The 11 Best Colors That Combine With White

Picking the right colors to match together can be a very key part of creating the perfect interior space in your home. Some colors naturally go together very easily, while others combine together a little less effectively.

The 11 Best Colors That Combine With White

Some colors can even outright clash and look totally wrong when combined with other colors, so you are likely here because you are wondering what are some of the colors that you can combine with white in your home to create the perfect look. 

Want to know what colors best combine with white in an interior space (see also “What Other Colors Combine With Mustard Yellow?“)?

Then make sure to keep on reading down below, because today we are going to take a look at 11 of the very best colors to match with white to create a perfect space in your home that is full of personal charm.

1. Pink 

Pink can be a great color to use to add a little bit of stylistic flair to any white space. It all depends on how brave you are in using such a bright and powerful color.

Pink is a color that is full of energy and vibrance, and this can make it a color that you need to pick the correct ratios with.

For example, if you want to create a space that is entirely pink, with pink walls, then you will want to make sure that it is a room that will benefit from the greater energy.

However, if you wanted, you could simply add a bright pink centerpiece to an existing white room to draw focus to a particular area of the room.

For example, you could grab a pink armchair or a sofa and place it in a room with white walls and it will immediately draw the eye towards it. 

2. Lilac

If you are looking for a color that will really pop against white, then we think that lilac might just be totally perfect for you. Lilac is a very cool color, but this allows it to meld perfectly with white colored walls and other white elements in the home. 

We strongly recommend accenting things like a lilac couch with plenty of orange elements such as throws and cushions to add a little bit of extra warmth and to give the room a little more visual ‘pop’!

Lilac is a color that is reminiscent of lavender, which is known for its relaxing properties. As such, you can really utilize this mental connection to create a room that exudes relaxing vibes the second you even step in.

Lilac is such a perfect color to combine with white as it has just the right energy to make the space look right.

3. Gray

Gray can easily be summarized as being like a darkened version of white, and this similarity between gray and white is so appealing and can make for some great interior designs. 

Using gray and white can allow you to really play around with shades as you can add plenty of lighter grays and plenty of darker grays to your room to contrast with the white.

This means that you can either create a much lighter space, or create a slightly darker space depending on which shades of gray you opt for.

Using gray and white is also beneficial because it offers you a number of different ways that you can go about implementing the two colors.

You could paint the walls a shade of gray and then accent the room with gray elements, or paint the walls white and accent the room with gray elements! 

These two colors allow you to really express yourself, and create a space that is unique to you.

4. Royal Blue

There are few colors that exude such sophistication and regal charm as royal blue. Royal blue can be a great color to add to an existing white space, or can be a great color to use to create a base to build white elements on.

For example, you could paint a room with royal blue and then fill the room with white elements to make it really pop. 

Royal blue has a very aquatic look to it, so it can be a great color to combine with white to create an oceanfront inspired look for your room. We recommend adding plenty of wooden elements to the room, because this can help to further exaggerate the oceanfront look! 

5. Beige

If you want to create a room that is simply made to bathe in the sunlight, then beige is a color you need to mix together with white in some capacity! 

Beige is very similar in shade to white, because it is quite a light color, and can thus be used to reflect sunlight. This can lead to the creation of a great space that simply feels amazing to be in. 

Beige is great because it adds a bit of extra color to a white space without being overbearing or uncomfortable to look at. 

Using beige also makes it easier to create a low key and subtle space with a minimalist approach. However, you can still add small elements of color throughout the room, such as some light colored throws and cushions.

6. Teal

Teal is a very unique shade of blue that has a great aquatic look to it, but unlike royal blue, it is a bit more reminiscent of a small seaside resort with crispy and clear shallow waters and amazing white sands. 

As such, teal can be the perfect color to add to your white room because it can help to create a perfect watery look that is very relaxing.

Again, we recommend adding some wooden elements to a white and teal room to further exaggerate these watery vibes from the color combination.

It can even be great to color the room a majority teal, and then accent it with white elements. Perhaps a teal couch with white cushions? The choices are up to you, because almost all ratios look perfect. 

7. Purple

Purple is a very bold color that has an intense richness to it. Similar to royal blue, purple has a great air of regality to it, so adding it to a room with plenty of white color can be a great way to create a space that has a great luxury feel. 

We love the idea of having a mostly white room that is accented by a large purple shag rug that is soft to the touch. It not only helps to add a great sense of shape to the space, but also helps to make that space feel more amazing.

This is another color that can be used in just about any ratio alongside white to create the perfect look.

8. Lime

Lime is an incredibly sharp variation on the classic green color, and this can make it totally perfect for contrasting with the subtle and soft look of white. 

Lime is a color that isn’t often used in interior design because of how sharp and harsh the color can appear, so as such it can be a great idea to implement lime furniture into a white room, because the neutral character of white can help to make the intense look of lime seem a little less in-your-face.

Lime doesn’t meld too well with darker shades, so white is a natural fit for it. Lime and white can create a great vibe full of life and energy! 

9. Black 

Sometimes contrast is the best thing to rely on to create a space in your home that pops. As such, one of the best contrasts in the world to draw on is the ultimate contrast between white and black! 

White is a very subtle color that allows black to pop thanks to its rich and deep look. If you have some black furniture you want to show off then a white room can be perfect to go with it. 

It would take just the right design, but if you were feeling brave you could even have an entirely black room that is accented with white elements! The choice is up to you!

10. Gold 

Gold is well known for being shiny and glorious, and there are few colors that can work as well with it to make it shine quite like white. White and gold go together incredibly well.

White is known to give rooms a great sense of space and openness and makes a room feel much lighter. Light helps to then make gold look more resplendent. 

However, you need to make sure that you carefully balance white and gold, because they can become a little garish and in-your-face if not balanced correctly! 

We recommend taking a white room and then adding some gold elements to it. These can include wall art with golden elements, or even golden sculptures that add a bit of sophistication. 

Gold can even be replicated on things like cushions and throws to create little touches of gold in a white space!

11. Red

Red is a truly vibrant color that simply exudes passion and vibrancy, and this makes it a perfect color to combine with white. White and red mix together really well, because the white can help to make the red appear a little cooler thanks to its neutrality.

The red can add a bit of warmth and exuberance to a room while the white can help to rein it in. 

Even though white helps to neuter red somewhat, red will still pop against white, which can make this a great color combination to use to create a more defined sense of shape in the room!

To Wrap Up 

These are just a few of the colors that can be made to match with white, but they are easily the best of the best. Each of these colors works so well with white to create a natural and subtle look that makes the most of white’s neutral nature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Emotion Is White?

White is a color that is most often linked to images of purity and innocence!

Is White A Positive Color?

Absolutely. White is a color that is closely associated with purity and innocence!

Is White A Calming Color?

Color psychology has shown that white can be a very relaxing and soothing color to look at. 

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