The Top 15 Most Affordable Cloud Bed Dupes

The Top 15 Most Affordable Cloud Bed Dupes

If this is the case, do not sweat it, there are so many awesome alternatives out there that you can choose from. We will show you the best of the best, so you can find the best cloud bed dupe for your bedroom and you. Cloud beds are simple, clean lines and clean looking, which makes them so attractive.

These beds are also available in many fabrics and colors, so finding a style that suits you should not be much of a problem at all! They are considered investment pieces that last years, so are worth the money thanks to the durability and, of course, comfort.

Sadly, the typical cost of cloud beds is well out of the average person's price range, but these cloud bed dupes should be much more within your reach.

The Best Restoration Hardware ‘Cloud’ Bed Dupes

Take a look at these cloud bed dupes (see also "Where To Find The Best Dilly Dally Vanity, Dupe & Alternatives"), and pick your favorite. While they are not actual ‘cloud beds’, they are a much more affordable version!


This bed is an awesome RH cloud bed dupe. It has a similar clean-line aesthetic and is upholstered in a range of colors. We love how comfy it is, and how well-made it is as well, ideal features to have in a bed!

The headboard is also cotton upholstered, making it easy to clean, much more so than cloud beds are, which need dry cleaning. However, this is similar to cloud beds as it is also an investment that will last for years to come.


We are raving over this bed, it looks exactly like a cloud bed, but will not break the bank. It is modern and clean-looking and goes well alongside many other design styles. We adore how the headboard goes beyond the nightstands too, it just looks so elegant!

It also has a polyfoam-filled sleeve that slips over the headboard, providing extra comfort and cushioning factor. It is an awesome choice if you are seeking a cloud bed dupe that is much more affordable.


This Urban Outfitters' platform bed is a perfect dupe for cloud beds. It has that clean-lined aesthetic and is upholstered in a range of colors. It is comfy and good quality, which is all you could really ask for in a bed.

It is an awesome choice if you want an RH cloud bed dupe which is less likely to take half your paycheck. Another bonus is that it is super easy to put together!


We have heart eyes for this bed, it's got such beautiful, simple detailing, and everything about it looks so crisp. It has a luxury look to it, and it is more affordable too!

However, like cloud beds, it also has a ton of different fabric options you can choose from, and if you are feeling extra picky, you can also choose the legs you want as well! It is high-quality, and well-made, which is everything you could ask for. It is a great, affordable option for a cloud bed dupe.


This bed could be the cloud bed’s twin! It looks super similar, but it comes at a much lower price! It has that modern, clean look, and is made from good quality items.

It is sadly only available in queen or king size though, but otherwise, it works as a brilliant cloud bed alternative. It is super stylish and well-made, but friendly to your wallet!


This is probably the most expensive on our list, but still does not empty the bank as the cloud bed does! It has a similar clean-line look to it and is available as a queen bed or king bed. It is well-made and cozy.

If you want a cheap dupe, this is probably not it, but if you want one that looks like a cloud bed, this is the best option for you!


Much like the cloud bed, this one has clean lines and a low profile, but it is also much more wallet-friendly than the cloud bed, which makes it the perfect choice for those doing some home decorating on a lower budget.

It is well-put-together and comfy, it is ideal for those with a lower budget, and who do not mind an easy build!


We are all for this bed, it looks so similar to the cloud bed, and we can’t help but rave about how positive the reviews are. The fabric options are epic, and everyone is talking about how soft it is. Easy assembly is also a bonus! Since you place the soft frame over and around the box spring it is also lightweight and cheap.

Only using high-density foam is meant to be even more amazing in person. This is so similar to the cloud bed but lacks the price tag and the heavyweight. It is stylish, comfy, and affordable, and we love that this is an Etsy store option. Buying this doesn’t only save you money but helps an independent seller!


We are not always massive Pottery Barn fans, but this is an amazing bed. It is so much cheaper than cloud beds, and it has a variety of fabric and color options. You also get to choose to get it with or without the nail heads, which we love! Options, options!

This is a well-made, comfy option, and you can get a full bed all the way up to a California king-size! The frame structure also makes it one of the best options for an RH cloud bed dupe!


This platform bed can be purchased from twin size to king size, at a cheaper price than the cloud bed, while still sharing the modern, clean aesthetic. It is also easy to put together too, and we love minimal hassle!

The quality is not quite as awesome as the rest on our list, but it is so much more affordable. If quality is a big concern then maybe try something else, but if you want a low price tag, this is the best bed for you!


This bed is gorgeous. It looks like the cloud bed but has endless customization options. You can choose from 6 headboard tufting, various headboard heights, and fabrics too!

If you want a cloud bed, but you are a sucker for customizations, maybe this is the perfect bed for you. Of course, it is cheaper too! You can get this bed as a twin, full, queen, or king. The Emmett is stylish, customizable, good quality, and cheaper! We love it!


Anthropologie nailed it with this bed for sure. It is so much more affordable than cloud beds while maintaining that aesthetic and stylishness. You can only get this bed in a queen or king size, however. The reviews are still epic though, and everyone is saying it is as comfy as cloud beds are.

Easy to put together with high-quality material, you cannot go wrong here. However, this bed is also only a fraction of the cost of the cloud bed, so it is a brilliant budget-friendly choice, looking, and feeling like the cloud bed, but being cheaper! Why would you even choose a cloud bed when this exists?


This is a bit pricier than some others, but it has many upholstery options and a very soft feel, even better, you do not even need a box spring! It is easy to set up, and the bed is exactly what is pictured on the website (which plenty of people worry about these days). It is high-quality, comfy, and looks so similar.

So, for those who want a cloud bed, and are happy with the price for a quality dupe, this is the bed for you!


For a long time this was considered to be the bed cloud bed dupe, and we are not surprised. It is a lot like the cloud bed, just with a price tag below $1,000, which is awesome! It is plush with a variety of upholstery options, however, it does need a box spring which is not included!

The reviews are raving about this bed, and we can’t blame them, we want it too. The frame is light and easy to set up yourself, and you can even buy the frame and headboard separately as well! This bed is a brilliant choice for the RH Cloud Bed Dupe aesthetic.


A cello bed? What! You heard us. This bed is softly padded, curvy, and linear, all at once! It comes with double slats, a metal frame, or a deluxe, so… No box spring! You can upholster it in leather or fabric, and it can come in a variety of colors too!

The bed is easy to put together and is high quality. This bed is ideal for a cloud bed dupe, with a few more options to make it yours!

To Conclude

Overall, all 15 of these options are awesome, and you could choose any one of them. Which one exactly depends on what you are willing to pay, and what you are looking for. Most of these beds are easy to build and look just like cloud beds.

We love the customization options on most of these. We can’t decide which we love the most, but which will you choose?

John Whitford
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