Standard Shower Curtain Size

An item that is essential to most bathrooms is a shower curtain, the reason for this is that they control the water from your shower or tub and ensure that no water escapes, because of this they are essential for preventing any excess water damage in your bathroom.

Standard Shower Curtain Size

Also finding an attractive and fitting shower curtain can help improve the look of your bathroom as well and helps pull the space together.

If you are looking to redecorate your bathroom, and are moving into a new one, it is likely that you are going to want to get a fresh shower curtain, and if this is the case, something you should know is what the standard size is for a shower curtain.

We think it is important that you know the best size for your shower curtain and because of this you should choose the size and the design carefully (see also “Best Shower Standing Handles“)!

Because of this, we have put this guide together so you know everything you need to do to get a shower curtain that fits your space perfectly. So, if you are getting a new shower curtain soon, make sure to read carefully!

Does Shower Curtain Size Matter?

While a lot of people assume that the size of your shower curtain may not actually matter, this is not the case.

One of the obvious reasons against this is that if you have a misfitted shower curtain in your bathroom it will look odd and out of place making the whole room look a little messy.

However, the main reason you should get a properly fitting shower curtain is that if you do not, the shower curtain will not be as good at doing its job.

For example, if you buy a shower curtain that is too short, it is likely that too much water will be escaping and this will be splashing out into your bathroom.

If this water does not get cleaned up you will likely have to deal with water damage, and a more immediate issue is that the water could be a slip hazard.

This is also going to happen if your shower curtain is not wide enough, because of this you want to ensure that your shower curtain is not too short, or not wide enough, otherwise you will be spending a lot of time cleaning up after yourself when you are showering!

However, the shower curtain being too small is not the only issue, and you should not always just get a shower curtain that is too large, because getting a shower curtain that is too large will also cause just as many issues.

For example a shower curtain that is too large is likely going to spend a lot of time bunched up on the sides, this will start to develop a musty smell and will likely get moldy.

You need to ensure that your shower curtain can dry out between uses since otherwise it will get moldy. On top of this, being too wide will stop any air circulation in your tub or shower and this can contribute to dampness which will also cause mold.

Should You Use A Standard Shower Curtain?

So, as established in the previous section, having a shower curtain that is the correct size is incredibly important if you want your bathroom to have a pleasant atmosphere or environment.

So, this has likely led to you wondering what kind of shower curtain you should be buying then. The good news for most people is that you can just go and buy a standard shower curtain. The reason for this is that most showers and tubs are built to fit a standard, so most will fit this.

Of course though, this does not apply to all showers and there will be people who have certain tubs or showers that will not fit the standard size. This is especially common if you have a custom build, or if you are in an older house.

If this is the case you will need to make some measurements and perhaps alter your choice of shower curtain.

The most important thing to do when you are getting a shower curtain is to do your measurements beforehand so you know what you are looking for. However, if you are sure you have a standard tub or shower, you should be fine with the default.

If you choose to measure your shower or tub, you will want to do so carefully so there are no mistakes when you are getting your shower curtain.

You will want to get exact measurements when you are getting both the width and the height, because of this, we recommend double-checking your measurements as being as accurate as possible is important!

What Is The Standard Size Of Shower Curtains

So, if you want to know whether your shower or tub is the standard size, you will want to know what the standard size is for shower curtains.

Once you know this information you will be able to tell if it will fit into your space properly. The sizing for this will depend on a few different factors, like whether you are buying your shower curtain for a shower or if it is for a bathtub.

These will all have drastically different standard sizes, so you want to make sure you are looking in the right section when you are making your selection!

Shower Curtain Size For Bathtubs

Firstly, if you are working with a bathtub, there tend to be 3 common sizes for shower curtains, but it is worth noting that the difference in these options is incredibly minimal.

So, minimal that each retailer will likely only have one option, so you do not have to worry too much about distinguishing between these different sizes.

Standard Shower Curtain Size

The different standard sizes for a shower curtain for a tub are; 72 by 72 inches, 70 by 72 inches, and 70 by 70 inches. The best way to choose which is best for you is to compare with your tub. If it is extra wide or tall, get the matching shower curtain, but if it is standard, you can get the smaller size.

Shower Curtain Size For Showers

So, now the size of shower curtains for showers instead of tubs. For these, you are usually looking at a similar length, but with a smaller width.

Generally speaking, you will be finding most shower curtains for this size at around 54×78 inches.

If the size is a little too big for what you are working with, you can always adjust the height by trimming, but you will want to ensure that you are using high quality fabric scissors and that you are cutting perfectly straight.

If you have some sewing ability, you could also try and add a hem to the bottom of the curtain to make it neater as well!

Specialty Shower Curtains

Now, this is the section that is most important if your shower or bathtub simply does not fit standard sizes. A common example of this is people who have a bathtub that is a bit wider than usual, or maybe your bathroom has a very high ceiling so you will need a taller shower curtain to match this.

If this is the case, you will need to go out of your way to find a specialty shower curtain to match this, or even get one custom made for your needs.

You can find some shower curtains that get as long as 84 inches, and these are designed specifically for tall showers. The width of these will usually be somewhere around 70 or 72 inches like a standard shower curtain would. 

Now if you need a shower curtain that is extra wide for a wide tub, then you can find some shower curtains that are up to around 144 inches wide.

These are for use on extra wide bathtubs and they are perfect for this. You can even find some shower curtains that are about 180 inches wide, but the main use for these is to surround a claw foot bathtub.

These are perfect for keeping the water in while also giving you extra privacy. They can also help with keeping warmth in as well.

Of course, you want to ensure that you are not overshooting with the width of your bathtub since if it is too wide the extra material will eventually get moldy since it will stay gathered when it is in use.

How To Measure Your Bathroom For A Shower Curtain

So, now you know what the standard sizes are for a shower curtain, and why it is so important for your shower curtain to be properly sized, but now you need to know how to measure your bathroom to ensure that you can get the proper shower curtain for it! Luckily we have some simple tips that make this process as easy as possible.

The first thing we think is worth focusing on is the width. Once you have measured it, we recommend adding about 12 inches to the actual width to ensure that you are getting the extra necessary material.

This will ensure that the curtain will be able to hang properly and naturally and will ensure that there are no gaps at the edges where water can often escape, however, 12 inches is not too much that the edges of your shower curtain will gather and get moldy.

When you are measuring the height of your shower for the shower curtain a common mistake that is often made is measuring from the ceiling to the floor, but you actually want to measure from the shower curtain, this will make it as accurate as possible.

You also want to subtract around 8 inches from the height you have measured to take into account the rings for the shower curtain, this should give you an accurate measurement you can easily work with.


Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need when it comes to getting a shower curtain that fits your needs perfectly.

We want you to keep in mind the issues that can be caused if you have a shower curtain that does not fit properly, and the variety of ways you can fix this.

We strongly recommend thoroughly measuring your shower or bathtub before you go and buy a shower curtain since this will ensure that you will not have to manually adjust your shower curtain, or will let you know that you need to go and buy a specialty one!

John Whitford
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