Drywall Sheet Calculator

Drywall Sheet Calculator

  1. Locate the “Number of Walls” field and enter the total number of walls you want to calculate drywall for. Hit “Enter”
  2. After entering the number of walls, the corresponding input fields for wall dimensions will be dynamically generated below.
  3. For each wall, enter the length and height in feet using the input fields provided.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to perform the calculations based on your inputs.
  5. The quantities needed and estimated cost will be displayed below the “Calculate” button.
    • “Sheets of Drywall” indicates the total number of drywall sheets required.
    • “Screws” indicates the total number of screws needed.
    • “Buckets of Joint Compound” indicates the number of 4.5-gallon buckets of joint compound required.
    • “Total Cost” indicates the estimated cost for the drywall, screws, joint compound, and buckets.
  6. You can adjust the number of walls or update the wall dimensions as needed, and click “Calculate” again to see the updated results.

Please note that this calculator provides estimates based on the information you provide.

Enjoy using the Drywall Calculator to streamline your drywall installation and make the planning process more efficient!

Drywall Calculator

Drywall Calculator

Quantities Needed:

Sheets of Drywall:


Buckets of Joint Compound:

Estimated Cost:

Total Cost:

Why Use The Drywall Calculator?

Once upon a time in the small town of DIYville, there lived a quirky and imaginative character named Bob. Bob had a passion for fixing things and transforming spaces, and his latest project was remodeling his living room.

Now, Bob was known for his eccentricity, and he had a tendency to come up with wild and creative ideas. As he embarked on his living room renovation journey, he decided to transform the walls into a mesmerizing gallery of mirrors in all shapes and sizes. He envisioned a space that would reflect light and create an illusion of endless dimensions.

But as Bob started measuring the walls, he quickly realized he was in way over his head. With various angles and corners, it became clear that he needed a scientific approach to calculate the exact amount of drywall required for his mirror extravaganza.

That's when Bob stumbled upon the Drywall Calculator. It was like finding a treasure chest filled with knowledge and precision. With a sparkle in his eye, he eagerly entered the number of walls and carefully measured the length and height of each one.

The calculator effortlessly did its magic, crunching the numbers and revealing the quantities needed. It told Bob how many sheets of drywall to purchase, the exact number of screws to secure them, and even the buckets of joint compound required to achieve a flawless finish.

As Bob read the results, he couldn't help but chuckle at the sheer brilliance of this tool. It was as if the calculator understood his creative vision and provided him with the precise ingredients for his masterpiece. The Drywall Calculator became his trusty sidekick, the secret weapon in his arsenal of DIY wonders.

Armed with the calculations, Bob embarked on a quest to gather the necessary materials. He roamed the hardware stores, a twinkle in his eye, filling his cart with drywall sheets, screws of all sizes, and buckets of joint compound. People marveled at his shopping list, unaware of the remarkable story behind it.

Back in his living room, Bob transformed into a magician of sorts. Armed with his tools and the quantities determined by the Drywall Calculator, he skillfully installed each sheet of drywall, securing them with the exact number of screws. With meticulous precision, he applied the joint compound, creating smooth surfaces ready to be transformed into mirrored wonders.

Days turned into weeks, and Bob's living room evolved into a mesmerizing sanctuary of light and reflection. His friends and neighbors were in awe of the transformation, unable to comprehend the genius behind his creation.

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