Decking Calculator

  1. Board Length: Enter the length of each board in feet.
  2. Board Width: Enter the width of each board in inches.
  3. Joist Width: Enter the width of each joist in inches.
  4. Deck Length: Enter the total length of the deck in feet.
  5. Deck Width: Enter the total width of the deck in feet.
  6. Cost per Board: Enter the cost of each board in dollars.
  7. Click on the Calculate button.

The calculator will then perform the following calculations:

  • It will calculate the estimated number of boards needed based on the board length, board width, and deck area.
  • It will calculate the number of joists needed based on the deck length and joist width.
  • It will calculate the estimated number of screws needed, considering 2 screws per joist and 4 screws per board.
  • It will calculate the estimated cost of the boards based on the cost per board and the number of boards needed.
  • It will calculate the estimated cost of the screws, assuming each screw costs $0.10.
  • Finally, it will provide the total cost, which is the sum of the board cost and the screw cost.

The results will be displayed below the calculator in the Estimated number of boards needed, Estimated number of joists, Estimated number of screws needed, Estimated cost of boards, Estimated cost of screws, and Total cost sections.

Feel free to enter the appropriate values in the input fields, and then click on the Calculate button to see the estimated quantities and costs for your deck project.

Decking Calculator

Decking Calculator

Why Use This Decking Calculator?

Once upon a time in a small town called Deckville, there lived a passionate DIY enthusiast named Larry. Larry was known throughout the town for his incredible deck-building skills. He could turn a simple outdoor space into a breathtaking oasis where people could relax, sip lemonade, and enjoy the warm summer breeze.

One fine day, Larry received a peculiar request from his friend, Jerry. Jerry had recently purchased a new house and wanted to add a deck to the backyard. However, there was a twist. Jerry had a mischievous streak and loved adding his own unique flair to everything he did. He wanted a deck that would not only be visually stunning but also match the eccentricity of his personality.

Larry pondered the challenge and realized that he needed a tool that could help him plan and estimate the materials required for such a deck. He put on his thinking cap and set out on a quest to find the perfect solution.

After hours of searching and a few wrong turns, Larry stumbled upon an ancient scroll hidden in the depths of the town’s library. The scroll revealed the existence of a legendary decking calculator known for its exceptional accuracy and wit.

Excited by this discovery, Larry rushed back to his workshop, unwrapped the scroll, and followed the instructions to create the magical calculator. As he entered the measurements and details for Jerry’s deck, the calculator sprang to life, transforming into a whimsical talking device.

The calculator introduced itself as “Calcubot,” a mischievous yet helpful companion in Larry’s deck-building adventures. Calcubot, with its witty personality, guided Larry through each step of the calculation process.

Larry and Calcubot became an unbeatable duo, collaborating on various deck projects throughout the town. Word spread like wildfire, and soon, people flocked to Larry’s workshop, eager to witness the magical powers of Calcubot and the extraordinary decks Larry could create.

The townsfolk marveled at Calcubot’s calculations, which accurately determined the number of boards needed, the number of screws required, and even estimated costs down to the last penny. Calcubot’s clever remarks and Larry’s expertise brought joy and laughter to the whole town.

As the legend of Calcubot and Larry’s craftsmanship spread far and wide, other DIY enthusiasts, contractors, and even professional deck builders came from distant lands to witness the magic. Larry and Calcubot became renowned as the dynamic duo who could transform any outdoor space into a deck of dreams.

And so, the town of Deckville lived happily ever after, with Larry and Calcubot continuing their creative collaborations, helping people build their dream decks one witty calculation at a time.

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