16 Of The Most Amazing Colors That Go With Forest Green In Your Home

Forest green is a fantastic color to have around your home. It’s incredibly vibrant and warm and particularly inviting when you see it. However, when it comes to choosing a color to go with forest green, things can get a little tricky.

16 Of The Most Amazing Colors That Go With Forest Green In Your Home

You need a color that has some overtones of jewels or earth which can help to compliment the forest green (see also “What Is The Difference Between Forest Green And Hunter Green?“).

Whatever the case, you need colors that go with forest green – so we’re going to help you choose. We’ve written this brilliant list that outlines 16 of the most amazing colors that go with forest green.

Ready to find out what you could choose? Read on for all the answers! 

Colors That Go With Forest Green 

Without any further delay, let’s dive into our list for the best colors that go with forest green! 

[1] Mustard Yellow 

We’ll kick off this list with a fantastic choice of color that goes incredibly well with forest green. The additional color adds an element of happiness and it is one of the best combinations of colors in general! 

It evokes a feeling of glee and if you use it in your living room, it really helps you to feel happy at home! 

If you’re wondering where you would use these colors, perhaps the most ideal place would be either in a library room, a study or, as we said, the living room. The choice of course is yours but these are the ideal options. 

[2] Brown 

When you’re choosing a color, you probably wouldn’t usually consider brown as a viable option, but you’d be surprised how well brown goes with forest green. If you’re choosing a woodland theme, these colors can really pop together.

They bind together and give you that earthy look which makes you feel tranquil and peaceful – which is something that can be rather difficult to create generally. 

[3] Charcoal Gray 

Another color that you might question when first hearing about it is charcoal gray, and it’s really underrated. Charcoal gray when paired with forest green can create a dramatic and rich look, which is perfect for a whole number of different themes and styles.

It’s a very sophisticated and stylish option to go for and a variety of furnishings in your home will work perfectly with these two colors working together.

Perhaps one of the best rooms these colors work together in is an office space – but they also work for the living room.

[4] Dusty Pink 

If you are looking for a color scheme that inspires feminism and power, then dusty pink goes perfectly well with forest green to create this. They are a gorgeous pairing which make a strong, warm and inviting room.

As a result, you might want to use these colors in your living room – but it’s not uncommon to see this color scheme used in the bedroom too. Of course, the choice ultimately comes down to you, but these are probably the best two choices.

[5] Black 

Many people question the logic when it comes to pairing black with a lighter color, but forest green has the perfect balance between light and dark and therefore, black makes an ideal color to pair it with.

One of the best ways you can use black is through an accent wall, using forest green textiles. This gives you a bold, strong and powerful look and this is perfect for modern, contemporary homes looking for an extra push.

A key thing to remember when you’re using black though is not to overdo it. Many times, people can use black too much and rely on it, but it can often make the room far too dark – so try to use it sparingly.

[6] White 

We would argue that white is a fantastic pairing with almost any color, but when it comes to forest green, there’s a perfect case for it. The room can look classic and clean, and the two together make you feel homely. 

The most ideal way to use these colors is through white flooring and forest green walls. While this might not be the best for a living room, an extension to your home or a “man cave” room can significantly benefit from these pairs of brilliant colors. 

As a light, neutral and pure color – white is one of the best choices you can make with a lot of your furniture, 3D artwork and paintings. As with black though, there is a limit to the amount of white you should use.

It’s very easy to overdo it with white and make the room appear a little too neutral, so try to blend the two colors together with excellent balance. 

[7] Gold 

Gold is the color of champions, and this is certainly the feeling you will get when you pair it together with forest green. When put together, a feeling of elegance and “high class” persona comes over you.

Perhaps the most ideal thing about gold pairing is that it works so well for formal and informal occasions, but in each respect, it creates a unique atmosphere! 

You can use the gold as an accent wall if you’d like, or more perfectly you can use it to go with centerpieces or standing art. 

Some people choose to use a shiny or sparkling gold to pair with forest green, however we’d say that a bold, classic gold color is much more sophisticated and mature. 

[8] Beige 

If someone asks you what the most bland color is, you’d likely say beige. It’s not often you’d select beige for a pairing, but when it comes to forest green, it’s one of the best colors you can pair! 

Bizarrely, the contrast between light and dark works very well and there’s so many ways you can use them.

For example, if you were to paint your walls with a neutral-ish beige, the forest green would work as an accent color through the furniture or other artwork. 

[9] Lavender 

Lavender and forest green have two completely different personalities, and this works so well through a controversial style. As a result, there are several rooms you could choose to use such a color scheme, but arguably the best room is the bedroom. 

Having a vibrant, lively and light lavender room and then the contrasting darkness and power of forest green, you have the ideal blend of happiness and tranquility.

When it comes to home decor and this color scheme, one of the best things you can do is pair the colors with house plants and statues. It creates a very unique style and makes the room incredibly peaceful.

[10] Peach

Pairing peach with forest green somehow makes the room feel so incredibly warm and inviting, and that’s why they can work so amazing in almost any room. The powerful hue of forest green with the delicate shades of peach make for an aesthetic dream. 

We would say though, you have to be careful with peach if you have dark furniture – for example black leather sofas – as the two colors really do not work well together.

As with some other colors, these two together can make a formal and informal event so much better, and it’s ideal for nights in, in front of the fireplace with your family and friends.

[11] Maroon/Burgundy 

It can be argued that maroon or burgundy are overlooked far too often. The color actually pairs extremely well with forest green, and if you are looking at a woodland or earthy theme, these two can help you reach your goal.

The colors are incredibly rich, deep and inviting – but their best feature is the fact that they tie in so well with plenty of other colors, particularly white or cream.

So, if most of your furniture is a light cream or white color, you’re certainly best placed to select these two pairings.

[12] Cream 

Speaking of cream, you can happily pair cream with forest green around the home. Ideally, you would use forest green as an accent color and then allow cream to simply complement it throughout the rest of the room.

As we mentioned previously, if you have cream furniture, this works even better and gives you a classic, silky and elegant look. The best place to pair these colors is either in your living room or in an office space, but they can also work well in the kitchen.

[13] Light Green 

Many people will ponder if it is any good to match a light green with a thicker, darker forest green – but we believe that it can be an ideal choice, especially if you’re hoping to create a woodland theme or forest look. 

The two pair together to make you think of fragrances like pine, and when you design a room like a library this way, you feel so comfortable and peaceful.

[14] Burnt Orange 

It’s unlikely that someone would immediately think of a color with “burnt” in the description, but you’d be pleasantly surprised as to how well this color can pair with forest green. 

It adds a warming color to the room, whereas the green provides a bit of fun and playfulness to it. While it might not sound appealing, the finished product looks spectacular and it’s an ideal choice for your bedroom. 

[15] Royal Blue 

If you want your room to appear majestic, then royal blue with forest green is definitely the way to go. The royal blue brings a feeling of peacefulness to the room, which makes it a superb choice for a bathroom or bedroom.

Of course, this doubles well with forest green that brings about a theme of sophistication and elegance. Truly, if you’re looking for a pairing of colors that make your home feel like a castle, then you need look no further than these two.

[16] Teal 

Finally on our list, we have a beautiful selection for a pairing with forest green. Teal is sometimes forgotten about when it comes to creating a vibrant look, but it works superbly. 

Both of the colors together make you feel much calmer and they allow for a refreshing new look. As a result, these colors are best placed in the bathroom or in the bedroom, but it’s not uncommon to see the pairing in the kitchen too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We will now explore some of your most frequently asked questions.

What Is Forest Green?

Forest green is a color that many people use in home decor. Its name is due to the resemblance of a forest’s colors. Generally speaking, people will use forest green when they want to create a woodland theme or a calming look. 

There are actually a number of different types of forest green colors, some range from the very light and to the very dark. Typically speaking though, and when used in home decor, forest green is a dark color. 

Where Should I Use Forest Green?

Of course, ultimately the choice is yours – but ideally forest green pairings should be in the living room, bedroom and bathroom.

However, it depends on which colors you are going to pair and how you will incorporate them with the rest of your home decor. 

Many people will argue that forest green should not be used in the bathroom space, but it can work ideally. Simply pair forest green with a light color, such as white – or even theme it with a blue hue, for something like a beach theme.

What Is Forest Green Psychology?

Some people choose their color schemes based on their own personalities, and they try to let these personality traits loose to others who see their home decor. This is known as color psychology, and each color represents something different. 

Forest green however is typically associated with feelings of wealth, conservation, masculinity and freshness. However, when you pair forest green with another color, you can create other themes and traits. 

For example, forest green and white can allude to wealth but also to purity, which changes the overall look and feelings of the room – and to you personally, so be aware of this first.

Final Thoughts 

Forest green can be an excellent choice and there are so many colors that go with forest green – of course, some are far better than others. We hope however that our list has helped you understand your options a little better.

Good luck with your home decor!

John Whitford
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