What Other Colors Combine With Mustard Yellow? Try These 15 Colors

Getting the right color combination can be absolutely crucial in a massive number of contexts. Whether you are looking to decorate your home or you are building the perfect outfit, nothing is better than mixing together colors that naturally meld.

What Other Colors Combine With Mustard Yellow Try

The only trouble is it can sometimes be difficult to tell when colors don’t work well together. It may take you a long time to see that two chosen colors simply clash and will not meld together in a way you like. 

So how are you supposed to know which colors best match together? To save yourself from the embarrassment of a mismatched outfit or a poorly colored home, make sure to read on down below! 

You’re here because you want to know some of the best colors that work with mustard yellow, and we have 15 of the very best colors that you can try out today! 

1. Teal 

Teal and mustard yellow go together incredibly well, and this is due to the fact that they both share very earthy tones. A teal color scheme can be a great way to create a space that feels very earthly and natural.

Teal brings a slight darkness to a space, while mustard yellow is a very sunny tone that adds a lot of light, further adding to the natural image of this color combination.

We love the idea of painting the walls teal and then accenting the room with plenty of mustard yellow elements. The great thing about this color combination is that you can easily change the ratios to suit your tastes.

You could fill the room with mostly mustard color and then simply accent it with teal elements, or find a perfect balance between the two! 

This color combination is also great for creating a spring outfit thanks to the earthy tones of both colors!

2. Grey 

Similar to teal, when gray is combined with mustard yellow it creates a great contrast of light and dark that is never too harsh.

The gray tones help to add a little bit of sophisticated shade to a space, while the mustard yellow elements then add a bunch of sunny-looking color to contrast this! 

This color combination draws naturally on the contrast of light and darkness to create a color scheme that is easy on the eye and feels so natural and unassuming (see also “Best Colors To Combine With Dark Brown“).

We love the idea of having gray furniture that is then accented with smaller accessories such as cushions that have the mustard yellow color, as the highlights of sunny yellow help to draw the eye to specific areas of the room, giving it a much greater sense of space. 

Grey and mustard yellow also work when building an outfit as they can help to add a sense of shape to your figure.

3. Pink

It can be a difficult balancing act to combine a sunny color like mustard yellow with another bright and summery color. If the two don’t work well together it can create a garish look that is harsh on the eyes. 

Luckily, pink is one brighter color that goes so well with mustard yellow. It can look great in an outfit, with a large pink coat over mustard yellow pants. It also looks fantastic within the home. 

Pink often has connotations as a feminine color, and this means that when combined with the sunny look of mustard yellow it can be put to great use for making a girl’s room!

However, this does not mean it cannot be implemented elsewhere, as no matter where you combine the two colors you will create a delightful and summery look! 

4. Burnt Orange

Orange is already a very warm and rich color, but when you add a little bit of darkness to it and end up with burnt orange you get a totally different experience.

Burnt orange is incredibly rich and warming, and it is very similar in shade to mustard yellow, but just a little less sunny. This creates a slight contrast in a shade that makes the color combination pop.

Combining the two colors is a great way to add a little bit of warmth to an interior space, and can be a great combination for a fall outfit! 

5. Brown

Brown is a color that already naturally blends perfectly with golden shades, which makes it totally perfect for combining with mustard yellow. 

Brown and yellow are two colors that can often be found combined in nature, which makes this a great color combination to tap into if you want to create a natural look in your home, or even in an outfit. 

These two colors also combine together to create a great sense of autumnal warmth to make your room feel more snug during the colder months, while still looking totally natural in the spring and in the summer.

We definitely recommend going for a balance with these two colors.

Try grabbing a bunch of mustard yellow accents, such as cushions to decorate the room and the furniture, and then complement them with a brown center-piece, such as a dining table for a dining room, or a coffee table for a living room

6. Turquoise

Turquoise is a color that seems like it was almost made to combine with mustard yellow (see also “Best Colors That Combine With White“). Yellow and blue are two natural colors that already go together, but the slightly deeper tones of both mustard and turquoise create a very subtle and relaxing vibe.

Turquoise is a great color to go for if you want to create a direct contrast with the mustard yellow but also don’t want to be too flashy.

We love the aquatic tones of turquoise. It creates a very unique and ocean-like vibe in a room that is made all the more vibrant by accenting it with small mustard yellow elements. 

We recommend grabbing things such as turquoise furniture and then accenting that furniture with some mustard yellow accents, like small throws or cushions!

7. Maroon

If you enjoy the color contrast between mustard yellow and burnt orange, but you want to take it a little further, then you will love this combination of mustard yellow and maroon.

Maroon has a rich and intense color that brings so much life to any room, but yet is still easy on the eye. Maroon has an intense darkness to it that is contrasted by the light and sunny mustard yellow that can be used to accent a space with ease.

Combining maroon with mustard yellow can be a great way to make a space feel more inviting and cozy, and can be a great color combination for increasing the sense of warmth during the colder months. 

Maroon and mustard are also a great color combination even during the summer because the two can help to give off a very exotic and almost regal look, making a space feel more luxurious! 

And it goes without saying that maroon looks amazing as part of an outfit when accented by some mustard yellow!

8. Emerald Green

Sometimes the best thing to match a rich color to is another rich color! Mustard yellow is a color known for being deep but bright and sunny, while emerald green is known for being deep and ultimately rather dark and mysterious.

This creates a wonderful visual contrast that ultimately feels incredibly natural.

We totally adore the natural feel of emerald green because it is rather reminiscent of a tree you might find deep in the forest (see also “What Is The Difference Between Forest Green And Hunter Green?“). It’s an almost mysterious color that verges on the fantastical, allowing it to really bring a great energy to a space in the home.

We love the idea of having an emerald green couch and then accenting that emerald green with a mustard yellow cushion or a throw!

9. Navy Blue

What best to contrast against mustard yellow’s bright and sunny look? How about a truly rich and deep darker color like navy blue? We really love the way that these two colors interact with one another. 

The brightness of mustard yellow in a largely navy blue room really helps to add an exciting contrast to the space and also helps to draw the eye to specific parts of the space.

This is a great contrast if you really want to exaggerate certain parts of the room, or perhaps if you have something in the room you want to show off.

You could surround a favorite memento on a shelf with mustard accents to draw the eye over to it, making it appear even more precious.

10. Cream

Cream is an interior design color renowned for its ability to create a great sense of warmth and comfort. And what color could possibly add more warmth to a space than the sunny shades of mustard yellow?

We love the way that these two colors seem to meld together so well. It was so natural that it almost felt like magic. 

Combining mustard yellow with cream can be a great way to create an airy vibe to a room, and to make a room feel open and welcoming. It is also incredibly easy to combine the two colors in one space.

However, we best recommend making the majority of your internal space take on the cream color and then accent that cream color with mustard yellow accents.

For example, you could have cream colored walls, and then accent that with mustard yellow furniture. Better yet, you could have cream colored couches and then accent those couches with comfortable mustard yellow throws and cushions!

11. Black 

Mustard yellow melds so well with rich and dark colors, and what could possibly be darker than black? We love the way that mustard and black look when they combine together in a home, as they contrast against one another.

Mustard yellow is very sunny and summery as a color, and black elements can help to create pockets of darkness that make the mustard look even brighter.

Black can create the look of shadows, which obviously works incredibly well with the sunny look of mustard yellow.

Black can also be a very cooling color, which is a further contrast that can help it to make the sunny warmth of mustard yellow shine through! 

Black can be used as a great base for an outfit, and mustard can be a great way to then make the outfit pop!

12. White

Sometimes we choose a specific color for an interior design look simply because we want to show that color off. 

If you want to show off the mustard yellow elements of your home then you could be well served by combining it with white in your home. White is a very neutral color that allows other colors to take the spotlight.

Both white and mustard yellow are also bright colors that can bring a great sense of openness to your space.

White can also be used to bring down some of the tone of some colors. If you are worried that mustard yellow may be too bright, then white can help to tone it down a little! 

13. Mint Green

Mint green is a color that easily straddles the line between green and blue, and this can make it a very refreshing color to use to add nature and light to a space. 

Mint green is a very light and vibrant color that is incredibly cooling, allowing it to contrast against the warmth of the summery mustard yellow. 

If you want to create a space that has a very calming energy, then mint green can be a great color to combine with mustard yellow to achieve that!

14. Olive Green

Olive green is able to provide a rich neutral backdrop for mustard yellow to enjoy. If you want to make your mustard yellow pop even more, but you don’t want to simply use a standard white color in your room, then olive green can be the perfect solution. 

Olive green is a very earthly and natural color that is reminiscent of deep and vibrant woods full of wildlife and fauna, so using the color alongside mustard yellow can be a great way to create a space that celebrates the beauty and glory of nature! 

The two can also combine easily in pretty much any room in your home! 

15. Tan

Tan, or beige, can be a great color to combine with mustard yellow because they are actually very similar in tone and energy. 

This can be a great color to go for if you want something that is incredibly subtle and understated that will draw attention to mustard yellow but won’t make it appear totally garrish. 

The two colors are also naturally neutral, which allows them to both easily work together to create the right energy in a given space. 

We love the idea of accenting mustard yellow with tan and beige. For example, you could have a mustard yellow couch, and then propping up that couch could be some beige feet and arm rests, keeping the seat aloft! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Is Opposite Of Mustard Yellow?

On the color wheel, the direct opposite of mustard yellow is navy blue!

What Shades Of Blue Go With Mustard Yellow?

One shade of blue that goes amazingly with mustard yellow is navy blue as it offers a rich and slightly darker contrast!

Does Gold And Mustard Go Together?

Gold and mustard go together fabulously as they both help one another to shine!

To Wrap Up

Though there are still a few other colors that can work well with mustard yellow, we believe that these are the absolute best combinations you can go for. Each combination allows mustard yellow to stand out and shine, and offers a different vibe to any space.

John Whitford
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