Styling Your Home: 15 Stylish Arched Cabinets You Will Love

When it comes to decorating your home, arched cabinets are an absolute must. With their sleek lines, luxurious finish, and incredible storage capacity, they are excellent for a range of rooms where you want to feel elevated. 

Styling Your Home 15 Stylish Arched Cabinets You Will Love

However, finding the right arched cabinet for your home can be a bit of a challenge. With so many on the market, it can be overwhelming to find what would suit your home best. If you feel like finding the right arched cabinet is impossible, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we have 15 stylish arched cabinets that are going to bring your home a sense of elegance and luxury. 

Let’s get into it!

Mason Storage Cabinet 

A fantastic alternative to the Fern storage cabinet is the Mason storage unit from Urban Outfitters. Even without the marble-topped drawers, it has the same arched shape. It also includes shelves and drawers beneath similar glass doors.

The Mason Storage Cabinet is a unique piece that expertly blends design and lots of storage. The two glass-front doors, which are tall and have a curved profile, open to show three inside shelves. Two pull-out storage drawers with hardwood drawer glides are located beneath the shelves for convenient storage.

Made from a blend of MDF, and birch wood veneer, this gorgeous arched cabinet was designed to last. And all you have to do is give it a wipe every now and then to keep it clean!

Bucru Curio Cabinet 

If you are looking for something unique and eye-catching, then the Bucru Curio Cabinet is an absolute must. Made from acacia wood with a stylish curved hand, two glass doors that open to three shelves, plus a lower drawer for storage. You will never need anything else in your home. 

We love this piece in the entryway to the home or in the dining room for an added flare. The shelves are also removable meaning you can customize this unique piece of furniture to better suit your home

Pair with dark wooden flooring and you have a truly beautiful design for your home

Aris Glass Door Cabinet 

Enjoy European gothic decor with a modern flare? Then the Aris Glass Door Cabinet is a perfect choice. Mango wood and mahogany are used to make the cabinet, which has custom-welded bronze metal frame doors and matching splayed feet. 

The dining rooms or other small locations where you need to maximize space will benefit from the thin silhouette and short 14″ depth. There is plenty of exhibition space on one fixed shelf and two adjustable shelves with plate grooves.

Tired of assembling flat-packed furniture? The Aris Glass Door Cabinet comes fully assembled and is equipped with anti-tip hardware. Meaning you decide on where to display this masterpiece and simply enjoy it. 

Hattie Glass Cabinet 

Arhaus is proud to present the arched cabinet from their truly outstanding, Hattie collection. This gorgeous glass cabinet is something to marvel at. 

It is an artisan produced from solid oak wood in Indonesia. It has one fixed shelf and two glass doors.

Also, it has a dark finish that was hand-applied, which gives it a lovely patina. This cabinet is ideal for showcasing your memorabilia or anything else you want to be the center of attention!

With exposed hinges, the cabinet is given a rustic touch that really brings everything together. 

This arched cabinet does require a little more care and you will see why when it is displayed in your home. 

Fern Bar Cabinet 

Are you always entertaining guests? Then this Fern Bar Cabinet from Anthropologie is sure to be the perfect finishing touch to your home

This cabinet oozes limitless beauty, from its buttoned-up hardware to its aching form sitting upon inflated feet. It can serve as a home bar cabinet, a china cabinet, a hutch, or even a small closet thanks to its many storage drawers with marble tops.

Made from ash wood with brass-finished stainless steel hardware, this Fern Bar Cabinet is unique and timeless in any home. Available in both black and white finishes, this is a treasure to have in your home. 

Brookes Cabinet 

The iron Brookes Cabinet is a strikingly prominent piece of furniture. Its ominous vibe and striking hue are a distinctive approach to add pieces of great contrast to your room, and its useful shelves and glass doors encourage bold style.

 The Brookes Cabinet is a wonderful addition to businesses and living spaces, complete with a rounded, thin design that balances its striking appearance.

While this cabinet can be free-standing, it is highly recommended to fit the anti-tip hardware to securely fix the cabinet to the wall. This will prevent it from falling over and being damaged. 

Arched Wood Cabinet

When you are on a slightly tighter budget but do not want to sacrifice appearance or quality, this Arched Wood Cabinet from Opalhouse is just the thing. 

This wood cabinet has an open top and three adjustable shelves to provide plenty of space for your books, decorative items, and other keepsakes. It is designed in the shape of an arch with a lattice upper and doors.

\This brown cabinet blends in beautifully with your current decor, making it ideal for the hallway, living room, or any other space.

Simply give a wipe-down every few weeks to prevent a build-up of dust and to keep your cabinet in the best condition possible. 

Tolle Cabinet 

The Tolle Cabinet is the ideal option if you require fashionable and useful storage! This stunning cabinet is made of solid oak and has antique brass accents. It comes in either a chic drifted black finish or a natural drifted oak finish. 

Your favorite books, pictures, and other treasures can be displayed on the transparent glass front while there is plenty of storage space inside the unit thanks to the spacious interior shelving.

This is a slightly more expensive option than others on this list but it is worth every cent. 

Sitra Arched Natural Floral Cabinet 

This Slightly more affordable and incredibly beautiful cabinet from the Stira collection from Walmart. 

Mango wood and two doors make up the Sitra Arched Natural Floral Hand-Carved Wood Storage Cabinet. It features a natural finish and beautiful hand-carved decorations. Also, it includes two permanent shelves that give you plenty of storage.

This is a decorative yet functional piece that will add character to any room. We especially love this arched cabinet in a warm-toned bedroom. Perfect for storing linen or spare bedding in the spare room for when guests spend the night (see also “Bedding Size Guide“).

Albany Bookcase 

One way to spice up any room is with this Albany Bookcase from Ballard Designs. Albany Bookcase’s gently arched form faithfully reproduces that custom appearance.

Open upper cabinet with two movable shelves for exhibition in the living room, office, or dining area is done in a soft, contrasting color. 

The bottom cabinet has two doors with elegant brass knobs and one adjustable shelf. Although making a bold statement, the small footprint is simple to fit into practically any area.

When stacking bookcases to create a scalloped wall of open and closed storage, flush sides make it simple to do so.

This design is so simple it is utterly divine!

Mason Curio Green Cabinet 

Color is often avoided when it comes to furniture but this sleek Mason Curio Cabinet in a muted green, is the perfect touch. Its small size makes it perfect for fitting into the little nooks and crannies in your home for a sleek design. 

The full glass door opens to 5 display shelves allowing you to put your most prized possession on the show or to create a sense of comfort with candles, books, and blankets (see also “Hermes Blanket Dupes You Need To Know About“). 

We love this smaller arched cabinet in bathrooms or in the entryways to give a sense of character to the small spaces we often neglect (see also “Amazing Small Bathroom Design Ideas“). 

Isadora Armoire

Isadora’s exquisitely arched design and intricately carved wood moldings, which were inspired by traditional Spanish architecture, add great style and exceptional usefulness to your home’s decor

This large armoire is made of hardwood with an oak veneer and has three metal hooks, two adjustable shelves, a removable clothing rod, and a lower slow-close drawer for additional storage.

Isabella Armoire is daring and made to be noticed. This is the perfect arched cabinet for a rather muted room to bring a focal point. And to make your guests fall in love with your decor. 

Sheila Industrial Clear Glass Black Iron Frame Cabinet 

All black cabinets can be intimidating but when they are as gorgeous as the Sheila Cabinet, you simply have to have it! 

This arching cabinet has wood shelf inserts and an iron frame with a black finish. Books, plants, and other decorative items look excellent on the open shelves.

If you are looking to create a stark contrast within a room, this is the cabinet you need. Place it against a white or cream wall to ensure it gets the attention it deserves. 

Ensure to wipe the glass and door knobs to prevent marks and dust buildup. 

Breya Tall Cabinet 

Neiman Marcus has truly given us the gift of a lifetime with their Breya Tall Cabinet. Sleek, simple, and truly glamorous, this cabinet is sure to bring luxury to your home before it is even in its place. 

It feels opulent due to the gold hardware, and the arched top adds a touch of refinement. Any decor can work with this straightforward design. Place it in your dining room or main room to bring a sense of indulgence. 

Make it the center of your room by filling it with your favorite items! We love the contrast of the dark interior with a few light-colored knick-knacks. 

Ventana Black Glass Display Storage Cabinet 

In the living room or library, Ventana’s Old World arch, contemporary zinc-colored iron construction, light-reflecting glass panes, and black-painted shelves put on quite a show.

The hand-welded, dramatically scaled glass display cabinet is exquisitely made, and the visible welding marks witness the quality of the craftsmanship.

Crate and Barrel have truly outdone themselves with this majestic cabinet. Lovers of gothic-inspired furniture with a vintage touch are going to adore this piece. Fill with your favorite books and some green pants, and you have an eye-catching arched cabinet. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding the perfect arched cabinet has never been easier! We have a wide range of arched cabinets to suit anyone’s style. From exposed wood to dark vanished, gothic-inspired pieces, you can discover the perfect arched cabinet to make your home pop. 

With 15 stylish arched cabinets, you can decide what you like and what you love. Simply take a look at the options above and get to designing your perfect home or office. 

Whether you want something sleek and simple or something grand and eye-catching, you can never go wrong with an arched cabinet. 

Jane Whitford
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