12 Of The Best Colors To Combine With Dark Brown

A smooth and stylish dark brown color palette is perfect to use for a house when you want it to give off a very smart, traditional, and professional look, which is a major reason why it is a color that has retained such feverous popularity over the years. 

12 Of The Best Colors To Combine With Dark Brown

While you certainly can’t go wrong with dark brown seeing as it is a very safe color that isn’t at too much of a risk of overpowering other colors in a room, the truth is that too much brown can end up looking quite bland, and even dull, so you’ll want to find at least one other color that can help to balance out the aesthetic.

With that being said, we’ve got 12 colors right here that all blend perfectly with dark brown which are guaranteed to give your house the style and atmosphere that you want. 

1) Orange

Orange is one of those colors that you need to be extremely careful with since too much of it can make a room a little too bright, but when it’s used in small doses, it provides a room with a very warm and joyful atmosphere that blends effortlessly with a few dark brown armchairs or a table. 

Orange goes great on the walls, but if you do decide to use it this way, it’s often best to go with a mild tone since this will compliment the dark brown decor far more effectively.

2) Pink

Pink is a color many people will use when they want a room to look fun, vibrant, and relaxing, and while dark brown may not initially be a color we would think to combine with this much lighter counterpart, it actually works incredibly well if you simply have a few dark brown ornaments, tables, or chairs that you want to pop out as much as possible. 

3) White

It’s hard to ever go wrong when using white in really any part of the house.

Its calm and classy aesthetic pairs well with so many colors (see also “Top Colors That Pair Well With Teal“), especially those that are a little more intense since it can help to even out the other colors while also making them much more noticeable, and this includes dark brown. 

Whether it’s a dark brown bed with some clear white bed sheets, or just a few dark brown cabinets and shelves hung up on a silky white wall, it is an easy go-to option when you don’t want to risk any clashing between colors. 

4) Blue

The key to making blue work with darker color palettes is to always ensure you’re keeping it in line with the respective tone, so when it comes to dark brown, the best option is to always go for a darker shade of blue such as ultramarine or savoy blue. 

This ensures that the blue color never takes any attention away from the dark brown and instead, only helps to add to the stylish aesthetic thanks to how deep and rich these darker blue variations are, and the best part is there are plenty of different shades to choose from depending on your preference.  

5) Cream

You only need to add a dash of cream to a room for it to immediately feel a lot more comfortable and inviting, and when paired up with dark brown walls or a few pieces of decor, it creates an atmosphere that manages to perfectly balance feeling both relaxed and professional. 

Make sure if you’re using a cream sofa to have a medley of different colors sprawled across the pillows and try to place a brown or darker colored table in front so that the colors bounce off one another and work in tangent rather than ever looking bland or one-note. 

6) Green

The shade of green you decide to use when pairing it with dark brown depends on the kind of mood you want a room to radiate.

Darker shades will give off a relatively serious and slightly more traditional look when mixed with dark brown tables and cabinets, and with some dim lighting in place, it can even make a room feel romantic. 

On the other hand, lighter shades of green such as mint soften the aesthetic of the dark brown surrounding the room, giving you plenty of options to dictate how a room looks so that it can make a fantastic first impression on any guests. 

7) Dark Purple

When it comes to colors that instantly fill a person with feelings of warmth and comfort, there aren’t many that do it better than purple, especially when you go with a slightly darker and more broody tone that can easily complement any other colors in the room.

While simply hanging up a dark brown mirror on a purple wall or laying out a brown table in the middle of a purple room will already make an area feel that much cozier, don’t be afraid to go all out and place as much dark brown decor around the room as you wish since you can be sure it will blend elegantly with the dark purple backdrop. 

8) Turquoise 

Turquoise is definitely a color that can be a little difficult to get right since it is often so bright and expressive in its appearance.

Because of this, it can often clash with other bright colors, making a room a little too in your face and striking which can take away from the relaxing and cozy atmosphere that many people aim for.

Dark brown however works as an excellent pairing since it helps to dial down the brightness of the turquoise, making it seem a lot more suitable, especially in a living room where you want to still retain that welcoming atmosphere, but also seem a lot more lively rather than bland or predictable. 

9) Black

If you’re going for a professional and sophisticated look, maybe in a study room or in a lounge area, the mixture of black and dark brown are the perfect colors to combine.

Light brown would certainly still work when being partnered up with black, but dark brown is still light enough in its appearance to ensure a room with black decor or walls never looks too bleak or moody, and instead, looks innovative and focused in its aesthetic. 

10) Gray

There’s never anything wrong with playing it safe, especially when you’re redecorating or renovating a house and you’re a little worried about a few colors clashing and getting in the way of one another.

If you’re in this precarious scenario, gray is always a fantastic option, and while it is definitely considered a much more neutral color, when you pair it with dark brown furniture and tables, it still makes a room feel stylish and friendly, giving you plenty of freedom to experiment with different decor around the house. 

11) Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is always a fantastic go-to option when you want a room to look as casual and cozy as possible, and it works exceptionally well in the summertime when the sun is shining through the windows and lights up all the walls. 

Because of how eye-catching yellow is as a color, it means that any dark brown home decor such as tables, desks, lamps (see also “Lamp Diagram And Anatomy“), and pillows never looks out of place and instead, acts as a delightful and effortless compliment to its slightly brighter counterpart. 

12) Red

Since red tends to be so bold and noticeable, you don’t need to go too far with using it, especially when trying to mix it with dark brown since this can lead to a clash. 

Instead, a simple red rug or a few pillows is enough to make a room a little more vibrant and classy without ever going overboard, especially when it is part of a room full of multiple different colors that can all enhance one another. 


It’s never a bad idea to customize a house with a dark brown color palette in mind, but the trick to making it as aesthetically pleasing as possible is matching it up with other colors that can help make it seem a little more lively and exuberant, or allow it to give off a sophisticated and professional look. 

Because of this, it means that there are many different ways you can customize a room when using dark brown house decor, so it’s always worth picking matching colors that you know will display a room in a particular way, depending on your personal preferences. 

John Whitford
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