How To Hide An Electrical Panel

When you are decorating your house, something that most people want to do is have the space look exactly how they want. However, this is not always possible and sometimes there are parts of the house that you cannot change and you cannot move.

How To Hide An Electrical Panel

These pieces can often be an eyesore and can really ruin the vision you have for the space. One of the most common eyesores that fits in this category is an electrical panel. 

An electrical panel is nearly always not the nicest thing to look at, and the worst part is they are often located in spots where they are easy to see.

If you have put a lot of effort into designing a certain space, but now the electrical panel is standing out and making the room look awful, it can be a pain.

Because there is practically no way to move these boxes, we have come up with some amazing ways that you can cover these electrical panels without them sticking out too much.

This guide has a wide variety of options, so whatever you want to choose, and whatever theme you are choosing to stick to, you will find something suitable here!

Is It Legal To Cover Your Electrical Panel?

A common worry people have when it comes to covering their electrical panel is that there is a misconception that it is illegal to cover your electrical panel.

However, this is not true and it is legal for you to cover your electrical panel, however there are a few rules you will want to keep in mind when doing this!

The main rule is that your electrical panel will need to remain easy to open, and you will not want whatever you are covering the electrical panel with to interfere with opening the steel door.

This will ensure that you have full access to all of the breakers that are in the panel You will also want to ensure that you remember that some electrical codes will specifically warn against covering electrical panels.

Also, if you are renting, there is a chance that your landlord may have rules that they can enforce against covering the electrical panel.

Ideas For Covering Your Electrical Panel

This guide has plenty of different ideas that are perfect for you to try if you want a good idea on how you can cover your electrical panel (see also “Inexpensive Cheap Patio Cover Ideas“). It is worth keeping in mind that certain ideas will work better in different situations and circumstances.

For example, one idea will work a lot better if the electrical panel is in the middle of the wall, while others work better if they are in a corner, so keep this in mind when you are choosing which idea will be best for you!

Use A Mirror

One of our favorite recommendations for covering an electrical panel is to use a mirror. You can find mirrors in plenty of different sizes and styles, so you will not struggle to find one that matches the size of the electrical panel and which has a style that matches the space.

We recommend looking for second hand mirrors if you are working with a budget since these can be a lot more affordable than buying new. Mirrors are at the top of our list since they work well in most rooms and they are great for making a space seem more spacious.

Hinged Picture Frame

This project will require a bit more DIY than some of the other ideas on this list, but it can also be one of the most effective ideas as well.

If you make a hinged picture frame, this is a great way to make the electrical panel look a lot more natural as well as covering it with decoration that matches the space.

We recommend using a frame that is pretty neutral so it will fit the space if you plan to redecorate. It is also recommended to use a frame that can easily have the picture inside of it switched out so you have the option to change it if you want to!

Also, knowing how to make a hinged picture frame and install one is a great skill since these work in all different spots around the house and are a great way to keep things hidden.

Decorative Cover

If you want something which does not completely cover up the electrical panel but makes it just match your space a lot better, we recommend looking for a specific electrical panel decorative cover.

You can find these on websites like Etsy and these are perfect since you can order one that will be tailored to perfectly fit your electrical panel.

You can get these in a variety of different patterns and colors. Because of the wide variety of choice, we recommend going for one that has plenty of good reviews or from a reputable seller1

Sliding Barn Door

Now this is a lot more of a niche suggestion and it will not fit in every space, however, if you have the aesthetic that will make it fit well, we strongly recommend considering a mini sliding barn door.

These can look really cute, and they can transform your electrical panel from an eyesore into the centerpiece of the room that looks amazing.

Installing a sliding barn door is actually a lot more simple than it seems, and a lot of them are designed to have a simple design that anyone can do. These are also perfect at ensuring that your electrical panel is still going to be accessible when you need it!

Magnet Art

One thing you can do is use a large flexible magnet sheet and put this over the electrical panel. This can then be used for magnet art and can be customized however you want.

Like our previous choice, this will only work in certain spaces and this specific example is perfect in spaces where there are a lot of kids.

If you are trying to cover your electrical panel in a kid friendly space, then this can be a good idea to make it look nicer. However, ensure that you are keeping your electrical panel locked, so there is no chance kids are able to get in.

Amazon Fuse Box Cover

[amazon fields=”B07KXYWPRY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is a specific product recommendation, but we love the fuse box covers you can buy from Amazon. These are specially designed for this purpose and they can look amazing if you buy one that matches the look of the space you are installing it in.

Make sure that you fully read the instructions before you start to use one of these as they can sometimes be quite difficult to move once you have installed one.

Make sure to check reviews if you look for different sellers since you do not want an electrical panel cover that is peeling since this can look even worse.

Chalkboard Cover

Another easy idea which makes the electrical panel box look amazing in certain settings is a chalkboard cover. These are another option that is perfect for a kids area, however, these are also perfect for communal spaces like a kitchen.

You will not understand just how useful having a blackboard in the kitchen is until you have one yourself. They are perfect for leaving notes and if you want to, you can use it as a space for shopping lists as well.

However, you want to use your blackboard, using your electrical panel as one is a great way to use the space!

Faux Cabinet

You can also get cupboard fronts that will make your electrical panel look like it is actually a cupboard itself.

These are perfect in certain situations however they will also stand out in different settings, so make sure that you are not adding a faux cupboard somewhere where it will just stand out!

DIY Cloth And Magnets

Another simple idea is using magnets to cover the electrical panel with a DIY cloth. Similar to a lot of the previous suggestions, this will only really work in specific settings, so you want to make sure this is not going to make your electrical panel stand out anymore.

Make sure you are using a fabric cover up that matches the aesthetic of the area surrounding it!

White Dry Erase Boards

This is similar to a chalkboard cover, but they are arguably a little more practical, however, the aesthetic is slightly different, so keep this in mind if you are considering it.

If you want to use a dry erase board, our top advice is to make sure that you keep it as clean as possible.

A clean dry erase board can look fresh and amazing as a practical item, however, a dry erase board covered in flecks of ink can look like something straight out of a school and is not something that you want displayed in your home!


A final suggestion which works in living areas is using a canvas to cover the electrical panel as they are a great way to get more art in your space!

Hiding An Outdoor Electrical Panel

When it comes to covering an electrical panel that is located outdoors, there are quite a few different options, but of course a lot of the ideas in this article will not be viable in outdoors conditions.

We recommend working out a DIY project to cover the electrical panel in a way that still keeps it easily accessible. You can also surround this space with something to distract from the box like plants or flowers.

We recommend doing whatever you can to make it blend into the space around it while also remaining easily accessible.


Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need to give you inspiration when it comes to how you can cover your electrical panel.

It is important to keep in mind that some of these suggestions will work better in different circumstances, so make sure you are choosing a project that will work with both your aesthetic as well as the location of the electrical panel.

Once you have covered your electrical panel with a fitting covering, you will find that your space will look a lot more cohesive!

John Whitford
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