Top 8 Gray Paint Colors For Cabinets

Gray is a great color to paint your cabinets as it is a neutral color that isn’t too boring! It is a great way to bring some color to the room, without being overpowering. 

Top 8 Gray Paint Colors For Cabinets

You can choose to paint all the cabinets or just a few gray if you are not one for huge outpourings of color! 

Now, if you’ve decided you want to paint your cabinets gray, the next obstacle is choosing the right gray from a long list of gray paint. Read on for some help in choosing the best shade of gray to paint your cabinets!

Best Gray Cabinet Colors 

Let’s have a look at the top 8 gray paint choices for your cabinets. This should help you to choose the right color for you and your room.

Remember, you have to make sure that the color you choose works in the room you are in and doesn’t wash out any of the existing colors in the flooring or furniture.

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

If you’re on the hunt for quite a dark gray for your cabinets, Chelsea Gray may be perfect for you! It is a great medium-dark gray color that contrasts very well with lighter wall trims

This color is fairly mid-toned as it has some signs of warm undertones and some signs of cool. 

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

This is a warm-toned gray paint. It is very light, meaning it will make the room nice and bright if it is used on cabinets. 

In certain lights, Repose Gray has been said to have a slight purple undertone. This is what gives the gray warm tones. This is only visible in bright sunlight.

Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain

This is a great color to paint your cabinets if you are looking to make a statement. This dark gray color is warm-toned, making it perfect for some of your lower cabinets. It is a good idea to paint your upper cabinets a lighter gray to make sure that the room is not too dark.

This color works well in lots of different settings, and it will certainly make a statement.

Sherwin Williams, Online

Online is a great color. It has cool undertones, meaning the color matches very well if there are blues in the room. This color is true gray, meaning it doesn’t seem beige in any way. This is rare for a cool gray.

Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray

This is a great gray color if you are looking for one that will pick up the undertones from the surrounding environment. It is a medium-toned charcoal paint color. It doesn’t contain the purple undertone that lots of other grays have, making it very crisp and unique!

This color works very well with whites and other grays. It also looks great next to stainless steel appliances.

Benjamin Moore Metropolis

Metropolis is a great gray that is a lot softer than some of the other grays we have looked at. It is a warm color, but it is also not as warm as some of the other grays we have looked at!

This color can work well alongside slightly warmer grays and soft whites.

Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray

This is a greige color that lies somewhere between gray and beige. It is a great warmer neutral color that has a lot of softness and warmth to it.

This gray works very well with countertops that are also warm-toned.

Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray

This is a very dark color that has warm undertones. In certain lights, you will catch some glimmers of purple.

This color works very well with lots of different shades, including some beige and tan paint colors. It also works well on cabinets that are paired with a quartz countertop.

How Do You Choose The Best Gray Paint Color For Your Cabinets?

It might not feel like it, but if you’re reading this article, you’ve already decided on the hardest part. You’ve chosen the color family. Now, you need to choose which shade of gray you want on your cabinets. 

You will need to look at lighter and darker shades of gray, brighter and more muted. You will also need to consider what undertones you are looking for.

After you have made these decisions, it is a good idea to get some paint samples and try out the colors. This will help you to ensure that you have made the right decision.

When you test out the paint, it is a good idea to test it near the carpet, flooring, or trim. This is because these are the things that will need to match the color of the paint. 

Choosing The Temperature Of A Paint Color

Paint colors are usually either warm-toned or cool-toned. Gray can be either warm or cool in tone. Warm-toned grays are commonly referred to as ‘greige’, or gray-beige. This is because they have a lot of beige in them, as well as some brown.

Cool-toned grays are much more likely to have blue undertones than beige or brown. 

Choosing between cool and warm-toned grays can be quite tricky, but you should look at the elements that are in the room already to determine which would suit the room better. 

The flooring and furniture will usually either have a warm or cool tone. You will want your paint color to match the tone of the rest of the room so that it feels cohesive.

Why Should You Choose Gray Kitchen Cabinets?

There are many benefits to choosing gray kitchen cabinets. These include: 

  • Gray cabinets hide dirt well. You won’t be able to see fingerprints or stains on gray cabinets. 
  • Gray cabinets don’t make the room look dark like black cabinets do, but they bring more variety than white cabinets.
  • Gray is a versatile color, meaning you will be able to find a gray hue that suits your kitchen. 
  • Gray matches lots of different countertops, including marble, laminate, or wood.
  • Gray has a timeless appearance, meaning it won’t go out of style.

Final Thoughts 

This article has explored some of the best gray paint colors for you to use on your cabinets! Now that you’ve read this article, you should have more of an idea of the type of gray that you’re looking for. Hopefully, you’re well on your way to a decision, now!

This is a greige color that lies somewhere between gray and beige. It is a great warmer neutral color that has a lot of softness and warmth to it.

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