The Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Something which it feels like we all want to do at one time or another is to completely refresh the flooring on our kitchen.

The Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas

When you have flooring which you do not like in your kitchen it can really impact the time you spend in the room, especially if it is an impractical choice.

This leads to us thinking about what the best options are when it comes to changing the flooring in our kitchens. Because of this, we have put this list together to give you all the information you need when it comes to putting together the best version of your kitchen!

There are more and more options for kitchen flooring every year, and it is very likely that since the last time you were considering re-flooring your kitchen there are even more options to consider.

And even more confusing, all of these options have their own pros and cons which means that some will be better for other people while others will be better for you.

Because of this, we have made sure to assess each of the options in this guide so you know what you are getting into with your choice of flooring (see also “How Do I Know If Lifeproof Flooring Worth It?“)!

Because of how many considerations there are to make, we have split this guide into each flooring type so you can easily find the information you need about a certain flooring type in one place (see also “Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas“).

This means that you can also easily skip all the flooring choices that you know you do not like.

Before we get into the specific options, we are also going to cover the most durable as well as the most ergonomic flooring options so you can get this information out of the way.

So, if you are planning to redo your kitchen flooring, make sure to read this updated guide!

Durable Kitchen Flooring Options

More so than in any other room, you should be considering durability with your flooring for the kitchen. The material should also be functional since you do not want something that is difficult to clean or easily stains.

This flooring will be exposed to oil, food, water, and heat when meals are being prepped, so you do not want to worry about the flooring facing irreparable or expensive damage while this is happening.

Kitchens also tend to be high traffic spaces, so you want the material to resist scratches as well (see also “Over Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas“)!

For us, the most durable kitchen flooring options have been; concrete, rubber, ceramic tile, stone, vinyl, laminate, and PVC. Each of these options have their own unique pros and cons, so make sure to check these in the later section!

Ergonomic Kitchen Flooring Options

As well as durable, something you should be considering with your kitchen flooring is how comfortable it is to work in. If you are spending hours at a time in your kitchen, you do not want to spend this whole time uncomfortable.

This is especially important if you suffer from lower back pain or knee pain. If this is something you know you struggle with, getting ergonomic kitchen flooring is recommended.

Our favorite ergonomic kitchen flooring options include; bamboo, rubber, carpet, vinyl, hardwood, PVC, cork, and laminate. Again these all have their own pros and cons, so knowing more about them is important before jumping into installing.

Our Favorite Kitchen Flooring Types

In this section we will go over each of the types of kitchen flooring available which we think are worth recommending. There are some other types of kitchen flooring available, however, we do not think that they deserve to be above any of these options.

Each kitchen flooring option listed here will give you some information you need to know as well as the specific pros and cons of using each, so make sure to read carefully!

Ceramic Tile

The top choice we are going over for kitchen flooring is pretty obvious, but it is a popular choice for clear reasons.

We love using ceramic tiles for kitchen flooring since it does not need much maintenance at all making it an ideal solution to options which just need more of your attention.

When you need to clean your ceramic tiles you will not have to struggle too much and they are also pretty durable as well. Ceramic tiles are also great for giving the illusion that a space is actually a bit bigger.

We also love how ceramic tiles have so many choices when it comes to what design you want. You can get different colors, patterns, and textures and you can arrange them however you want.

If your kitchen has a very specific aesthetic that you want to stick to, then the variety you get with ceramic tiles is a great idea! You also can get them in a variety of different shapes as well if you want to avoid the standard grid pattern.

Tips For This Kitchen Flooring Option

If you choose ceramic tiles for your kitchen, unless you are incredibly confident in your ability, we recommend getting professional help with applying the tiles, this is especially important if you are not working with a perfectly flat surface as well.

And, if you are doing it yourself, go for ceramic tiles that have little joint spaces, this makes it easier to apply, but also easier to clean as well.

Pros Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

This kitchen flooring option is both durable and moisture resistant which makes it a perfect fit for the kitchen and makes maintaining and cleaning simple. You can get a variety of different tiles to customize the appearance as well.

Cons Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

While the tiles themselves are easy to keep clean, the joints are a little more tricky and can accumulate moisture and dirt. They are also easy to shatter materials like porcelain and glass on so you need to be careful when working on them.


One of the most widely used types of kitchen flooring is laminate wood flooring specifically. It is a popular choice because of how affordable it is as well as durable.

This is because the top layer is resistant to whatever it needs to face, while underneath it, there is usually a soft layer of foam that contributes to this being one of our top ergonomic choices with how comfortable it is to work on.

Similarly to ceramic tiles, laminate flooring also comes in a wide variety of style options as well, so you should be able to find something that fits your space.

Tips For This Kitchen Flooring Option

When you are choosing your laminate flooring, you want to get one which has the longest warranty available. The standard is usually between 10 and 20 years.

So, if you see it lower than this, you might want to be worried. And if the laminate does not have the foam layer built in, we strongly recommend adding this layer yourself.

Pros Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

One of the more cost effective options as well as durable. It is also quite easy to install yourself and removing it is not that hard either. There are also plenty of options with designs as well.

Cons Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

Not really made from a quality material a lot of the time. It also has a dependency to be noisy as well as slippery.


One of the most commonly preferred options for kitchens is hardwood flooring. You will often find that the wooden parquets that are used will give your space a more warm appearance and will lend to it feeling unique and welcoming.

It is also commonly used for kitchen flooring because of how it is resistant to moisture. There are also special techniques that can be used when using hardwood in the kitchen to make it even more resistant to water and moisture than it usually is.

Tips For This Kitchen Flooring Option

We would recommend going for two layers of flooring if this is something that you want to go for since it minimizes the possibility of water leaking.

If you want the material to last as long as possible, you also want the wood to be treated properly before installation.

And if you live somewhere with high humidity, you want to give the wood a chance to swell before installing since it is a nightmare if this happens after installation.

Pros Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

One of the longest kitchen flooring options as well as being pretty sustainable. It is usually high quality as well as cool and easy to repair.

Cons Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

Can cause creaking after a while especially if it is not completely smooth. Can also be scratched quite easily and needs maintenance because of this.

Natural Stone

One of the most attractive options we love for flooring is natural stone flooring. Some of the most popular choices for this include travertine, marble, and granite, as well as sandstone, slate, limestone, coral, and andesite.

Depending on the type of stone, this flooring can have amazing natural patterns that are a sight to behold and ensure that your kitchen looks amazing. These floors are also perfect if you live in a warm environment since they stay cool naturally.

Tips For This Kitchen Flooring Option

You will want to always buy at least a quarter more than you need since you will want to check all of them before you install them. You will want to match pieces based on pattern and hue.

Pros Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

One of the most durable options and is very simple and easy to clean.

Cons Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

Depending on the stone choice, they can wear out over time. Other stones can get stained and others can become brittle.


For one of our most modern flooring options we had to include concrete flooring. It tends to have a very modern and minimalist appearance that works in a lot of different spots.

It is very resistant to all different types of activities and has a pretty solid structure. You can also alter the texture of the flooring before it dries making it pretty easy to customize if this is what you want.

Tips For This Kitchen Flooring Option

Concrete is very likely to stay cool, so if you live in a colder climate we recommend going for an under-floor heating system since it will make working in the kitchen on cold days a lot easier.

Pros Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

Very durable and useful with how moisture resistant it is. Fits into a lot of different looks especially if you are going for something modern.

Cons Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

There is quite a long drying time after it has been poured, and once it has dried, it has a tendency to stay cold. You can also stain it relatively easily depending on the finish you have used.


Tips For This Kitchen Flooring Option

When working with vinyl you want to be working with the newest PVC cladding. This will make the application as simple as possible.

This will also ensure that the material can be used in moist places efficiently. If you want to imitate a wood texture, you can also use a wood textured PVC that is pretty indiscernible.

Pros Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

Simple to apply and resists water and fire with plenty of appearance options.

Cons Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

Can be harmful to health because of chemicals used in it sometimes.

Carpet Tile

Tips For This Kitchen Flooring Option

You want to go for carpet tiles that are produced specifically for kitchens as these are higher quality and will clean easier.

Pros Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

Very durable and comfortable to work with.

Cons Of This Kitchen Flooring Option

Not the most hygienic option since they tend to trap dirt and because of this they do need to be cleaned often.


Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need to make a choice on what kitchen flooring will be the best option for you.

There are some other viable options like cork and bamboo, but we chose some of our favorites! Since quite a lot of these options are great ideas, it is common that people get stuck with not knowing which choice to go with.

If you are struggling with choosing between any of these kitchen flooring options, there are some steps you can take to make this process easier.

If you really think that a couple or a few of the options on this list will be functional and good in your kitchen, then we recommend basing your tiebreaker on aesthetics.

Of course, we all want our kitchen to be as functional as possible, but you will have a much nicer time in your kitchen if you are also happy with how it looks.

If you have an eye for it, we think that you should be able to make an informed decision between the options, however, if you do not trust your styling, ask someone who has more of an eye for it to help you choose which flooring option will suit your space best!

John Whitford
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