27 Incredible Farmhouse Shiplap Fireplace Ideas You Are Going To Love

If you are looking for a way to add a bit of quirkiness and character to your home, then you might want to consider adding a shiplap fireplace. There are so many shiplap wall designs out there, but there is something extra special about the fireplace designs. 

27 Incredible Farmhouse Shiplap Fireplace Ideas You Are Going To Love

Shiplap fireplaces are great because they are so incredibly versatile, and you can tweak the design however you like to make it fit in with the rest of your home.

They almost always look good, and when you know what you are doing, they can give the whole space so much more depth. 

If you are curious about adding the perfect shiplap fireplace to your home (see also “Complete Guide On How To Finish Shiplap Edges“) but you don’t know where to start, then you have come to the right place!

We have put together a list of 27 absolutely incredible farmhouse shiplap fireplace ideas that you are going to love. There is something for everyone on this list and you are sure to find the perfect fireplace for you! 

1. Shiplap Electric Fireplace

You don’t always have to go for traditional fireplaces when you are designing something rustic and shiplap, and this electric fireplace is fantastic if you want something a bit more modern. 

Using a black shiplap frame, you can create a fantastic accent wall that will really add a bit of character and charm to your fireplace and any guests you have over will compliment you on your design choices.

This is also a great option for houses where you don’t have a fireplace built in, but still want to emulate the farmhouse style. 

2. Faux Shiplap Wall & Fireplace

If you really want a shiplap fireplace but you don’t want to change the fireplace you already have, then the faux shiplap wall option is a great choice for you! 

Placing the faux shiplap wall behind the fireplace creates the illusion that it was always there and it blends in with your fireplace perfectly. All you really need to bring this idea to life is some plywood. If you really want to capitalize on the illusion of the faux wall, paint the inside black! 

3. Tall Shiplap Fireplace With TV Above

This is a great idea for anyone who wants to include a shiplap fireplace in their room and still have their tv above the fireplace. It incorporates all of the elements into one area and gives it a clean-cut, rustic look. 

You can paint the shiplap wall white, black, gray, or whatever color you want, it really depends on what vibe you are going for. You can even do this DIY if you want to and you have a bit of a crafty hand!

4. Painted Brick & Shiplap

When bricks are painted right, they can really add so much to your entire room, and it really isn’t too hard to do this yourself either! You don’t have to spend hundreds getting a professional to do it and you might even find you enjoy it when you do it yourself. 

The painted bricks combined with the fireplace is very traditional, but it also has a hint of modernity to it, which is perfect if you want a bit of both styles in your space. 

5. Herringbone & Shiplap

By combining herringbone with shiplap, you create something entirely different and unique to the usual farmhouse shiplap design.

When you throw the fireplace into the design, it just rounds it off to look clean and professional, but still very cozy and homey. 

The herringbone pattern itself is very eye-catching and impossible to ignore, and it adds so much depth to the space while still keeping it simple.

You can play around with different colors as well to find the perfect herringbone and shiplap design for your home. 

6. Black Shiplap With Red Brick

Black and read always pair well together and they combine the styles of modern and rustic together perfectly. This is a simple and effective design choice and it’s not too hard to put together yourself. 

The red brick inside the actual fireplace gives this shiplap design a bit more texture and depth. The small pop of color really ties the whole area together and looks incredible. 

7. Slanted Ceiling Shiplap Fireplace

If you just want to make your shiplap fireplace area a bit more unique without having to change the overall design too much, or you have an oddly shaped ceiling, then you should consider making your shiplap fireplace slanted! 

If your ceiling is already slanted, this is quite easy to adapt to and fit your fireplace in, and it adds a bit of quirkiness to your overall design without having to go to extreme lengths to achieve it. 

8. White Shiplap Fireplace

Sometimes, the best ideas are the most simple ones, and you can very rarely go wrong with a white shiplap fireplace! The white will give your whole room a fantastic rustic farmhouse vibe and because it’s just one color, it will look uniform and tidy. 

You can experiment with different wood patterns and textures if you want something a little more than just a white wall, but even just a basic wood pattern works amazingly for this idea! 

9. Black Shiplap Fireplace & Whitewashed Brick

Black & white is another combination that always just sits so right together. It’s incredibly pleasing to the eyes and it gives both a rustic and natural feel to your whole room when you pair it with the shiplap design. 

The whitewashed brick stands out amazing against the black shiplap fireplace and gives your whole room a bit more depth. It’s a simple little tweek, but it absolutely works wonders for the whole space! 

10. Black Shiplap Fireplace Wall

If you like the simplicity of the all-white shiplap fireplace, but you don’t actually want to use white, then try an all-black shiplap fireplace wall instead! It looks modern, it looks sleek, and it looks sophisticated. 

All-black anything always looks incredible, especially for home design, and it creates a section in your room that really sticks out in the best way possible. 

11. Shiplap And Stone

Shiplap and stone are another combination that works incredibly well together, and if you are considering going for this idea, then this is your sign that you definitely should! 

The addition of stone will give your whole fireplace area a natural feel and it will add to the rustic farmhouse vibe. It makes the whole area even cozier, and you can experiment with different color combinations to find the perfect aesthetic that suits your whole room. 

You can really have a lot of fun with this idea, and it’s great for any houses that have stone already and don’t want to get rid of it. 

12. Blue Shiplap Fireplace

If you thought all shiplap designs had to be black or white, or a combination of both, then you will be happy to know that this isn’t the case at all! You can have your shiplap fireplace (and the wall) in any color that you want! 

This blue shiplap fireplace is perfect for anything who wants to add a pop of color to their room and wants to think outside of the black-and-white box.

Blue is classy and fun at the same time and you can play around with different textures and patterns to make it suit your tastes some more. 

13. Gray Shiplap Fireplace

If blue is a bit too out there for you, or it doesn’t quite match your color scheme, then a gray shiplap fireplace may be more suited to your needs.

It’s still quite unique against black or white shiplap fireplaces, but it’s neutral enough that you can mix and match it with other elements quite easily. 

You can use light gray or dark gray, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades to find the perfect match for you. 

14. Modern Black Shiplap Fireplace

All black shiplap fireplaces are going to have a bit of a modern vibe to them, but if you really want your space to look more modern than rustic, then you can really lean into this idea to create a sleek and elegant space. 

It’s simple and clean in its approach, but it doesn’t take away from the rest of the space, if anything, it just enhances it even more! 

15. Modern Shiplap Fireplace 

Let’s be clear- your shiplap fireplace does not have to be black in order to be perceived as modern! Darker colors do have a more modern vibe to them, but you can play around with browns and even dark grays to create a modern shiplap fireplace wall that is a bit different. 

If it’s covering the entire wall, it’s going to look even better, so play around with different modern textures and dark colors to find one that suits your aesthetic and feels right for your space. 

16. Shiplap Corner Fireplace

Corner fireplaces deserve so much more recognition, and if you want to have a shiplap fireplace but you want to go against the grain, this is an idea that you should definitely consider! 

If your fireplace is already in the corner, then most of the hard work is already done and you can just focus on designing your shiplap around it. It’s fun and quirky, and a bit different from the regular shiplap designs. 

17. White Shiplap Electric Fireplace

If you have an electric fireplace and you don’t want to get rid of it or replace it, or you don’t like the idea of a black one, then try a white one instead!

A white shiplap wall works just as well as the black variation, and it gives the whole space a softer and more open atmosphere, making it the perfect place to go relax.

This is also a cheaper option for those who want a fireplace, but don’t actually have one. 

18. Shiplap And Tile

While it is advised that you keep it minimalistic and basic with shiplap designs, that doesn’t mean that you have to! If you are someone who loves patterns, then you should definitely consider combining your shiplap fireplace with a beautiful tile design. 

This is perfect for anyone who wants a bit more going on around their fireplace, and when you find the perfect design, it can really make the whole space look absolutely incredible! 

19. White Brick And Shiplap

Here’s another all-white shiplap design that you will absolutely love. Brick pairs so well with shiplap, and as you can see, there are so many different combinations that you can play with.

White brick on white shiplap looks incredible and because it has more than one texture, it gives the whole design a bit more depth. 

20. Shiplap Fireplace With TV

Regardless of how big or small your tv is, you can definitely find a way to incorporate it into your shiplap fireplace design.

You don’t have to use the tall shiplap option if you don’t want to and you can really play around with the positioning, textures, and materials to find a design that works best for you. 

21. Shiplap Fireplace With Mirror

If you don’t have a TV or you want to use the space above the fireplace for something else, then why not try mirrors instead?

Mirrors can really add so much light and depth to your shiplap fireplace and it’s a great way to fill in your empty space without making the space look too cluttered. 

22. DIY Shiplap Fireplace

Most of these ideas you can make yourself, but we can’t stress enough that going DIY with your shiplap fireplace is actually a lot easier than you might think!

You can find plenty of tutorials to talk you through the process online and you can keep it as basic or make it as intricate as you like! 

23. Tall Shiplap Fireplace With Trim

Tall shiplap fireplaces are great but when you add a trim to the design they just look even better. It’s a great way to keep the design simple but elegant and it really doesn’t require too much work, so you can easily do it yourself! 

24. Black Vertical Shiplap Fireplace

There is something so beautiful about black vertical shiplap, and it pairs so incredibly well with the fireplace. It looks sleek and modern, with the perfect hint of rustic! 

25. Black Brick And White Shiplap

If you like the brick option and you want to combine black and white, try out this black brick and white shiplap idea. It separates the actual fireplace from the wall in a tidy way and it looks fantastic! 

26. Shiplap Fireplace With Concreate

Concrete is going to give your whole room a bit more of a modern look, but you can really have fun with it when you pair it with the shiplap. It’s a bit different, but it still has a rustic charm. 

27. Shiplap Fireplace With Marble

Pairing shiplap with marble is another fun combination that isn’t seen too often, but it works so well! You can play around with where you want the marble, and it works with black or white shiplap really well! 


So there you have it! 27 incredibly farmhouse shiplap fireplace ideas. Try some of these ideas out for yourself today!

John Whitford
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