Lego Display Ideas

As LEGO enthusiasts, we always look for creative and innovative Lego display ideas to showcase our prized collections. In this article, we’ll examine a range of alternatives to suit different tastes and financial means.

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Lego Display Ideas

We will explore DIY projects such as wall-mounted or dresser-top minifigure displays using wooden frames or magnetic boards and Andrea’s inventive LEGO collage shelf made out of baseplates and command strips. For those who prefer store-bought solutions, we’ll discuss aligning displayed pieces with the room’s style while considering optimum angles.

Themed shelves using plywood and base plates can add visual interest through varied levels within the display. We will also cover lighting options for enhancing your exhibit with official kits explicitly designed for LEGOs or creative DIY solutions.

Lastly, prepare to be inspired by artistic approaches like framing spare LEGO pieces in shadow boxes or creating unique lamps using actual bricks. We’ll even touch upon custom-built cabinets perfect for large collections, such as Timothy Snyders’ linen cupboard conversion and Marc Philippi’s German-inspired shelving units.

No matter your taste or collection size, these lego display ideas are sure to inspire you to showcase your cherished sets in an eye-catching manner.

DIY LEGO Display Projects

If you’re a fan of hands-on projects, numerous DIY options exist for creating impressive LEGO display ideas. These can range from simple shelving units to more complex custom-built cabinets tailored exclusively around individual preferences. This section will explore some creative ways to display LEGO sets, including minifigures and large collections.

Wall-Mounted or Dresser-Top Minifigure Displays

Create your own unique minifigure display using wooden frames or magnetic boards. Simply attach small shelves or hooks inside the frame to hold each minifigure in place. This is an excellent way to showcase your favorite characters while keeping them dust-free and organized.

Andrea’s Inventive LEGO Collage Shelf

Inspired by her son’s love for LEGOs, Andrea devised an ingenious idea: a LEGO collage shelf made of baseplates and command strips. By attaching several base plates using adhesive strips, she created a versatile surface that allows her son to rearrange his creations as he pleases easily. This is not only functional but also adds visual interest to any room.

Tips for Creating Your Own DIY LEGO Display Shelves:

  • Select sturdy materials like wood or metal brackets for added support.
  • Add LED lights under the shelves for better visibility and ambiance.
  • Prioritize accessibility, ensuring that you can easily reach and rearrange your displayed pieces.

With a little creativity, time, and effort, these DIY LEGO display ideas will help showcase your prized collection in an organized and visually appealing manner. Fear not to venture into untried materials or patterns in order to fashion the perfect receptacle for your LEGO sets.

DIY LEGO Display Projects are a great way to show off your collection and make it part of the decor. Store-bought solutions can offer an attractive display option that complements the aesthetic of any space, allowing your LEGO collection to be showcased visually.

Store-Bought Solutions for Showcasing Your Collection

Purchasing pre-made shelves or cabinets is another option for displaying your prized LEGO sets. One popular choice among LEGO enthusiasts is the IKEA Lack shelves, as they provide ample space and a clean look suitable for multiple builds at once.

Aligning Displayed Pieces with the Room’s Style while Considering Optimum Angles

To create a visually appealing arrangement, it is important to consider the style of the room and how each LEGO piece will be viewed from different angles. This can be achieved by choosing appropriate colors and materials for your display units. Additionally, consider how each piece will be viewed from different angles to showcase them effectively.

An ideal store-bought option is an IKEA bookcase with glass doors, which safeguards your collection from dust while bringing a hint of classiness into any space. The versatile design allows you to customize shelf heights according to the size of individual builds, making it a perfect storage solution for large LEGO collections.

  • IKEA Lack Shelves: These floating shelves offer plenty of space and blend seamlessly into various interior styles.
  • Bookcases with Glass Doors: A stylish and practical way to display your collection while protecting it from dust.
  • Customizable Shelving Units: Choose a unit that allows you to adjust shelf heights, ensuring each LEGO creation is showcased effectively.

Incorporating store-bought solutions into your LEGO display ideas can save time and effort while still providing an impressive showcase for your beloved sets. With the right choice of shelves or cabinets, you’ll create a stunning exhibit that complements your collection and living space.

By considering the room’s style and angles, store-bought solutions are a great way to showcase your collection. Try creating themed shelves using plywood and base plates to add even more interest to your Lego display.

Themed Shelves Using Plywood and Base Plates

If you want a creative way to display your LEGO sets, consider constructing separate themed shelves using plywood topped with LEGO base plates. This approach allows collectors to group related items together easily while adding visual interest through varied levels within the overall presentation.

Grouping Related Sets Together on Themed Shelves

Organizing your collection by theme makes it visually appealing and helps you keep track of specific sets more efficiently. For example, if you have several Star Wars or Harry Potter LEGO sets, dedicate a shelf specifically for each theme. You can even add small labels or signs indicating the theme of each shelf.

Adding Visual Interest Through Varied Levels Within the Display

  • Mix up heights: Instead of placing all your creations at one level, try varying their heights by using different-sized risers or platforms made from plywood and base plates. This will create depth in your display and make it more engaging.
  • Add background elements: Enhance the look of your themed shelves by incorporating relevant background elements such as posters, artwork, or decals that complement the displayed LEGO sets.
  • Incorporate lighting: Illuminate your display with strategically placed LED lights to highlight key features and enhance its overall appearance. Check out our Lighting Options for Enhancing Your Exhibit section below for more ideas.

Taking these steps will transform an ordinary storage solution into an eye-catching showcase that celebrates creativity and organization – perfect for proudly displaying legos in any homeowner’s living space.

Themed shelves using plywood and base plates are a great way to organize your LEGO sets, while adding visual interest. Illumination choices can amplify the appearance of your showcase by contributing an extra layer of detail and atmosphere.

Lighting Options for Enhancing Your Exhibit

Proper lighting is essential in showcasing your collection effectively. Consider investing in official lighting kits designed specifically for LEGOs, or explore DIY options that suit your needs best when illuminating your exhibit.

Official Lighting Kits Designed Specifically for LEGOs

The LEGO Group offers a range of specialized lighting kits, such as the LEGO Light Kit 8870. These sets are designed to complement and enhance specific LEGO builds, ensuring optimal illumination without detracting from the overall aesthetic. These kits often include easy-to-follow instructions and compatibility with various power sources.

Creative DIY Lighting Solutions

  • Fairy Lights: String lights or fairy lights can be easily woven through your display shelves to create a soft glow around your LEGO creations. This option is both affordable and customizable according to the desired ambiance.
  • LED Strip Lights: For those looking for more control over their lighting choices, consider using LED strip lights. These flexible strips come in various colors and brightness levels, allowing you to tailor them precisely to each display section.
  • Puck Lights: Another versatile option is puck lights – small circular LED fixtures that can be mounted under shelves or within cabinets. Puck lights provide focused illumination on individual pieces while minimizing glare on surrounding surfaces.

It is essential to guarantee that the presentation of your LEGO sets looks great and has a suitable amount of lighting. By utilizing ingenuity and trial and error, you can create the ideal lighting setup to exhibit your LEGO sets in their best light.

Lighting can help bring your LEGO exhibit to life, so consider all the options available. For a more creative approach, explore artistic approaches like framing spare pieces and minifigures or repurposing old furniture for displays.

Artistic Approaches to Displaying Your Collection

For those who prefer a more artistic approach to their Lego display ideas, there are several creative ways to showcase your collection. These methods highlight the beauty of your LEGO sets and add a unique touch to your home decor.

Framing Spare LEGO Pieces and Minifigures in Shadow Boxes

Create stunning wall art by framing spare LEGO pieces and minifigures in shadow boxes. This technique allows you to display or group individual items together for an eye-catching presentation. Choose frames with glass doors, so you can easily access and rearrange the contents as desired.

Creating Unique Lamps Using Actual Bricks

Incorporate LEGOs into functional household items like lamps for an innovative twist on traditional lighting solutions. Build custom lamp bases using actual bricks, then attach a lampshade that complements the overall design.

Repurposing Old Furniture like Printer’s Trays for Displays

  • IKEA Bookcase: Transform an IKEA bookcase into the perfect storage solution by adding sliding shelves specifically designed for displaying legos.
  • Glass-Door Cabinet: Convert a vintage glass-door cabinet into an elegant showcase for your entire wall of LEGO creations, providing both protection and visibility.
  • Apothecary Drawers: Repurpose antique apothecary drawers as unique storage units that allow easy access while keeping dust at bay – ideal for displaying minifigures or smaller sets.

With these display ideas, you can showcase your LEGO sets in a functional and visually appealing way. Whether you have a large collection or just a few prized pieces, these creative solutions will help you make the most of your lego creations.

For those with limited space, consider using under bed lego tables or Lego base plates to create a dedicated area for building and displaying your sets. Basic adjustable wall shelves or DIY floating shelves can also create a custom display area that fits your unique needs.

Don’t forget to showcase your minifigure collection with a dedicated minifigure display. Whether you choose a display case or a custom-built solution, your minifigures will be the star of the show.

The artistic approaches to displaying your collection are a great way to show off your creativity and express yourself. With the extendable DIY Lego Display Shelves by Jedi Craft Girl, you can easily display larger builds with an attractive look that won’t sacrifice function.

Extendable DIY Lego Display Shelves by Jedi Craft Girl

This innovative idea allows collectors to adjust their displays according to the size of their collection without sacrificing aesthetics.

Adaptable Design Accommodating Larger Builds as Needed

The key feature of these extendable shelves is that they can be easily adapted to accommodate larger builds or additional sets as your collection grows. Using basic adjustable wall shelves and adding custom-made sliding brackets, you can create a flexible system that will evolve with your ever-expanding LEGO hobby.

Aesthetic Appeal While Maintaining Functionality

  • Durable materials: High-quality wood ensures that the shelves are sturdy enough to support even large LEGO creations while maintaining an attractive appearance.
  • Clean lines: The simple design allows for seamless integration into any room’s decor, ensuring that your prized LEGO sets remain the focal point rather than competing with other elements in the space.
  • Ease of installation: With some basic tools and skills, installing these extendable display units should be relatively straightforward – making it an accessible project for most homeowners or apartment renters who want a stylish yet functional solution for displaying their legos.

In addition to providing ample storage space for both small and large lego collections alike, this unique shelving concept offers endless possibilities when it comes to personalizing your exhibit. Whether you choose to arrange your sets by theme, color, or size – the flexibility of these extendable shelves will ensure that your display remains fresh and engaging for years to come.

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The Extendable DIY Lego Display Shelves by Jedi Craft Girl provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution for larger builds, making them the perfect choice for any Lego enthusiast. For those looking to create a more permanent display option, custom-built cabinets offer a great way to store large collections in style.

Custom-Built Cabinets for Large Collections

For serious collectors with large LEGO collections, custom-built cabinets are an ideal solution. These display units provide the perfect storage solution while showcasing your prized creations in style. Two impressive examples of such cabinets include those by LEGO® AFOL Timothy Snyders and Marc Philippi.

Timothy Snyders’ Custom-Built Linen Cupboard Conversion

Timothy Snyders, a passionate collector, converted a linen cupboard into a cabinet specifically designed to house his two largest LEGO sets – demonstrating how creativity and passion can lead to impressive results. The cupboard features glass doors that protect the displayed pieces from dust while allowing them to be admired easily.

Marc Philippi’s German-Inspired Shelving Units

Inspired by traditional German furniture design, Marc Philippi created unique shelving units that accommodate his extensive collection and complement the overall aesthetic of his living space. His shelves incorporate sliding mechanisms which enable him to access hidden compartments containing additional sets or minifigures without disrupting the entire wall display.

If you’re considering custom-built cabinets for your own large LEGO collection, it’s essential to plan ahead and consider factors like available space, desired aesthetics, accessibility requirements, and budget constraints before diving into this project. With careful planning, you can create a stunning display to exhibit your LEGO collection for years proudly.

FAQs in Relation to Lego Display Ideas

How to Display LEGO Sets: Creative Ideas for Your Collection

If you’re a LEGO enthusiast, you know that displaying your collection is just as important as building it. Whether you have a large LEGO collection or just a few sets, there are many creative ways to showcase your creations. Here are some ideas to get you started:

DIY LEGO Display Shelves

One of the most popular ways to display LEGO sets is by creating your own DIY shelves. You can use basic adjustable wall shelves or DIY floating shelves to create a custom display that fits your space and style. For a more themed display, use LEGO base plates to create a backdrop for your sets. You can also add sliding shelves to make it easier to access your sets.

Minifigure Display

If you have a large collection of LEGO minifigures, consider creating a dedicated display for them. You can use a shadow box or a custom-built frame to showcase your favorite minifigures. Another option is to use a magnetic board or a wooden frame with small pegs to create a wall-mounted display.

Display Case

If you have a particularly special LEGO set or creation, consider investing in a display case. A display case will protect your set from dust and damage while showcasing it in all its glory. You can find display cases with glass doors or acrylic cases that are perfect for displaying LEGO sets.

Underbed LEGO Table

If you’re short on space, consider creating an underbed LEGO table. You can attach a large LEGO base plate to a piece of plywood that fits under your bed. This will give you a dedicated space to build and display your LEGO sets without taking up valuable floor space.

Ikea Bookcase

An Ikea bookcase is a perfect storage solution for LEGO sets. You can use the shelves to display your sets and add doors or drawers to organize your collection. You can also add LED lighting to enhance the display.

Entire Wall Display

If you have a large LEGO collection, consider dedicating an entire wall to your display. You can use a combination of shelves, display units, and custom-built cabinets to create a display that spans the entire wall. This will give you plenty of space to showcase your LEGO creations and sets.

What Does LEGO Do with Display Sets?

LEGO often uses display sets in their retail stores, events, and exhibitions to showcase new products and inspire customers. After a certain period of time, these sets may be disassembled and reused for other purposes within the company or donated to charities through programs like Brick Recycler.

What Are Some Good LEGO Ideas?

LEGO Ideas is a platform where fans can submit their own LEGO creations for a chance to become an official LEGO product. Some popular LEGO Ideas sets include:

  • The Piano
  • Tree House
  • Central Perk Cafe from Friends
  • NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket

Fan submissions inspired these sets and became official LEGO products through the LEGO Ideas program.

How Do You Display and Organize LEGO Sets?

Group related pieces together on themed shelves or in custom-built cabinets to display and organize LEGO sets. Add visual interest with varied levels within the display, aligning them with your room’s style while considering optimum angles for viewing. To keep your collection organized, use storage solutions like drawers or bins to separate loose bricks by color, size, or type.


For LEGO lovers and collectors, there are many ways to show off your prized possessions. The possibilities are endless, from DIY projects like wall-mounted displays and themed shelves to custom-built cabinets and artistic approaches using shadow boxes and repurposed furniture.

Lighting can also enhance your exhibit with official lighting kits or creative DIY solutions. And if you have a large collection, extendable shelves or custom-built cabinets may be the way to go.

If you’re ready to showcase your LEGO creations in style, check out AMDORM’s storage Tips and advice selection.

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