boho-inspired rustic decor.

Boho Wall Decor

Boho wall decor can really bring an amazing ambiance to any space, and it doesn’t need to involve expensive objects. For a truly inspired boho wall, you’ll want the accessories to reflect your adventurous spirit and tell stories of the journeys that have been taken.

You can combine upcycled pieces from antique stores and vintage shops with handmade artsy items to create a collage of art, delivering both texture and visual impact.


Using different types of lighting is an essential part of achieving the perfect bohemian-style look in your home. The essence of modern boho decor relies on having a mix-and-match look, so you should find various sources of lighting that will fit into this concept.

Floor, table, and wall lamps are often used to highlight different corners of the room and create interesting visual cues. You can also add decorative lanterns and candles for additional atmosphere, or use chandeliers or pendant lamps to really spice up your decor.

Another way to apply a Bohemian interior design style to various rooms in your home is by following examples from established boho living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms.

Boho Home Ideas

The world of Boho-style home decor is not going anywhere soon. This year, the Boho trend is still set to be a major part of our domestic landscape. The relaxed, natural elegance that characterizes Bohemian-style home decor continues to garner attention from those looking for an eclectic yet creative atmosphere.

Boho Kitchens

Bohemian-style kitchens are known for their eclectic and vibrant aesthetic, combining elements from a variety of cultures and eras to create an eye-catching look. The boho-chic kitchen inspires creativity with its mix of colors, textures, patterns, and embellishments.

Common features of a Bohemian-style kitchen may include open shelves decorated with brightly colored crockery, unique artwork hung around the walls and cabinets, open wall space to artfully display potted plants or flowers, and colorful rugs on the floor to add warmth and color.

Beaded light fixtures or hanging lamps are also common pieces in a bohemian-themed kitchen. No matter the size of your kitchen, Bohemian decor can be used to add charm and character. 

A backsplash made up of mosaic tiles or intricately tiled geometric shapes can make a big impact in an otherwise plain kitchen while adding some interesting texture at the same time.

Boho Bedrooms

Boho bedroom decor can provide an interesting, eclectic, and cozy atmosphere to any home. It is a look that involves bright colors, undone texture, and handmade items that give off that carefree vibe.

With this style of bedroom design, you can use bold prints and colors to create a unique look for your own private sanctuary. As far as furniture pieces, incorporating vintage or antique pieces with modern lines provides a great contrast.

Decorative elements like macramé wall hangings or pillows with tassels give the room a boho feel. Brightly-colored rugs are great for creating an inviting atmosphere and tie in nicely with the other decorative elements throughout the space.

Lighting fixtures such as pendant lamps with dangling crystals can add pleasant shimmering light to any bedroom design. For finishing touches, adding plants throughout the room gives it life while bringing calmness and serenity too.

Boho Dining Rooms

The Bohemian dining room is an eclectic style of interior design that combines rustic, traditional, and modern elements to create a unique, laid-back and inviting atmosphere.

The look of a Bohemian dining room can be achieved with the use of distressed furniture, raw fabrics and rugs, vintage furnishings and accessories, and cleaver lighting fixtures. It’s a style that is both cozy and comfortable, perfect for any home.

Furniture plays an important role in creating the Bohemian look; pieces like low sofas, ottomans, and reserved chairs upholstered with antique fabrics add to the coziness. Mirrored wallpapers, artworks, and artifacts bring in interesting textures, while vibrant colored curtains keep the space warm and welcoming.

You could also combine metalwork frames with floral or ethnic prints for visual interest, as well as add large-scale plants and trees around to evoke nature.

Lighting fixtures can add character to your Bohemian dining room; choose warm-colored lamps in various shapes or exposed filament bulbs for a country vibe that’s perfect when entertaining friends or family.

Boho Bathrooms

Creating a boho bathroom is all about embracing the beauty of imperfection and individualism. Transforming the space into something wild and eclectic requires careful consideration of both aesthetic elements and practical elements. When it comes to styling a boho bathroom, the possibilities are almost endless.

Look for simple earthy accents such as ceramic planters, baskets with natural fibers, and woven rugs. Artistically arrange patterned towels and bath mats displaying a variety of textures – earthy tones are always welcome in a boho-style bathroom.

Decorate walls or windows with printed fabrics featuring geometric patterns or delicate florals – complete the look by hanging up dream catchers or other stylish wall hangings for added effect! Set the scene with candles and plants scattered throughout your space for just that extra bit of atmosphere.

Boho Study Rooms

The Bohemian style of interior design has become one of the hottest trends in home decor worldwide. It emphasizes comfort and creativity with eclectic pieces that range from antique items to modern furniture.

Bohemian decor often incorporates bright colors, layered textiles such as curtains, rugs, and throws, and handcrafted pieces like wall art. It is also often decorated with plants for a pop of color and life. If you are looking to add some Bohemian flair to your home, a great place to start is the study room.

In terms of study room design, your main goal should be creating a space that feels comfortable while also having enough calmness and minimalism to encourage productivity.

On the other hand, incorporating decorative artwork on the walls can bring energy into the environment without overwhelming it. If you have shelves in this area already, displaying interesting conversation pieces such as vases or even books can help make the space more inviting.

Final Thoughts

Bohemian interior design is the perfect way to show off your unique style and creative flare. The key to creating a successful Bohemian look lies in combining elements from both contemporary and traditional styles, as well as playing around with colors, textures, and shapes.

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