How To Hang Garland On Stairs

how to hang garland on stairs

Learning how to hang garland on stairs can elevate your holiday decor and create a festive atmosphere in your home. This blog post will provide expert advice for selecting the ideal garland, securing it without causing damage, and accentuating its look with ribbons, bows, and other ornamental features to create an eye-catching holiday decor on your stairs.

We’ll explore layering different types of garland for added texture and depth while also considering the importance of measuring your staircase to determine the right length. Additionally, we’ll discuss combining fresh greenery with faux elements to achieve a stunning, budget-friendly and low-maintenance look.

Furthermore, this guide on how to hang garland on stairs will delve into adding visual interest through lanterns or Command Hooks as well as building a solid foundation for your stairway decoration using wire fir bases and twig accents. By utilizing these strategies, you can create an attractive show that will bring joy and festivity throughout the festive period.

Choosing the Right Garland for Your Stairs

To create a lush and full look, consider layering two or more garlands. For a personalized look, you can combine multiple garlands of different colors to create an eye-catching display on your stairs. Depending on the length of garland required for your staircase, you may need to string two or more garlands together.

Layering Multiple Types of Garland for Added Texture and Depth

Combining garlands, such as faux pine, cedar, or eucalyptus, can create a unique and attractive look with multiple colors matching your holiday decor. Layering multiple materials adds depth and texture while also allowing you to incorporate various colors that complement your existing holiday decor.

Measuring Your Staircase to Determine the Right Length of Garland

  1. Determine the number of stairs: Count how many steps are in your staircase so that you know how much garland is needed.
  2. Measure each step: Measure one step’s width (horizontal) and height (vertical) dimensions using a tape measure.
  3. Multiply measurements by number of stairs: Multiply these measurements by the total number of steps in order to calculate an approximate amount needed for covering all stairs with festive decorations this season.
  4. Add extra length if desired: If necessary, add some extra inches onto the final measurement just in case adjustments need to be made during the installation process; better safe than sorry after all.

In addition, don’t forget to account for any swagging or draping you may want to incorporate into your design. This will require extra length, so be sure to factor that in when determining the total amount of garland needed for your staircase.

Now that you have your garland, it’s time to hang it up. Here are some tips for attaching garland to your stairs:

Using Zip Ties or Floral Wire to Hang Garland

One of the easiest ways to hang garland on your stairs is by using zip ties or floral wire. Simply wrap the zip tie or wire around the garland and attach it to the banister or railing. This method is quick and secure, ensuring your garland stays in place throughout the holiday season.

Adding Large Bows for a Festive Touch

Consider attaching large bows at regular intervals to add a festive touch to your garland. This will give your staircase a classic and elegant look that is perfect for the holiday season.

With these tips, you can create a beautiful and festive staircase that is sure to impress your guests. Happy decorating.

When selecting the right garland for your stairs, it is important to consider both size and texture in order to create a beautiful finished look. To ensure that your garland stays securely attached with minimal damage, use zip ties or floral wire as fasteners.

Attaching Garland Securely with Minimal Damage

When it comes to hanging garland on your stairs, ensuring a secure attachment without causing damage is essential. There are several methods available for attaching these decorative pieces onto banisters. Two popular options include zip ties and floral wire, which provide secure means while preventing scratches or other damages to railings.

Using Zip Ties as Fasteners Without Causing Damage

Zip ties, also known as cable ties, are an excellent choice for fastening garland securely along staircases. Zip ties of varying lengths and shades can be selected to coordinate with your festive decor. To use zip ties effectively:

  • Cut them to the appropriate length based on your banister’s and garland’s thickness.
  • Tightly wrap each zip tie around the railing and garland regularly.
  • To avoid scratching surfaces, ensure that the cut ends face away from railings or walls.
  • You can easily remove zip ties after holidays by cutting them off with scissors or a utility knife.

Utilizing Floral Wire for a Secure Attachment That Is Easy to Remove

Floral wire, a thin yet sturdy material commonly used in flower arrangements, offers another option for safely attaching artificial or faux garlands onto stair railings. This method is particularly useful for those who prefer a more discreet attachment option that won’t scratch surfaces upon removal. To use floral wire effectively:

  • Cut pieces of wire long enough to wrap around both the railing and garland.
  • Twist each piece tightly, securing the garland in place at regular intervals along your staircase.
  • After holidays, untwist and remove the wires without causing any damage to your banister or walls.

Both zip ties and floral wire offer secure yet damage-free options for hanging garland on stairs during holiday seasons, ensuring a festive atmosphere while preserving the integrity of your home’s interior.

To ensure that your garland is securely attached with minimal damage, it’s important to use the right fasteners and know how to tie knots properly. To make sure your stairs look even more festive, consider adding ribbons and bows for a beautiful finishing touch.

Key Takeaway: 


To hang garland on stairs without causing damage, two popular options are using zip ties and floral wire. Zip ties come in various sizes and colors, while floral wire offers a more discreet attachment option that won’t scratch surfaces upon removal. Both methods provide secure means for hanging garland during holiday seasons while preserving the integrity of your home’s interior.

Enhancing Your Garland with Ribbons and Bows

Adding ribbons and bows to your garland can instantly elevate the overall look of your stairway decoration. Combining different hues, fabrics, and textures allows you to create an eye-catching visual impact that harmonizes with your festive decor. In this section, we will discuss how to select complementary ribbon colors and materials as well as how to tie knots around each zip tie for a polished finish.

Selecting Complementary Ribbon Colors and Materials

To achieve an eye-catching design, choosing ribbons that complement your artificial garland’s color palette is essential. You may opt for traditional holiday hues like reds or greens or experiment with unconventional shades such as blues or purples. When selecting ribbon materials, consider using wired varieties which are easier to manipulate into desired shapes while maintaining their form throughout the season.

Tying Knots Around Each Zip Tie Before Fluffing Out Like a Christmas Tree Branch

  • Step 1: Cut lengths of ribbon approximately twice the length needed for each bow.
  • Step 2: Loop one end of the ribbon through itself around the banister where you want to attach it. Pull tight so that both ends hang down evenly on either side.
  • Step 3: Use floral wire or another zip tie at intervals along the staircase railing to secure the loops in place. These should be spaced out enough to allow room for fluffiness but close together to provide stability and support for heavier elements added later in the process of decorating stairs with faux plants, pinecones, etcetera. Make sure the loop is tight before moving to the next step.
  • Step 4: Tie a simple knot around each zip tie, ensuring that the ribbon is snug against the garland and banister. Once all knots are tied, fluff out the ribbons to create a fuller appearance reminiscent of Christmas tree branches.

Incorporating ribbons and bows into your stairway decoration adds visual interest and helps secure your faux garland in place. By following these steps, you can achieve an elegant holiday display that will impress guests and enhance your home’s festive atmosphere.

Adding a few ribbons and bows to your garland will help give it that extra special touch. For an even more unique look, combine fresh greenery with faux elements for a truly one-of-a-kind display.

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Enhance your stairway decoration by adding ribbons and bows to your garland. Choose complementary ribbon colors and materials, such as wired varieties that are easier to manipulate into desired shapes. Tie knots around each zip tie for a polished finish before fluffing out the ribbons like Christmas tree branches.

Combining Fresh Greenery with Faux Elements

Another option for hanging stairway decorations is combining fresh cedar and pine greenery with faux elements during holiday seasons. This creates an appealing visual effect without breaking the bank in terms of cost. One decorator found success by purchasing rolls of less expensive yet equally beautiful artificial greenery from her local flower mart instead of opting for pricey pre-made options.

Mixing Real Cedar Branches with Artificial Foliage

Consider intertwining real cedar branches alongside your artificial garland to achieve a stunning and natural look. This adds texture and brings a delightful scent to your home during the holidays. To secure the branches, you can use floral wire, which is easy to remove once the season ends.

Finding Affordable Artificial Greenery at Local Flower Markets

  • Budget-friendly: Local flower markets often offer more affordable options compared to high-end stores or online retailers.
  • Variety: You’ll find a wide range of styles, colors, and materials when shopping at these venues – perfect for customizing your staircase decor according to your preferences.
  • Negotiable prices: Don’t be afraid to haggle. Many vendors are willing to negotiate on pricing if you’re buying multiple items or larger quantities.

Incorporating both fresh and faux elements into your stairway garland allows you flexibility in design while maintaining budget-consciousness. By mixing different types of foliage, like real cedar branches, along with inexpensive artificial greens from local flower markets, you can create a lush and visually captivating display that will impress guests throughout the holiday season.

By combining fresh greenery with faux elements, you can create a unique and beautiful stairway decoration that will last for years to come. Next, we’ll explore how adding visual interest with lanterns and Command Hooks can take your garland display to the next level.

Adding Visual Interest with Lanterns and Command Hooks

One creative way to enhance your stairway garland is by incorporating lanterns at the bottom of the staircase for added visual interest. This simple addition can create a beautiful display that complements the garland decorations on your stairs, making them stand out even more during the holiday season.

Incorporating Lanterns as Part of Your Stairway Decoration

  • Select lanterns in various sizes and styles to match your overall decor theme.
  • Choose battery-operated LED candles or fairy lights inside the lanterns for a safe, energy-efficient lighting option.
  • Arrange them strategically at different heights along the bottom steps to create an eye-catching focal point.

You can also experiment with hanging smaller lanterns from your banister using ribbon or twine, creating a whimsical effect that will delight both family members and guests alike.

Using Command Hooks for Damage-Free Attachment Options

To hang garland without causing damage to surfaces like walls or railings, consider using Command Brand Clear Medium Hooks. These hooks are easy to apply, hold strongly, and remove cleanly when it’s time to take down your holiday decor. Here’s how:

  1. Clean the surface where you plan to attach the hook with rubbing alcohol (do not use household cleaners).
  2. Remove one side of the adhesive liner and press the adhesive to the hook.
  3. Remove the other side of the adhesive liner and press the hook firmly onto your desired surface for about 30 seconds.
  4. Wait at least one hour before hanging your garland or lanterns on the hooks, allowing time for the adhesive to bond properly with the surface.

Using these damage-free attachment options, you can create a stunning stairway display that will leave no trace once it’s time to pack away your holiday decor until next year.

Adding visual interest with lanterns and command hooks is a great way to add an extra decoration layer to your stairs without damaging the walls. Constructing a base with garlands can create an original, captivating look that may be tailored to one’s own tastes.

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Enhance your stairway garland by adding lanterns at the bottom of the staircase for added visual interest. Use battery-operated LED candles or fairy lights inside the lanterns and hang them from your banister using ribbon or twine to create a whimsical effect. To avoid damage, use Command Brand Clear Medium Hooks to hang garland without causing any harm to surfaces like walls or railings.

Building Your Garland Foundation

Creating a stunning garland display for your staircase begins with building a solid foundation. Starting with an inexpensive wire fir base and adding pretty twig accents makes for a great starting point upon which you can build more elaborate designs. Incorporating elements like twinkle lights, pinecones, and other holiday decor items will further enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the space being decorated.

Selecting a Wire Fir Base as Your Starting Point

To begin, choose an artificial garland that is both affordable and visually appealing. A wire fir base provides flexibility in shaping the garland to fit your staircase perfectly while offering durability throughout the holiday season. You can find these bases at local craft stores or online retailers such as Example Garlands Store.

Enhancing Your Garland Design with Twig Accents, Twinkle Lights, and Pinecones

  • Twig Accents: Adding natural-looking twig accents to your faux garland helps create depth and texture in your design. These can be found at most craft stores or even collected from nature during autumn.
  • Twinkle Lights: To add some sparkle to your stairway decoration, consider incorporating battery-operated twinkle lights into your garland design. This creates visual interest and adds warmth to any holiday decor scheme.
  • Pinecones: For added rustic charm, scatter pinecones along the length of your garland or attach them using floral wire or zip ties securely hidden within foliage layers.

By starting with a wire fir base and incorporating additional elements such as twig accents, twinkle lights, and pinecones, you can create a memorable holiday experience that will be enjoyed by family and friends year after year. The key is to mix and match different materials for added depth while ensuring everything stays securely in place throughout the festivities. Large bows can also be added to the garland for a festive touch.

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To hang garland on stairs, start by selecting an affordable and visually appealing artificial garland with a wire fir base. Enhance the design with natural-looking twig accents, battery-operated twinkle lights, pinecones, and large bows for added depth and festive charm. Mix and match different materials while ensuring everything stays securely in place throughout the festivities to create a memorable holiday experience enjoyed by family and friends year after year.

FAQs in Relation to How to Hang Garland on Stairs

What is the best way to hang garland on the stairs?

The most effective method for hanging garland on stairs involves measuring your staircase, selecting a wire fir base as your starting point, and using zip ties or floral wire for secure attachment without causing damage. Enhance your design with ribbons, bows, fresh greenery mixed with faux elements, twig accents, twinkle lights, and pinecones.

How do you tie garland around stairs?

To tie garland around stairs securely yet easily removable when needed: attach one end of the garland at the top of the railing using a zip tie or floral wire; loop it down along each baluster while fastening it in place with additional zip ties or wires; finally fluff out branches like Christmas tree limbs and add complementary ribbon knots tied around each fastener.

How do you hang garland on stairs without scratching them?

To prevent scratches while hanging stairway garland, use Command Hooks, which provide damage-free attachment options. Alternatively, opt for soft materials such as plastic zip ties or flexible floral wires that won’t scratch surfaces when attaching your decorations securely.

How do you decorate stairs with garland for Christmas?

Create festive stairways by layering multiple types of textured artificial greenery from local flower markets combined with real cedar branches. Add visual interest by incorporating lanterns into decoration arrangements and intertwining twinkling lights throughout. Securely attach everything together using Command Hooks or other non-damaging methods mentioned above before finishing off designs elegantly through carefully chosen ribbons and bows.


In conclusion, hanging garland on your stairs can be a fun and festive way to decorate for the holidays. By choosing the right garland, attaching it securely with minimal damage, enhancing it with ribbons and bows, combining fresh greenery with faux elements, adding visual interest with lanterns and Command Hooks, and building a strong foundation for your design, you can create a beautiful stairway display that will impress all of your guests.

Why not put your creativity to the test and make a stunning holiday display on your stairs? With a bit of ingenuity and effort, you can turn your stairway into an alluring focal point that encapsulates the essence of the season. For more home decor inspiration and ideas on how to hang garland on stairs like a pro, visit

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