Where To Find The Best Dilly Dally Vanity, Dupe & Alternatives

Want a good Dilly Dally vanity dupe? Well, if you adore all things vintage, then you will probably be familiar with the Luigi Massoni Dilly Dally Vanity which fits in with a mid-century modern vibe in a truly individual design. 

This vanity has a barrel shaped table which has a chair and mirror built-in, with some hidden storage and casters to move around easily on. 

Where To Find The Best Dilly Dally Vanity, Dupe & Alternatives

It is ideal for small areas, and the leather upholstery is a really nice addition. This piece was the handiwork of Italian designer Luigi Massoni. However, true Dilly Dally vanities are not easy to find. 

If you do find one it is likely the price tag will be up in the five-figure price range.

Of course, not everyone can afford this rather insane price tag, most of us can’t. However, there are places where you can find Dilly Dally Vanity dupes or alternatives.

Sure, they may not be as high-end, or total replicas, but they will give you a similar look overall.

Overall, a vanity unit that is functional and looks good is the main goal, a real Dilly Dally will be hard to find and very pricey.

Finding An Original Dilly Dally Vanity

While it is tricky, you should be able to find an original Dilly Dally Vanity. For authentic vintage furniture, the best place to look is online marketplaces like 1stDibs or Chairish. There is also the Dilly Dally Vanity selection available on many marketplaces like this. 

If you do see one, you want to grab it fast, as they’re never on there for long. Always check regularly to find one as new things go online every day. eBay is also a great place to look, however, always ensure the seller has a good reputation. 

You could also check out flea markets and antique stores. This is much more challenging and time-consuming, however, you can do it if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Always keep an eye open. 

It is also worthwhile asking store owners if they know of any Dilly Dally Vanities coming in, or even give them contact information, so they can let you know when they do. 

What Are The Best Dilly Dally Vanity Dupes Or Alternatives

If Dilly Dally Vanities are a bit too expensive for you, then there are plenty of dupes and alternatives you can choose from. You can get a similar look without spending half your savings!

Here are some that we really like. 

1. The Pink Makeup Vanity Set

This is an awesome alternative to the original Dilly Dally Vanity. It has a table, mirror, and stool, and all come as one, so finding separate pieces will not be a problem. 

The side cabinet can also be easily tucked away when it is not in use, which is ideal for smaller spaces. 

It is very girly and cute and works well in teenage or young adult bedrooms. 

Its only real downside is that the stool does not hide away as it does on the original Dilly Dally Vanity, nor does it have the barrel shape. 

Still, though, it makes for a great overall makeup vanity unit and is a very affordable Dilly Dally Vanity alternative option. 

2. The Modern Makeup Vanity Set

If the Dilly Dally Vanity unit appeal is in the round vanity unit with a stool that can be stored away, this dupe is a great option. This set has a table, mirror, and stool, all you need for the optimal vanity set up. 

It is a velvet upholstered unit, and you can even get it in two different colors. It is also so much more affordable, so anyone can have it in their hope. 

The downside is that it is not quite as large or spacious as the Dilly Dally Vanity original. However, it does work well as a space filler in an empty bedroom corner. 

The stool also doubles well as an accent chair when you are not using it. 

3. Jazmyne Vanity 

This vanity unit is a great option for a Dilly Dally Vanity alternative. It comes with a table, stool, and mirror, and even has a cute little drawer for storage. 

This unit is not quite as chic as the original, but it is very classy, and it has that vintage look as well. It is made with manufactured wood in a cherry wood color and blends traditional vanity styling with compact functions.

The mirror angle is also adjustable, so you can see every angle. 

The seat has a very vintage feel to it with its elegant polyester upholstery.

If you wanted a round shape for your vanity unit, then this is where the Jazmyne Vanity unit is lacking, however, the stool does fit under the unit providing a space-saving option. 

4. Caroline Rattan Vanity

Our final option is this super cute option from Urban Outfitters. It is round and has a stool that can be hidden beneath the table. It deviates quite far from the traditional Dilly Dally Vanity unit feel, however, we love it as it keeps many of the features that people love. 

It comes with a mirror, stool, and table. It is also a rattan effect unit, which fits in wonderfully with modern homes and allows you to brighten up and open up your space much more. It is made with rattan and mindi wood veneer.

The mirror is fixed in place to the unit, so you will not be able to move it, however, the stool can be stored underneath the body of the unit. 

It is more expensive than the previous mention on our list, however, it is not nearly as expensive as an original Dilly Dally Vanity. 

We also adore how the stool is shaped almost like a ball, the style is unique yet also reminiscent of the Dilly Dally Vanity. Annoyingly, the stool is sold separately.  

To Conclude

Dilly Dally Vanity units can be quite expensive and will surely break the bank if you are not careful, but you can still get them. Check flea markets, vintage stores, and online marketplaces, and you may find one. 

However, if the original Dilly Dally Vanity is well out of your price range, then you can look for alternatives.

Sure, it will be hard to find one that is ‘just’ like the Dilly Dally, but there are plenty which have similar features and may even fit in with your home even better!

John Whitford
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