What Are Fireplace Built Ins?

fireplace built ins

Fireplace built-ins are a popular and functional design element that can elevate the aesthetics of your living space while providing additional storage. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various fireplace built-in design options, such as floor-to-ceiling units and mantel-only installations. We’ll also delve into planning considerations for your fireplace wall with built-ins to ensure a seamless integration.

Furthermore, we will discuss asymmetrical balance designs around fireplaces for those seeking a unique look and provide examples from renowned designers. For minimalistic styles, we’ll cover the benefits of mantel-only fireplaces and share creative ideas for decorating mantels.

To create an inviting living room centered around your fireplace, incorporating natural stone and visually appealing mantel decorations is essential. Lastly, we will introduce MagikFlame Fireplace products and services to help you achieve the perfect fireplace built-in setup in your home.

Fireplace Built-In Design Options

Explore various design options for built-ins around a fireplace, including shelves, doors, and cabinets. Consider your home’s existing materials and details when choosing these elements to create functional yet stylish living areas centered around fireplaces without compromising on decor preferences or available space.

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Floor-to-ceiling units vs. mantel-only installations

When deciding between floor-to-ceiling units and mantel-only fireplaces, consider the size of your room and storage needs. Floor-to-ceiling built-ins offer more storage potential but may overwhelm small rooms. Mantel-only installations provide a simpler option that still adds character to your fireplace.

Open shelves for narrow fireplace nooks

Incorporate open shelving in narrow fireplace nooks to display decorative items or store books while maximizing vertical space. This is an excellent solution for cottage-style homes with limited wall area.

Cabinets with doors for concealed storage

  • Built-in cabinets: Installing built-in cabinets with solid doors provides hidden storage space that keeps clutter out of sight while maintaining a clean look around the fireplace.
  • Molding type found: Match the molding type found in traditional homes by adding crown molding or other design elements for example, beadboard to enhance visual appeal.
  • Safety considerations: Before installing any built-ins, consult your local building codes to ensure compliance with required dimensions and clearances around the fireplace hearth.

Whether you opt for floor-to-ceiling units, mantel-only installations, or a combination of open shelves and cabinets with doors, incorporating fireplace built-ins can significantly enhance your home’s storage potential while adding warmth and charm to any living space.

No matter the design option you choose, careful planning and consideration of your space is key to ensure a successful outcome. Let us consider the steps to take for a visually-appealing fireplace wall with added storage.

Planning Your Fireplace Wall with Built-Ins

Before installing fireplace built-ins, it’s crucial to plan your design carefully. This includes obtaining detailed floor plans and interior elevation drawings from professionals. These documents will help you visualize the final outcome and ensure that everything fits seamlessly into your space. Additionally, browse through various inspiration images to decide whether you prefer having your TV mounted above or beside the fireplace.

Avoiding Paint Color Continuation Issues in Niche Areas

When designing a fireplace built-in setup, one common challenge is maintaining paint color continuity between different sections of the wall. To avoid this issue, consider using a single paint shade for both the built-in cabinets and surrounding walls. Alternatively, choose contrasting colors that complement each other well while still adhering to local building codes.

Furniture Placement Considerations

In addition to planning for proper installation of fireplace essential components like hearth and mantel, also think about how furniture will be arranged around the room’s focal point – the fireplace itself. For small rooms or cottage-style homes where space may be limited due to narrow nooks or low shelves available as part of existing design elements – for example – opt for compact seating options such as armchairs instead of bulky sofas.

  • Symmetrical Designs: Traditional homes often feature symmetrical fireplaces flanked by identical built-ins on either side. This layout offers ample storage potential without overwhelming smaller spaces.
  • Mantel-Only Installations: If you’re working with a short wall or simply prefer minimalistic styles over more elaborate setups involving multiple shelving units, cabinets, etc., opt for mantel-only fireplaces that still provide a cozy focal point without taking up too much room.
  • Customization Options: When selecting your built-ins, consider factors such as molding type found in other areas of the home and whether you’d like solid doors or glass-fronted ones for added visual interest. This will help ensure that your fireplace wall blends seamlessly with existing design details throughout the space.

Taking these considerations into account during the planning stages will help maximize both aesthetics and functionality when installing fireplace built-ins in your home. Built-ins offer a great way to enhance your home’s storage potential while also adding a touch of style to your living space.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing and useful fireplace wall with built-ins can be achieved by following the guidelines in this article. Asymmetrical balance designs are an interesting way to add visual interest around fireplaces; we’ll discuss some of the pros as well as examples from renowned designers in our next section.

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Planning is crucial when installing fireplace built-ins, including obtaining detailed floor plans and interior elevation drawings. Avoid paint color continuation issues by using a single paint shade or contrasting colors that complement each other well. Consider furniture placement around the room’s focal point and customization options to ensure your fireplace wall blends seamlessly with existing design details throughout the space.

Asymmetrical Balance Designs Around Fireplaces

Discover how asymmetrical balance designs can offer alternative solutions to common challenges such as TV placement over raised hearths in fireplaces. As opposed to the traditional symmetrical fireplace setup, asymmetry provides a unique and visually appealing approach that can make your living space stand out. Learn about renowned designers like House of Jade Interiors and Studio McGee’s creations that showcase this innovative design concept.

Pros of Asymmetrical Balance Designs

  • Variety: These designs break away from the conventional symmetrical fireplace built-ins, offering more options for homeowners with different tastes.
  • Solution-oriented: Asymmetry helps solve issues like TV placement above or beside the fireplace without compromising on aesthetics.
  • Better use of space: By not strictly adhering to symmetry, you can create built-in cabinets or shelves that better utilize available space in small rooms or around narrow fireplace nooks.
  • Focal point creation: An asymmetrical design allows you to emphasize specific elements, such as highlighting artwork or other decor items, within your overall layout.

Examples from Renowned Designers

In one stunning example by House of Jade Interiors, they created an asymmetrically balanced living room centered around a beautiful stone-clad fireplace. The left side features floor-to-ceiling open shelving while the right side showcases closed cabinets with solid doors a perfect blend of form and function. This design not only addresses the homeowner’s storage needs but also adds visual interest to the space.

Another inspiring example comes from Studio McGee, where they designed a living room with an asymmetrical fireplace built-in setup. The asymmetrical design of the fireplace includes a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf on one side and low shelves with cabinets to house a wall-mounted TV above on the other, creating an aesthetically pleasing storage solution that meets all necessary building codes. This unique arrangement ensures that all required dimensions are met according to local building codes while maximizing the home’s storage potential.

Asymmetrical balance designs around fireplaces can create a unique, eye-catching aesthetic that will bring any room to life. With mantel-only installations, you can opt for a minimalistic style and get creative with your decorating ideas.

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Asymmetrical balance designs offer a unique and visually appealing approach to fireplace built-ins, providing more options for homeowners with different tastes. They help solve issues like TV placement without compromising on aesthetics, better utilize available space, and create focal points. Renowned designers such as House of Jade Interiors and Studio McGee showcase innovative design concepts that break away from conventional symmetrical setups.

Mantel-only Fireplaces for Minimalistic Styles

If you’re looking to create a clean, uncluttered look in your living space while still incorporating the warmth and charm of a fireplace, consider opting for a mantel-only installation. This type of fireplace built-in setup focuses on simplicity without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics. In this section, we’ll explore the benefits of mantel-only fireplaces and offer some creative ideas for decorating them.

Benefits of Mantel-Only Installations

  • Space-saving: By eliminating bulky cabinets or shelves surrounding the fireplace, mantel-only installations can help maximize available floor space in small rooms.
  • Simplified design: A minimalist approach to fireplace design allows other elements in the room to take center stage while still providing an attractive focal point.
  • Easier maintenance: With fewer surfaces to dust and clean around your fireplace hearth, keeping your living area tidy becomes less time-consuming.
  • Versatility: The simple style of a mantel-only fireplace can easily blend with various interior design styles such as modern, traditional homes or cottage-style homes without clashing with existing decor features like molding types found throughout your home.

Creative Ideas for Decorating Mantels

To make the most out of your minimalistic mantel display area, consider these unique decorating tips that will enhance both form and function:

  1. Showcase artwork: Select one statement piece or several smaller works that complement each other visually. Be sure to choose pieces that fit within the required dimensions of your mantel.
  2. Display collectibles: Create a curated collection of meaningful objects, such as family heirlooms or travel souvenirs, for an engaging and personal touch.
  3. Arrange plants: Add life and color to your mantel by incorporating potted plants or fresh flowers. Choose low-maintenance options like succulents if you’re not confident in your green thumb abilities.

Incorporating a mantel-only fireplace into your living space can provide both practical benefits and aesthetic appeal while maintaining a minimalistic design approach. With thoughtful decorating choices, this simple yet elegant solution can become the centerpiece of any room without overwhelming its surroundings.

Mantel-only fireplaces offer a great way to create an inviting, minimalistic style in any home. Moving on from there, we can explore ways to use built-ins and natural stone elements around the fireplace for even more visual appeal.

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Consider a mantel-only installation for your fireplace if you want to create a clean and uncluttered look in your living space. This type of setup maximizes available floor space, simplifies design, and is versatile enough to blend with various interior design styles while still providing an attractive focal point. Decorating ideas include showcasing artwork, displaying collectibles, and arranging plants for added life and color.

Creating Inviting Living Rooms Centered Around Fireplaces

Gain insights into creating inviting living rooms centered around fireplaces by incorporating natural stone, built-ins, and fewer accessories on mantels according to global designers’ suggestions. Achieve a welcoming experience while maintaining functionality in the space.

Incorporating Natural Stone and Built-Ins

Natural stone is an excellent choice for fireplace hearths and surrounds due to its durability, heat resistance, and timeless appeal. You can choose from various types of stones such as granite, marble, limestone or slate, depending on your personal taste and budget. To further enhance the visual appeal of your fireplace area, consider installing fireplace built-ins. These custom-made cabinets or shelves provide additional storage options while seamlessly blending with the overall design of your room.

Visually Appealing Mantel Decoration Ideas

  • Symmetrical arrangements: For traditional homes or cottage-style spaces where symmetry is essential, arrange decorative items evenly on both sides of the mantel. This creates a balanced look that complements classic architectural features.
  • Mixing textures: Combine different materials like wood accents with metal elements for example, pair wooden candlesticks with metallic vases to create depth and interest in your mantel display.
  • Selective accessorizing: Keep it simple by displaying only a few carefully chosen pieces instead of overcrowding your mantel. This allows each item to stand out without competing for attention.
  • Focal artwork: Place a large piece of artwork or mirror above the mantel to draw the eye upward and create a visual anchor for your fireplace area. Ensure that the size of your focal piece is balanced with the fireplace; it should not be too overwhelming or diminutive.

Incorporating these design elements can help you achieve an inviting living room centered around your fireplace built-in setup. By selecting suitable materials, creating functional storage solutions with built-ins, and decorating thoughtfully, you’ll be able to enjoy a cozy and stylish space that welcomes family and friends alike.

Using a mix of natural stone and built-ins, you can craft an eye-catching living area focused around your fireplace. Moving on to MagikFlame Fireplace Products and Services, let’s explore what this company has to offer in terms of products and services.

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Learn how to create an inviting living room around your fireplace by incorporating natural stone, built-ins, and visually appealing mantel decorations. Choose durable materials like granite or marble for the hearth and surround, add custom-built cabinets or shelves for storage options, and keep mantel decor simple yet stylish with symmetrical arrangements or focal artwork.

FAQs in Relation to Fireplace Built Ins

What materials are best for building fireplace built-ins?

The best materials for building fireplace built-ins include hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry, as well as engineered wood products such as MDF or plywood. These materials offer durability and stability while being able to withstand the heat from the fireplace. For a more contemporary look, consider using metal or glass shelving.

How do I measure the space around my fireplace to ensure a proper fit for built-ins?

To measure your space accurately, start by measuring the width of your fireplace opening and add any desired overhang on both sides. Next, measure the height from floor to ceiling or mantel top if applicable. Finally, determine how deep you want your shelves or cabinets to be. Use these measurements when planning your custom-built design.

Are there any special considerations when installing fireplace built-ins?

When installing fireplace built-ins, keep in mind clearance requirements between combustible materials and heat sources like gas inserts or electric fireplaces. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation is maintained if enclosing electronics within cabinetry; this prevents overheating issues.

What types of storage can be included in fireplace built-ins?

Including various storage options adds functionality to your design:

How much does it cost to install custom fireplace built-ins?

The cost of custom-built installations varies depending on factors such as materials, complexity of design, and labor rates. On average, expect to pay between $2,000 and $5,000 for custom fireplace built-ins. DIY projects or prefabricated options can be more budget-friendly alternatives.


In conclusion, there are various design options for incorporating fireplace built-ins into your home. From floor-to-ceiling units to mantel-only installations, you can choose the perfect setup that suits your style and storage needs. Asymmetrical balance designs offer a unique touch while open shelves or cabinets with doors provide additional storage space. If you’re looking to create an inviting living room centered around your fireplace, consider incorporating natural stone and visually appealing mantel decoration ideas

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