The Best Masculine Bedroom Ideas

Decorating a bedroom can not just be a fun project, but a rewarding one too.

It’s your opportunity to create a sanctuary where you can kick back, disconnect from the outside world, and, most importantly, relax! But for guys, it can be hard to find bedroom decor inspiration.

22 Of The Best Masculine Bedroom Ideas

Many men want their bedroom to look stylish and sleek without feeling too clinical, so how do you avoid this trap? Find out in our article below! We have 22 of the best decor ideas for a masculine bedroom.

Contemporary, Clean Lines

Clean, black lines help to define the architecture of your home and your bedroom furniture.

If you want to inject some sleek, contemporary lines into your bedroom you can add black feet to your bedroom furniture (such as the bed and chairs), dark-framed prints, or black metal lamps to your room (see also “Lamp Diagram And Anatomy“).

Smart technology such as a smart TV and speakers also create a sleek look and allow you to be more economical with your space.

Bold Feature Wall

If you want to avoid a drab bedroom, why not add a bold, feature wall? To make the look more cohesive, turn to the feature wall for inspiration for the rest of your furniture. 

Leather Accents

To give a room more intrigue and depth, you need a diverse range of textures. For the sleekest finish possible, buttery leathers are the way to go and add a luxurious texture.

Leather accents can be present on your bedside table, headboard, and seating. Leather is also a perfect match with other natural materials such as wood


Deep, dark bedroom wall paneling is a pretty easy way to increase the cool factor in your bedroom and modernize your space.

This will give your walls an additional dimension while remaining subtle. Dark shades are particularly effective when light hits the panels to create another textural layer.

Dark Wood

Who doesn’t love some dark wood in their home? It’s bold, elegant, and – when done right – it doesn’t overpower your space.

Darker woods have a naturally masculine vibe, and work just as well with paler color schemes as they do with darker ones, making it a perfect match no matter what the color scheme of your bedroom is!

Geometric Patterns

Geometric shapes are not just an elegant, sleek way to liven up your room, they’re also totally cool and sure to impress.

However, you should keep scale in mind when adding geometric decor to your bedroom. Patterns that are too small can be overwhelming, while large patterns can look awkward in a smaller bedroom. 

Coastal Inspired Decor

If you live by the sea and love to hit the waves, why not showcase that love in your bedroom? If you live further away from the shore but love the nautical vibes, then bring the beach to you!

Statement Headboard

Headboards can really tie a bedroom together. As well as being comfortable, the right headboard can become the centerpiece of your bedroom.

So why not think outside the box with a statement headboard like this one? This is particularly effective for smaller bedrooms. If the rest of the room has a lighter color scheme, eyes will immediately be drawn to the headboard.

Shades Of Grey

Grey is an enduring color for a reason – it’s so versatile! Especially for men’s bedrooms, as it gives off a masculine vibe while also being calm enough to encourage relaxation.

So your bedroom doesn’t look too drab, it’s important to use a variety of grey shades. From your bedding (see also “Bedding Size Guide“), to your flooring, to your walls, layer different shades, from dark charcoals to dove grey. 

Art For A Touch Of Personality

Art pieces are a tasteful and elegant way to take your bedroom to the next level, and make your room stylish as well as cozy.

If your color scheme is on the vibrant side, go for monochrome prints. Meanwhile, if the color scheme is pale and white, then go for a pop of color with a bright canvas.

A Pop Of Color

Adding a splash of color like bright red, teals, or a pop of lime green like in the example above busts the myth that men’s bedrooms always have to be black or grey. A darker backdrop makes a splash of color even more vibrant, and totally sleek.

Tall Headboards

If you want to add some height and grandeur to your room, you can’t go wrong with a tall headboard!

Platform Beds

Platform beds are not just totally useful, but are also attractive and cozy. The example above has small cubbies for storing documents and books, perfect for a small bedroom where you need to be more economical with space.

Dark Colors & Subdued Lighting

Subdued lighting and dark colors can instantly make your bedroom more relaxing… and sensual too! This is particularly effective if you have a room that has plenty of natural light, meaning you don’t need lamps that are too bright.


Not all of us are lucky enough to have the space for a tub in your bedroom, but there is still a lot of inspiration to take from the example above.

This room is definitely a great example of minimalist design, as it avoids being overwhelming and messy. Instead, it’s an open and clean space with a lovely flow.

If you want your room to have a more ‘lived-in-’ feel, some art can add a touch of personality to your room without overwhelming the minimalist aesthetic.

Room With A View

If we had a stunning view like this, we wouldn’t ever want to leave our rooms! Large windows that look out over stunning landscapes should not be hidden under heavy curtains or window coverings.

Your view should inspire you to get out of bed in the morning, and thin, linen curtains are a great compromise between privacy and the breathtaking view.

We also recommend investing in a high-quality curtain rod that blends in with your decor and will last for a long time to come.

Faux Beams

Faux beams and wood panelling look great in a masculine bedroom, given the space a relaxing, rustic, and warm touch.

If you want to panel your ceiling using plywood, get the longest sheets possible to reduce seams before attaching them to the ceiling in the same direction you want to run the beams. They can also cover long seams, which makes the panels look like a long, single piece. 

Faux beams can be made with 1×4 or 1×6 pine and attached to studs that are once attached to the ceiling. It’s important to secure the plywood into the ceiling joists so it will stay up!

Double-Layered Curtains

Ensuring your room is a sanctuary for sleep can be a challenge if you’re dealing with a large window. Dense, double-layered curtains do an excellent job of reducing the amount of intrusive sunlight so you can get the best sleep possible.

The rest of your room should be relaxing and calming with soothing colors. Plus, unique lighting options like the one on the example above are an excellent way to introduce gentle light into the room without being overpowering. 

High Ceilings

High ceilings are one of the most coveted features when looking for a new home. Not only do they make rooms appear bigger than they are, they provide bags of space and give you a wide canvas for the interior designer within you to play with (see also “Basic Elements of Interior Design“).

Direct-Vent Fireplace

Great advancements have been made to direct-vent fireplaces over the years to give extra flexibility for those who want to add one to their bedroom. If your bedroom is situated on an outside wall, then installing a direct-vent fireplace is easy!

Plaster Walls

Plaster walls add so much character to your room. After all, our imperfections are what makes us unique, and plaster walls are no exception.

You can hide some of the more glaring imperfections by patching the walls, you can embrace them, or polish them up a little bit without removing them all together.

The designer of this room used a flat paint on the plaster walls, which makes the walls look more like works of clay than plaster.

Closet-Shelving System

If you’re a guy who takes fashion seriously then you need a closet-shelving system in your room. These can be created using a sliding doors closet and make for an appealing centerpiece in a minimalist-inspired bedroom (see also “How To Create A Minimalist Boho Bedroom“).

Although building a closet-shelving system does require some homework, opening up this space isn’t too challenging. You just take out the trim of your closet door to expose the door jamb.

The jamb can be cut out or pried out, giving you what is called a ‘rough opening.’ If the rough opening is square, you can design a custom organizer unit that slots right into your closet!

Final Thoughts

We hope our masculine bedroom ideas have inspired you to decorate! The most important thing to take away from this article is not to be afraid to use art and furniture to inject some personality into your bedroom, and the same goes for feature walls and bright accents!

Jane Whitford
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