Top Colors That Pair Well With Teal

Teal is a very popular color that will have a huge impact if you choose to have it in your home. It is a beautiful, deep, and rich color that brings a very unique feeling to any room that you’re in. 

Top Colors That Pair Well With Teal

This color has some similarities to the color blue, creating a lot of different vibes. Depending on what you choose to pair your teal color with, you will be able to bring lots of different kinds of life to your home! 

Teal is a luxurious and sophisticated color, but finding the right color to match it can be difficult. 

If you’re a lover of teal, but are unsure what colors are best to pair with it, you’ve come to the right place! This article will tell you everything there is to know about teal and the colors that go with it. 

Colors To Match Teal 

If you’re wondering what colors to match teal with, you’re certainly in the right place! Teal is a beautiful color, and there’s no doubt that we can help you to find the right pairing for you and your interior design!

Have a look below at the list of great colors to match teal, and take your pick! 

Teal And Red 

This is quite a controversial pairing, and we understand if you’re not on board. Before you make your decision though, hear us out! Teal and red are a very bold and brave combination. They are intense colors that could feel like they are too bright and clashing. 

If you choose this color scheme, the secret is to make sure that you have some neutral colors in the room, too.

If you do this, then the vibrancy of the two colors could be perfect for you! If you like a boho, edgy vibe to your rooms, then this pairing will work very well for you. It can be both a throwback and modern at the same time.

If you are looking to paint your walls teal, then adding red furniture will certainly bring character to your home.

You should be very careful when you are choosing the shades of these two colors, though, as they can clash if you choose the wrong shades. Warm teal colors work alongside red better.

Teal And Rust 

Teal and rust are a perfect pairing if you’re looking to create a warm color scheme in your room. It is very rich and autumnal, making it a warm and cozy space.

Due to the warm feeling these two colors paired together bring, it is best suited for a living room or bedroom. 

The overall feel of this pairing is warmth, and the rust brings the majority of this warmth to the pairing. The teal in this pairing is the cooler of the two, making it a lovely contrast.

You can take this pairing as far as you like or you can keep the colors subtle and minimal. For instance, you could choose to have a teal wall and some rust-colored furniture, or vice versa, filling the room with color.

Or you could choose to have a more neutral color on the walls, allowing the colored furniture to bring the room together. 

Teal also works very well as a feature wall alongside some rust furniture, if you’re looking for more of a middle ground. 

This could be a good choice for you as darker colors make a room look much smaller. 

Every room is different, so you should play with these colors to ensure that you create a harmonious room and a harmonious house! 

Teal And Mustard 

It can feel like choosing Mustard is another color, like red, that is very rich but still manages to complement teal. Again, mustard is a much warmer shade than teal, which is a cool color.

The two together create a strong contrast that is very bold for any room. It will catch the eyes of all of your future guests! 

Both dark teal and mustard colors and light teal and mustard colors work well together. If you are looking for a more minimalist room that is not too distracting, then lighter colors are best for you and your room.

If you’re looking for the wow factor, along with a very warm and cozy room, then both dark colors will work! 

Teal And Gold

Gold is a great color to pair with teal if you are hoping to add some luxury to your home. The two colors work very well together, and this is the first pairing with teal that actually adds some glamour to your home. 

These two colors together are very sophisticated, especially if you add only a splash of gold to the room. A mirror or a lampshade are good ways to bring some gold into the picture to contrast the teal colors.

Teal And Blue

Teal and blue might seem like a very outlandish pairing. The colors are quite similar to each other, so it might seem like this pairing doesn’t work very well. You couldn’t be more wrong!

While this color pairing might not be for everyone, it does create a very good atmosphere that would be difficult to create with any other color. 

Teal and blue work very well in a beach house, where the atmosphere is light and calm. The two colors have enough contrast to create balance in the room. As well as this, because there are not many different colors, there won’t be too many competing colors. 

Dark teal works with dark blue if you are hoping to create an impact with your interior design. These two colors together will look very strong and stylish. 

One thing to note if you are combining these two colors is that you should combine the blue with teal which has a blue undertone. This will mean that the other blue colors in the room are harmonized.

Teal And Purple 

Teal and purple are quite an outlandish combination, and probably not one that you have considered. However, these two colors can work very well together if you choose the right tones! 

The reason these two colors work well together is that they are both blue-based colors. The two colors will work very well to create a very stylish living room or bedroom. However, there is a very specific way to make these two colors work. 

The first step to making these colors work is to ensure that you have a neutral color in the room too. This color should be your backdrop. White or cream walls would work very well alongside teal and purple accessories. 

Pale lilac colors complement deep teals, making the colors seem more light and feminine. In contrast to this, you could choose rich purples and teals to create a dramatic room. 

With this color pairing, it is important not to overwhelm the room with color. A splash of each color is all you need to create the overall aesthetic.

Teal And Taupe

Taupe is not a commonly known color, but it definitely does go very well with teal. The dark gray color is fairly neutral, so it is likely to feel like it works very well with a room that is predominantly teal. 

Taupe allows teal to take center stage, drawing attention to the vibrancy of the color while also balancing the room and ensuring that it is not too glaring.

The softness of the taupe ensures that, although the teal is a bold color, the overall atmosphere in the room is still calm and relaxing.

Taupe is the first color on this list that doesn’t compete with teal, instead stepping back and allowing the teal in the room to be the main event.

Teal And Cream 

Cream is another color that, when paired with teal, creates a very minimalistic look. The combination of colors here places the teal-colored items or walls as center stage.

Cream is neutral and calm, which makes it a perfect backdrop to statement teal items. Cream helps to complement the color while taking a backseat and not competing with it. It helps to ensure that the teal color, which can be quite sickening, is beautiful.

It can feel like choosing cream to go with your teal colors is not as exciting as some of the other options on this list. However, this is not the case.

Cream complements the color but it doesn’t wash it out. For this reason, it actually does the opposite of washing out the color, instead making the beautiful color pop!

Teal And White 

White is a color that has been used in interior design for many years. It creates a clean and polished look that everyone wants to portray in some areas of their home! 

Choosing to balance teal colors with white creates a very calm, beachy vibe. If you combine this color scheme with some plants, you will have successfully created a very relaxed atmosphere that people will want to be in. 

If you prefer contrasting a very dark teal against a white backdrop, then you can create a more stylish look. This is because the teal will look very dramatic against a white background. 

Teal and white are quite commonly used in the kitchen if you’re looking to add a splash of color in a room that is more commonly kept quite plain. Adding teal tiles to your kitchen will give it that burst of color that you never knew your kitchen needed! 

This combo works well in the bathroom, living room, or bedroom, too! There’s nowhere in the house that these colors won’t work.

Teal And Gray

Teal and gray pair very well together. It is perfect for contemporary homes, and the two colors are great at helping to create a minimalist feel for the home. 

Both teal and gray are cool colors that complement each other very well. You can pick any shade of either color and they will work together. 

The beauty of the gray and teal pairing is that you can use either of the colors for any role in the room. It works well to have a teal wall with gray furniture. It also works to have gray walls and teal furniture. 

Teal And Pink

Pink is a very good color to pair with teal. If you’re into rich and bold color schemes, then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

These two colors work very well when they are paired in a bedroom or living room. The colors balance each other out very well, they make the room very bright and cozy. 

While pink and teal paired can go wrong, if you take the risk and do the research, it can pay off! Your home will be both brave and inspired by this color match.

Teal And Beige 

This is a great color scheme if you are looking for more neutral tones to pair with teal. This will work particularly well in a minimalist home, creating a stylish look.

While lots of the teal pairings on this list are very bold, these are unlikely to suit everyone. This is where the beige color comes into play! 

If this appeals to you, you should begin with a beige base. This can be in the form of walls, floors, or sofas. Then, you should layer some teal on top of this.

Beige is the perfect combination with teal if you want to make sure that your teal items pop, too. Adding a teal cushion to an otherwise beige room is a great look!

Teal lamps, curtains, and throws are also very popular against a beige background.

Teal And Black

This may come as quite a surprise, but black also works very well alongside teal. Adding black to your color scheme has a very big impact on the style of the interior.

If you are looking to create an atmospheric and serious atmosphere, teal contrasted with black will certainly achieve this. 

As well as this, mixing black and teal can make you feel more lively. For this reason, it is a great color scheme to adopt for the living room or bedroom. As well as this, the fantastic contrast in colors would also look great in the bathroom or kitchen. 

It is a good idea to only carry out this pairing in one room across the house, otherwise, it can become very overwhelming. 

This can be a great way to solve your problem of only wanting black-and-white designs. It doesn’t take you too far out of your comfort zone, but it does require you to add a splash of color to lighten up the room and encourage positivity.

Teal And Yellow 

Teal works very well when you add some yellow alongside it! It is a perfect color to brighten things up when it is needed. The pops of yellow don’t only bring great energy to the room, they also contrast against the teal colors. 

If you want to add a splash of yellow to the room, choosing a yellow rug is a great shout. Curtains also work in this way. 

Pairing yellow and teal creates the 70s feel, with bright and clashing colors.

This color pairing is another one that may not appeal to you. It is very bold and may not work in all cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Is Teal?

Teal is a greenish-blue color. The color teal is named after the Eurasian teal. This animal has a similar colored stripe on its head, hence the name. 

Does Teal Have A Cool Tone?

Teal has a cool tone to the color. If you have warm colors in the room, then the teal tones will balance this color. This is why teal works so well among vivid, warm colors. The cool tone in the color balances the brightness of the teal.

How Do You Choose The Best Teal Color?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends upon what type of design you are carrying out on your interior.

If you are looking to create a warm and cozy vibe, with good energy, then you should consider very carefully what color paint you purchase.

You don’t want to get it home and start painting, and then realize it is a completely different color than you’d hoped.

Final Thoughts 

Teal is a beautiful color that is commonly used in interior design. It is a bold and cozy color, that can bring many different vibes to a house.

This article has explored a large number of different colors that pair well with teal. It is a versatile color that works very well with a large number of colors. 

Depending on the vibe of your interior design, there is a color out there that suits you and the way you want your teal colors to come across! Give some of these color combos a go today, and you will fall in love with the color teal all over again!

John Whitford
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